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Data collection in research is a method of gathering data from different sources for your matter of research. Data is firm, 

  • Gathered
  • Measured
  • Design
  • Analysed

The collected data in research is used to identify what a specific group or gender has to say about your research. Collecting data from different sources leads your way towards a bundle of collection data which can be run for further statistical tests. The collected data is analysed for reliability and later sources out a result of research.

Data collection is an essential process for any research. Either you go for primary data collection or secondary data collection. You have to collect data in order to run research.

The four most important data collection methods are:

  • Observation
  • Questionnaire
  • Interviews
  • Focus Group Sessions

Observation: Making direct observations and collecting data through your observation can be a very effective way of collecting data. What you see, is what you get.
Questionnaire: This method of data collection is known as the stand-alone instrument for collecting relevant data. Questionnaires have been the most popular and easy way for data collection through online and offline, both, platforms.
Interviews: Another way of collecting data is an interview. However, it the form of data collection which gets detailed answers to your research questions. This method is not limited to specific options but is allowed to be in a statement form.
Focus Group Discussions: It is like an interactive benefit of an interview. You select a highly focused group and settle down for discussion. This method gets you the exact information and data required from some specific sort of people.

There are mainly three methods of data collection in a research.

  • Qualitative method
  • Quantitative method
  • Mixed method
Qualitative Data Collection: The open-ended questions are stated in qualitative data collection technique. It is used in collecting data which is received in the form of a statement. It can be observed and recorded. 

Quantitative Data Collection: The questionnaire method. The qualitative data collection technique is based on questionnaires, stating specific answer need. Some options are written for selection which is made highly specific by the researcher. 

Mixed-Method: Both qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques are used together. When some part of the research is based on qualitative having open-ended questions and the rest is based on quantitative having close-ended questions.

There are many types of data collection techniques that are in use from years. The major types of data collection are as follow:

  • Interviews
  • Questionnaires
  • Surveys
  • Observation
  • Focus Groups


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