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Get The Finest Dissertation Proposal Today & Move Ahead With Your Dissertation Adventure!

Want to get your academic degree with no further delay? Is your research proposal creating a haul in achieving it? Well you are at the right place. Dissertation Proposal is here to offer all the assistance from start to finish for your dissertation problems. Before detailing our services, let’s see why proposals are needed anyway and what stresses the students so much.

Why Do Students Need Proposals for Dissertation Anyway?

Dissertation proposal is the stepping stone in the long journey of dissertation writing. The more time your proposal takes to be accepted the later you get your degree! There are multiple contributing factors why your proposal is more important than your dissertation and why you need to spend more time excelling in it. Common factors why Proposals for Dissertation are important are that they:

  • Illustrate your research question and highlight its importance.
  • Ensure timely completion of the actual dissertation and its approval.
  • Plan and organize your data within the time frame given.
  • Provide a basis for backup plan in case of any hurdle.
  • Provide financial assistance if you apply to grants.


  • Move you one step ahead in getting your degree.

The increased importance of a proposal increases its challenges from proper research skills to extensive flair in writing. This level of perfection is never achieved in first go and students have to suffer multiple rejections and ultimately rejection!

The 6 Major Reasons Leading To Rejection of Proposals!

The major problem that stresses out students like you is the fear of having your Proposal rejected. You might have spent days and nights making your Dissertation Proposal and all your supervisor did was to reject it.

Have you also suffered from the despair of your proposal rejection? Are you looking for weak areas in your proposal that you can improve?

Our team of experts conducted an online survey to look deep into the reasons of proposal rejections so that we can help you overcome those mistakes. There were six most common reasons leading to an unsuccessful proposal for dissertation:

  1. Wrong topic: Accounting for the foremost reason for rejection of proposal, a general topic for your dissertation leads to unclear objectives and hence weak research.
  2. Weak research: An in-depth study of the subject is critical for a strong argument which needs extensive study of literature. A weak basis of your topic can lead to weak paper.
  3. Outdated citation: An outdated or old citation is of little importance when it comes to referencing. Using data from researches that are older than 10 years can be one of the reasons for refusal of proposal.
  4. Fake referencing: Using fake references and adding plagiarism into your work reduces the accuracy of your work.
  5. Incorrect Grammar: Grammar mistakes can give a bad picture to a good proposal and can result in its rejection.
  6. Improper format: No matter how unique your proposal is, an improper format will leave your dissertation ambiguous and reduces its credibility.

These are the most commons reason why students search for an experienced dissertation proposal writer so their dissertation never gets rejected.

Why Stress Out When We Are Here For You?

You do not need to stress out when we are here for you. Our different departments work as a team with the same mission of giving the best quality in terms of services: whether it be online consultancy or writing the complete dissertation.

Dissertation is not something that can be completed in a single day. It is an extensive process that involves:

  • In depth literature review before and after topic selection.
  • Making of questionnaires and surveys
  • Data collection
  • Paper writing

A legitimate dissertation service will never claim to provide you all in one day. Dissertation Proposal follows a series of steps to craft 100% original content.

What is the whole process for writing a dissertation?

Dissertation writing undergoes a series of planning and conducting a research:

  • Topic selection: dissertation writing starts with a topic. The team of Dissertation Proposal strive to give you a distinct topic. Our team does extensive research to see the gaps and how they can be addressed with your research.
  • Dissertation proposal: after you approve the topic, we start making the proposal for you. The proposal involves outlining the plan of your dissertation with aims and objectives, methodology and literature review. This proposal is sent to you for approval.
  • Dissertation writing: once your supervisor is happy with your proposal, the next step involves working on the tool of your data collection and then writing the complete paper. This paper include main 5 chapters i.e. introduction, literature review, methodology, result and conclusion.

