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Primary and secondary data collection are the two different ways of gathering data for research purpose.

Primary Method: The first-hand data. The investigator collects fresh data from specific respondents.
Secondary Method: The data which already been collected by someone else for some other purpose. It is utilized by the investigator for his/her research purpose is secondary data.
Both data collection techniques are used for multiple research purposes. Those who crave for new data from their specific target audience or there is no data available regarding their research, then, they ought to take the primary method for data collection.
While, those who don’t require fresh data and can simply work on the data already available regarding their audience, they use a secondary method for data collection.

First-hand or fresh data is called primary data. It is collected by an investigator himself/herself. The most common examples of primary data are:

  • Interviews
  • Questionnaires
  • Surveys
  • Focus group
  • Observation

Interviews: An interview can be collected through face to face or telephonic conversation. It is the type of primary data collection technique where open-ended questions are welcomed.
Questionnaires: Close-ended questions are used in questionnaires while going for both, primary or
secondary data. Questionnaires state the direct answers a researcher might require.
Survey: Surveys are conducted in order to collect a specified located data
Focus Group: It is like a specified group of people you gather in order to collect data from all of
them. Focus groups are a great source for primary data as those specific people in a group have some similarities and researcher gets to collect resembled opinions.
Observation: Observing some specific set of behaviours, attitude or a living being gets you primary

Primary data is always collected from research rather than books or articles already available. There are many methods for primary data collection. The most common three methods are:
Questionnaires: There is always a question of going for a questionnaire or qualitative survey. Though, questionnaires win. As they are quite easy and convenient. They are simple until you have your sample group and size recognized for primary data.
Observation: Observations has a big advantage than questionnaires. The observed person doesn’t know they are being observed which keeps their behaviour natural.
Experiment: The creative and fast-developing type of primary data collection. You create a situation and observe the results. Simple!

The first-hand experience is the primary method for data collection. In statistics, primary data means the data that is freshly collected by the researcher on:

  • Organization
  • Person
  • Agency
  • Authority
  • Specific party/group Through,
  • Experiments
  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  •  Focus Group
  • Interviews

The raw data can be sourced from, personal investigation, through investigators, questionnaires, local sources, telephone, and internet. In statistics, the primary data matters the most especially when it’s in the numeric form. It gets better to run statistics test on it.


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