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Have you completed writing your dissertation, but stuck at the formatting phase? Is your mind not cooperating with the whole formatting process?

Let your mind rest and hand over the formatting tasks to us. We are here to provide you perhaps the best dissertation formatting service in the whole of the United Kingdom. You may consider it an overstatement, but we can assure you, we know our work and we let our work speak for our expertise.

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Why Do Students Generally Scout for Dissertation Formatting Help UK Based?

When students begin with their dissertation-writing venture, they spend lots of their time in the research, data collection, and analysis and of course, the writing part. However, the end process begins to take a toll on their patience: the formatting part.

Many students worldwide, especially in the United Kingdom find it hard to pass through the formatting thus succumbing to searching for dissertation formatting help UK based.

The formatting part seems rather short and minor; however, it plays an important role in determining how well your dissertation performs in front of your supervisors.

What does the formatting procedure consist of?

  • Pagination of the dissertation
  • Checking the tables and figures
  • Examining the headings and subheadings
  • Selecting the right style of the headings for the Table of Contents
  • Ensuring that there is double spacing in the dissertation
  • Getting the fonts in order

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    As you can see from the points, there is tons to do in the formatting of a dissertation. If it a 4-5 page research paper, then you can manage it by yourself if you have the time.

    However, as you grow up, you are occupied with a whole set of responsibilities and activities, which make it harder to take out time for such formatting tasks.

    Moreover, graduate and doctorate level dissertations can extend beyond 50 pages, which means that the task starts becoming tiresome and much more hectic as the academic level progresses.

    Most of the students who do not want overburden themselves with the dissertation formatting process may instead pay someone to format dissertation.

    The Formatting Overburden – Why Do Students Buy Dissertation Formatting Services?

    Academics are not easy in any part of the world. Even the most brilliant students tend to suffer when it comes to formatting their final pieces of work. This is true especially in the case of dissertations and especially in the case of graduate and doctorate level dissertations.

    Witnessing the rising demand for students who want to buy dissertation formatting services in the UK, we at DissertationProposal have decided to offer help with formatting in addition to our cheap dissertation writing services.

    If you are considering on how we provide this particular service, then we have one answer for you: we have a team of experts including researchers, writers and editors.

    For the editing, proofreading and formatting process, we have dedicated a complete Quality Control Unit for the task. We have not overburdened our writers with all of the tasks, as we understand that this will only lead to a deprecation of the content.

    Instead, we have assigned different tasks to all personnel in our staff. The editors in the Quality Control Unit format, edit and proofread the dissertations that have been written by our writers as well as by other students availing our dissertation formatting service.

    Hire Dissertation Formatting Writers From Us & Say Hello To A Clear & Consistent Dissertation!

    Many students are generally hesitant when availing online services, primarily due to the number of scams and frauds that occur every day. Of course, verifying someone not present in front of you is difficult and scary.

    Before you narrow down an online service and plead them ‘please format my thesis for me’, you can choose to verify them by:

    • The testimonials and reviews from others
    • Checking how well their customer support is
    • Asking if they provide any plagiarism report
    • Comparing the rates they offer with other services
    • Asking for free consultancy for their services

    There are plenty of ways to verify the services, if we go down that lane. However, with dissertation writing help, you may not have to waste too much time verifying.

    As evident from the testimonials on our website, we have been providing services from almost half a decade. With custom packages and a 30-day money back guarantee, you can give our services, hire dissertation formatting writers from us and check if our services satisfy you.

    If not, then you can always request us for revisions as well as refunds. No need to feel hesitant, your money will not be going down the drain. You can breathe a sigh of relief that you will be availing a quality online thesis formatting service definitely, and your money will earn you benefits too.

    To get started with our services, simply get in touch with our customer support or fill the query form from any our pages. We will contact you by ourselves to resolve all of your queries away!

    • 100% Original Product
    • Complete Money Back Guarantee
    • Free Amendments
    • Privacy & Security
    • 24/7 Help & Assistance

    Hire an Expert

    Our PhD qualified dissertation writers never let down a single order pass by without considering it as a priority. Each and every dissertation order is considered important regardless of its region or specification. We tend to complete our orders considering:

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    Forget all your dissertation worries because our subject matter experts can flawlessly generate a successful dissertation for you. With 100% guarantee of a top-grade and your satisfaction as a top-most priority. We excel in:

    • A variety of subjects
    • Editing and proofreading dissertations
    • Timely deliveries


    Formatting is not everybody’s cup of tea. Ask away your questions related dissertation formatting.

    Formatting a dissertation takes into account checking if the content, spacing, font, headings and other figures in the table are consistent or not. Other than that, pagination needs to be accurate because dissertations for graduate and doctorate level can extend beyond 50 pages.

    During the formatting, it is most important to ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes or typos as they also lead to inconsistency. If you are following a certain style of writing then you have to stick with it till the end.

    Not only do we offer MBA, Master, PhD Dissertation Formatting Service, but we also offer free consultancy for students wanting to know more about formatting in general.

    The standard font for dissertations is ‘Times New Roman’ while the font points can be between 10 and 12 depending on your university requirements.

    It is best to check with your university and professors since some may even allow you to use Arial, Helvetica or fonts from the Computer Modern families.

    Yes, generally speaking, your dissertation should have double spacing between all items. The body of the text should have double spacing whereas; the following will consist of single spacing:

    • Block quotations
    • Footnotes and bibliographies
    • Table of Contents
    • List of Tables
    • List of Figures or Illustrations

    Be sure to remember that the above listed items consist of SINGLE spacing while the body consists of DOUBLE spacing.


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