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      A dissertation question is derived from a dissertation statement from a generalized topic which is further specified to match the dissertation level. To write a dissertation question,

      • Select a general domain for research
      • Skim through its categories and depths
      • Select a category from the domain
      • Select a matter (or a topic) from the category
      • Consider the target audience
      • Start asking questions from your considered audience
      • Compile all the information gathered
      • Evaluate your dissertation question

      It will base on your dissertation topic and its nature as an issue or a query or even a strong statement. Select your dissertation topic carefully as it should be specific, not general to the selected domain or topic. 

      If you are still confused then, let us select a dissertation topic for you. We will make sure you get the best yet creative dissertation topic for your selected domain.

      How do you write a dissertation question?

      There are three main types of research question, namely:
      • Descriptive Research Questions
      • Comparative Research Questions
      • Casual Research Question
      Descriptive: descriptive researches aim to describe something. To get into detail and give a descriptive meaning of something. Example: how often Pakistani students get foreign university scholarship? Variable: Foreign University Scholarship Target Group: Pakistani Students Comparative: This type of research aims to study the comparison between two or more groups or variables on the dependent variable. Example: what is the difference in the usage of textbooks between male and female college students? Dependent Variable: Usage of textbooks Target Group: Male & Female Casual: The research which is aimed to find out if the variable is causing one or more outcome variables then, the research is casual type. Example: what is the relationship between commissions over salary for sales employees? Dependent: Salary Independent: Commission Target Group: Sales Employees What are the 3 types of research questions
      A good dissertation question is essential to represent the aim of your dissertation. Your dissertation question should pinpoint the exact question you are researching on and structuring your dissertation on. It should give a clear and loud purpose of the entire dissertation. A good dissertation question should be carefully crafted through research and should follow six main aspects:
      • Focused
      • Researchable
      • Feasible
      • Specific
      • Complex
      • Relevant
      Focused: The question must be focused on a single problem or an issue Researchable: The question should be researchable using primary sources and secondary sources Feasible: The dissertation question should be feasible to answer through practical constraints & time frame. Complex: The question should be complex enough to develop an answer around it on a dissertation paper Specific: The question should be specific and can be thoroughly answered Relevant: It should have relevancy with regards to your dissertation topic and field of study What-is-a-good-dissertation-question

      More or less, yes. Mostly all dissertations address to some sort of research question. It could be of three main types:

      • Qualitative
      • Quantitative
      • Mixed-Method

      When you do a dissertation and select a topic, it must drive around some type of research question which should be answered through different research patterns in a dissertation. Some dissertation triggers an issue or even a statement but they are also around some research question.

      The title of the dissertation doesn’t necessarily have to be a question but a dissertation is directly or indirectly based on some sort of question.

      An open-ended question is based on a statement and not short, direct answers of yes or no. It is completely opposite of close-ended questions and doesn’t require a tick mark or option selection. An open-ended question requires a statement responding to the questions. While the open-ended questions are exploratory in nature and offer the researcher with rich and qualitative data.  There are three different ways where open-ended questions are useful:
      • Expert interviews
      • Limited population study
      • Preliminary research
      Expert Interviews: As open questioning offers critical thinking, it very useful to collect a bucket full of information through interviews. A series or verbally asked questions creates a linkage, which in the end propose a summary of the discussion. Limited Population Study: you get through a perfect portion of your target population and get information in bulk which is specified. Preliminary Research: open-ended question can reveal a variety of behaviours and opinions to the surveyor. What is open questioning?

      Finding a very short answer to the above question.

      A dissertation is a lengthy research project which is abiding with specific curriculums to be followed. At the university level, a dissertation gets much more complex than other research projects. It requires the following 5 main chapters to be discussed in detail.

      • Chapter: 01 INTRODUCTION
      • Chapter: 02 LITERATURE REVIEW
      • Chapter: 03 METHODOLOGY
      • Chapter: 04 DATA ANALYSIS

      Each chapter requires a different type of information but with a strong linkage between other chapters as well.

      Introduction: Start with an understanding of the topic and its reasons. Initiate your topic.

      Literature review: Showcase what other researchers have to say about your research topic and purpose.

      Methodology: Define the research objective, plan, question, statement and all the relevant detailing.

      Data analysis: Collect the relevant data from the target audience and run the statistical test as per requirement.

      Conclusion: Wrap your dissertation with important recommendations for future research.

      What is a dissertation at university?

      A dissertation or a doctoral thesis is the final part which needs to be completed in order to get the final degree. In simple words, a dissertation is a final hurdle for a PhD in completing their study. The actual purpose of a dissertation is to contribute something new or creative to the existence in the field of study. As dissertations are quite specific, on a PhD level, it gets more concise and directly relates to limited researches. However, as compared to other researches on a PhD level, the dissertation is:
      • More complex
      • Highly specific
      • Limited area
      • Customized
      What is dissertation in PhD
      The difference between a dissertation and a thesis is contradictory. Although the internal meaning is quite the same, both are used for research purposes. However, Thesis is taken into account of a master’s degree while a dissertation term is used for a doctoral degree program. Moreover, it is also said that a thesis is used in terms of a USA language and dissertation for the UK continent. The similarities between the two are as follows:
      • Both are research projects
      • Both are conducted at the end of a degree program
      • Both are essential for the degree
      Both are conducted in order to contribute to the respective fields What-is-the-difference-between-a-thesis-and-a-dissertation

      Definitely! To complete a PhD degree you are required to write a dissertation. You will have to write a dissertation proposal first in order to get your dissertation approved for working.


      A dissertation proposal is around 500-1000 words but it depends on your institute’s criteria as well.

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      Maximum 6 months. It takes about 3-6 months to write a dissertation proposal.

      To write a purpose statement you need to identify research method, design, problem, target population, setting. The purpose statement will be written over these identifications.

      To write a short proposal, you need to present the background and research then, compose the body accordingly stating the main objective and conclude it with the final or predictive results.

      1) Title
      2) Abstract
      3) Introduction
      4) Objective
      5) Literature Review
      6) Methodology
      7) References

      Minimum 10 pages long. The average pages length is from 15-20 pages for a dissertation proposal.

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