Editing and proofreading: after writing your dissertation, it is sent to the Quality Assurance Department. This department makes sure that your paper is free of grammatical mistakes,

  • sentence structure errors, formatting issues and plagiarism. The team is led by experienced PhD editors who make sure that we deliver error-free content for you.
  • Dissertation submission: The dissertation after being edited to perfection is sent to you as per your deadline. You can get your work revised for multiple times if it does not meet your requirements.

What is included in a Proposal for Dissertation?

Your proposal is mainly based on three key chapters which are:

  • Introduction
  • Conceptual framework
  • Methodology

Your proposal highlights the:

  • Aims and Objectives of your research
  • Variables that will derive your results
  • Preferred Methodology you will use for the dissertation

The chapters of a Dissertation Proposal are as follows:

  1. Title page: the main page where you enter your details like the proposed topic of your dissertation, your name, name of the supervisor, your field of study and your institute name
  2. Introduction: this will introduce the readers to the background of your subject, the problems you are going to address and how will your findings improve those weak key areas.
  3. Conceptual framework: derived from an extensive literature review and is the relationship of different variables. Your set variables will be related using a graphical model which is called conceptual framework.
  4. Methodology: your methodology is the crux of your results. Selecting the correct methodology that is in parallel with your research topic will determine how your results will be. This is the key area where you might have multiple technological issues.
  5. Time frame: the time you will be need from data collection to writing the paper with editing and proofreading is your expected time frame. You have to be realistic while setting your time frame.
  6. Research constraints: the problems that you are expected to face when conducting your research for your dissertation are detailed in this chapter. They may include financial constraints or lack of resources etc.

As understandable from all the chapters listed, writing a dissertation proposal is definitely no easy task. You as a student might be having difficulty in maintaining a balance between your work, career and personal life. There are courses to study, hectic work schedules and family to take care of.

You will be required to dedicate an extensive time to library, in depth literature review and of course; lots of writing as well. You might look for dissertation help around you from a senior or some service. Your search ends here with Dissertation Proposal. We are your ultimate one-stop solution for all your dissertation related problems.

How do we provide you the best proposals ever?

Wondering how we provide you the best Research Proposal Writing Service? Our order process is has been customised to be easy for our customers. You just have to follow these 5 steps to get your proposal just before that deadline.

  • Place an order online through filling an order form or contact our team via Live Chat or Phone call. You will receive a confirmation call of your order entailing all the details of your request after which you will be directed to a suitable payment method.
  • Select a writer of your choice from our panel of experienced writers.
  • Discuss your ideas with our writer and finalise your topic with our experts.
  • Your dissertation proposal will be set to writing.
  • After paper is written, it is sent to Quality Assurance department. The Quality Assurance department tests it for mistakes such as improper grammar, referencing errors, sentence structure errors etc. They also make sure that it is free of plagiarism. Dissertation Proposal has experienced PhD editors for editing and proofreading.

Once we are assured that the Proposal is edited to perfection, your proposal is sent at your email address with our plagiarism report generated by Turnitin.


What makes us one of the best proposal services ever?

Dissertation Proposal is a distinct service for dissertation writing. We are different in every way. From extremely affordable rates to complete dissertation writing from scratch, we are one of the leading services. Whether you are looking for dissertation proposal help or want a completely tailored dissertation for you. Just call our executives and get all what you are looking for:

  1. Dissertation Topics: Our service has both free and paid dissertation topics. You can either choose a dissertation topic from our unpaid section or choose to have a personalised topic according to your requirement and get legitimate help from our experts.
  2. Dissertation Proposal Writing: looking for someone who can do dissertation proposal writing for you? Just provide us your project details and get a custom-made dissertation within your deadline.


  1. Dissertation Writing: Our team offers dissertation writing from scratch where you just have to provide us with the details of your
  • finalised topic,
  • your field of specialisation,
  • university guidelines and
  • deadline

Our team will search the appropriate topic (if not finalised), Research Methodology, Recommended Statistical Analysis and deliver a brilliant custom-made dissertation for you.


