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The secondary data can be collected through both data collection methods. It can be qualitative as well as quantitative in nature. The secondary data are readily available for other resources both internal and external source. Both methods are further divided into data collection.

Sources of secondary data:

  • Books
  • Unpublishes Sources
  • Published Sources
  • Journal
  • Newspapers
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Diaries
  • Government Records
  • Podcasts
Although, for a dissertation the methods are limited. Both methods should align with a renowned source of publications. Only research journals and authentic sites are used for the data collection on a secondary basis. Data for dissertations cannot be collected from any source.

Secondary data is referred to as the data collected by someone else (other than the user). Secondary data is also cost-effective so, rightly, secondary research is also termed as ‘desk research’. The examples for secondary data are:

Data Available on the Internet: The most popular way of collecting data in today’s era. Just
by one click, you are opened to multiple portals of limitless data from the internet.

  •  Public Libraries: Libraries are a good source for secondary data collection. Easily accessible and available having copies of important research which is a valuable source.
  •  Governmental Published Data: Data can be collected from some governmental agencies.
  • The financial reports, e.g.: US Census bureau etc.
  • Non government Data: secondary can also be taken in charge from nongovernmental agencies. e.g.: small business development centres.
  • Educational Institutions: more research is conducted in colleges and universities which should not be overlooked while collecting secondary data.
  • Commercial Information: local newspapers, magazines, journals, articles etc.

The cost-effective source of data collection is secondary data. Secondary data can be obtained from different sources:

  • Data collection from census or government departments
  • Libraries
  •  Internet searches
  • GPS
  • Remote sensing
  • Km progress reports
As secondary is already published with one agenda or research purpose it is likely to be used for another research purpose as well.

Secondary data research or desk data research method is the collection of data which is already published or exists. It is then, summarized and collated to increase the overall effectiveness. In other terms, secondary data is the easiest way of data collection for research purposes. But, from authentic resources.


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