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The chapter of your dissertation methodology focuses on the methods through which you will perform and compile your research. Before you start writing your dissertation, it is very important to select the proper methods otherwise you cannot start compiling your research.

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Are You Facing Trouble In Writing a Dissertation Methodology?

Writing a dissertation is not an easy task for any student especially if they do not get the proper support from their teachers and supervisors. In such circumstances, choosing your methodology can appear a rather daunting task.

You can be confused due to not knowing the accurate methods for compiling research, causing you problems in writing a dissertation methodology.

What are the research methods?

  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Questionnaires
  • Documentary Analysis

The kind of methods you choose depend on your area of study as well. If you are pursuing an undergrad, you may not be focused on original research and new findings. Instead, you will focus on trying to fill the gaps in previous research.

You can go in your methodology in three ways, which include:

  • Going with quantitative methods such as surveys for measuring and identifying patterns
  • Choosing qualitative methods such as interviews for describing and interpreting your research
  • Combining both qualitative and quantitative methods for in-depth exploration

In order to choose your methodology, you will have to ponder over your area of study and see what methods fit right for you. At undergrad level, you may be asked to choose quantitative methods and extract information from existing data. A combination of both methods comes in handy at doctorate levels.

Even if you have chosen the methods, you might be find it hard to put everything in order. Sometimes, students face trouble with writing even if they have their ideas and thoughts.

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    The chapter of methodology focuses on explaining the methods that you use to carry out your research. This is an integral chapter because you give an overview of how you compiled the research according to your area of study.

    There are two types of methodologies: qualitative and quantitative. You can go with either one of them or a mixture of them depending on your academic level.

    To write a methodology example, you can follow a series of easy steps.

    Step 1: Explain the approaches that you choose. These can qualitative methods, quantitative methods or a mixture of both.

    Step 2: Once you have explained your approaches, give a thorough description of the methods. For example, if you conducted surveys as a part of quantitative research, you will explain how you designed the questions, if you conducted the surveys by phone/email/in person, where did you find the participants and so on.

    Step 3: Jot down your analysis methods, such as, regression analysis, SPSS or Stata for analysing data etc. for quantitative methods and content or narrative or discourse analysis for qualitative methods.

    Step 4: Provide justification for your chosen methodologies. You need to explain why you decided to go with a particular method and how they relate to your area of study.

    While writing your dissertation methodology, you need to cite the relevant and explain how you are following established practices.

    A methodology follows into all your research methods that you utilise for performing your research in the dissertation. Depending on your academic level, you choose the relevant research methods whether they are qualitative or quantitative or a combination of both.

    This chapter carries importance as it gives insight into the efforts you have put into your dissertation and justifies your compiled research as well.

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