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The dissertation can be a really hectic task even if you have had a bit of experience in the past. Therefore, it’s only logical to seek help from professionals.

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What Does A Great PhD Dissertation Look Like?

Having written 500+ dissertations, we know that the best dissertations should always be properly structured and have defining chapters’ i.e.

So what should these chapters include?

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An introduction can inevitably be considered the most important part of the dissertation as it acts as its building block. It makes us 15% of the total weightage.

It should include things like

  1. A brief background, opening the topic
  2. Establish its relevance?
  3. What is the purpose of your dissertation?
  4. Objectives you wish to achieve through it

Pro Tip: The final introduction should always be left for the end of the dissertation so that the dissertation can be summed up better.

Literature Review

This is the chapter where all the previous work that was done, related to the topic, cited. This chapter makes up 30% of the total weightage.

These citations can include sources like

  1. Research papers
  2. Other dissertations
  3. Books
  4. Articles

To name a few.

But all the citations should come from credible and acceptable sources.


This part is the gist of the dissertation. This generally includes content i.e.

  1. The overall approach of dissertation and research type chosen
  2. Methods that were used to conduct research and the reason behind it
  3. How the data was collected?
  4. Details of how data was processed
  5. How the data was analyzed and the tool used for it
  6. Any problems that occurred during the whole process and it was overcome

Results and Discussion

This is the part that requires extensive use of linguistic skills. ‘Results and Discussion’ and ‘Conclusion’ make the lengthiest part of the whole dissertation and almost 45% weightage is divided in between both of them.

In this chapter

  1. The findings of the dissertation are stated
  2. The empirical data is portrayed through different visualization methods e.g. pie charts, bar graphs, tables, or any other statistical representation.
  3. Results are interpreted and explained
  4. The null hypothesis is tested, along with its significance
  5. Unexpected or anomalous results are stated and a probable explanation for it is given


This makes the last chapter and it sums up the whole dissertation.

This chapter comprises of

  1. What your main objective was and whether it was achieved or not
  2. The most significant result
  3. A concise overview of everything done
  4. Lastly, how can the work done in this dissertation, be carried forward by other aspirants.

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