  1. Dissertation Editing and Proofreading: Our team does not only help with dissertation writing but also editing and proofreading. If you are wondering why your dissertation was rejected by the approval team, you can get it edited and proofread by our expert editors.


Our Quality Assurance team will not only proofread your paper but will also send a personalised guide showing the weak areas and how they were improved.


  1. Online consultancy: We offer Online Consultancy for all those looking for any assistance with their research. Whether you are stuck with analysis or have no idea regarding which Methodology you should go for, you can ring our bell any time and we will have the best solution for all your queries.

How we are different from other dissertation services?

Our services come with a 100% customer satisfaction promise. Whether it is writing the dissertation proposal or making a complete dissertation. Our team always comes up with the best facilities.

  • EXPERIENCED WRITERS: We have a vast team of native PhD scholars and you can choose your favorite one. We have mentioned each writer with their experiences, ratings and feedback of our customers.
  • ROUND THE CLOCK CONSULTANCY: Our round-the-clock consultation and assistance is always there to help you with any inquiry.
  • ON TIME DELIVERY: We offer prompt delivery of dissertation of services be it an editing service or dissertation writing from the beginning.
  • CUSTOM-MADE DISSERTATIONS: Custom packages are made for each and every customer according to their requirements of a dissertation which are relatively cheap without compromising on the quality of the dissertation.
  • DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTIONS: Our team introduces discounts and promotions to our regular and new customers which are announced through emails.
  • FREE REVISIONS: Unlimited revisions can be done for no cost in case the delivered dissertation does not meet the mentioned requisites.
  • REFUND POLICY: We offer refunds as per our Money-Back guarantee provided that the customer shows the evidence of dissertation getting rejected by supervisor.

DATA SECURITY: Your data is completely secured with us. Your information is completely


  • encrypted and is not accessible to anyone. You can read our privacy policy for further assistance.
  • PLAGIARISM-FREE CONTENT: You receive a free Plagiarism Report generated by Turnitin with your final dissertation.

Freebies to go easy on your pocket!

We work for our customer’s welfare! We are completely ware that buying a dissertation help might not be easy for you. That is the reason we have introduced freebies on our website. These services are easily accessible:

  • Free topics
  • Free plagiarism report
  • Free references and citations
  • Free abstracts

Happy to meet your saviors? Stop searching for dissertation writing services and avail the assistance now!


What subjects do you provide dissertation proposals for?

We can confidently claim that we are catering to a wide variety of subject, which include but are not limited to Finance, Management, and Economics, Accounts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Literature, Linguistics, Marketing, Nursing, Computer Science, Information Technology and many more.

We have not limited ourselves to serve to a category only. In fact, we keep on expanding our team of writers and editors to cater to all kinds of students. We understand that we can get an order from any kind of subject, which is why it is best to have the relevant writer and editor present for working on that order.

In case that we are not able to facilitate any particular kind of order, we either inform the student beforehand or outsource the order.

How can I get a dissertation proposal from your site?

In order to get a dissertation proposal from us, you can either fill the Order Form or contact our Customer Support Team. You will notice that there is an Order Now button available on every page, which redirects you to the Order Form. In the Order Form you can fill all the requirements such as word count, subject etc.

Other than that, you can contact our Customer Support Team through Live Chat, Phone or Email and they will instantly cater to whatever request you may have. You can discuss your requirements thoroughly including your payment plan and you will be confirmed regarding your order via email.

How can I get a dissertation proposal from your site?

Registered under the Companies Act and present in the market from a long time, we have earned quite the credibility when it comes to dissertation proposal writing and dissertation writing services. We began with a small team of writers and thanks to our quality services; we are now renowned as amongst the best in the whole of the United Kingdom.

You can contact us to get to know more about us and we will satisfy all of your queries so you can avail our services without hesitation!

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