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What does your supervisor see in your dissertation first of all? The abstract of your dissertation of course! It is your first chance at grabbing the attention of your supervisor or any of your intended readers. As a result, you need to ensure that the abstract is intriguing enough to engage your reader.

Considering the effort required for the abstract, most students fret a lot for this particular task. Most of them consider getting in touch with some dissertation abstract writing services to ensure that their dissertation gets off to a good start.

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Facing an Emotional Upheaval While Writing a Dissertation Abstract?

The abstract is a short summary at the beginning of a dissertation. It normally comes around to 280 words; however, the length can vary from university to university. The purpose of the abstract is to provide a short overview and capture the attention of the reader.

In a way, your abstract is your elevator pitch. Students work on this part in the end when they are done with the dissertation overall. While many of the undergraduate students are not required to work with writing a dissertation abstract, the task carries immense significance in Masters and PhD dissertations.

What are the essentials of a dissertation abstract?

  • A dissertation abstract should be inclusive of the research problem and objectives, methodologies, key results as well as conclusion
  • The length varies between 150 words and 350 words depending on the university and academic level
  • A concise summary is present reflecting all the five chapters of the dissertation
  • Results are highlighted to explain the significance of the dissertation
  • Interpretation of the results is also mentioned to justify the dissertation

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Many students often scramble at this task in spite of being done with their dissertation. The reason is rather obvious: they want the abstract to be engaging enough to lay a good first impression. An unappealing dissertation abstract can spill dirt over their months or even years’ worth of work.

Instead of spilling dirt over their hard work, students may consider getting in touch with a professional abstract writer as a last resort.

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The United Kingdom is one of the most prestigious countries in the world, receiving thousands of students every year for further education. As brilliant as the level of education goes, it is simultaneously difficult as well.

Students generally scout for dissertation abstract help UK based because they want to lay the best first impression on their teachers and supervisors.

However, many teachers and supervisors are not entirely cooperative and may not provide the student with the necessary guidance that they deserve. This is when the student has to make some tough decisions and solicit external help, either within their circle or by getting in touch with some cheap dissertation writing services, which may have its set of consequences in the future.

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    It is not easy to get your dissertation right in the first time. Got questions regarding abstracts? Ask them away!

    The length of the abstract can range from around 150 words to a maximum of 350 words, depending on the requirements set forth by the university and the academic level of the student.

    A master’s dissertation generally has an abstract starting from 150 words while a doctoral level dissertation can have an abstract going up to 350 words.

    It is generally advised that you as a student confirm all requirements from your university personnel before writing a dissertation abstract.

    Yes you do. The introduction is the first chapter of your dissertation, which serves its own purpose. A dissertation gives the background of your research topic and outlines your research questions as well as research objectives and aims.

    An abstract is just a short summary of your overall dissertation. It carries a separate level of significance in the dissertation and does not undermine the importance of the Introduction of your dissertation.

    The four main characteristics of a good abstract include:

    • A clear explanation of the objectives of the study
    • Concise elaboration of the methodologies employed in the research and data collection whether qualitative or quantitative
    • A summary of the results achieved and their brief analysis
    • Principle conclusions drawn from the research in the dissertation

    Many students find it hard inserting all these four essential elements in their abstract. For this reason, students can entrust us the abstract writing task for we offer MBA, Master, PhD dissertation abstract writing service.


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