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What Is The Concept Of Supply Chain Management For A Dissertation?

The reality of the course is to understand the different ways to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. The concept for a supply chain dissertation is quite simple. It involves different approaches to maintain, organize and manage the cycling process of a product, service or even an action. A supply chain can be found from a minor product to a major household.

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    The supply chain is a process of multiple actions to form a product or a service. There are four stages of a supply chain. The first stage in the introductory phase then the growth phase to maturity phase and then finally the decline phase. It is just like a product cycle. A product is generated then grow, reaches to its maturity and in the end diminishes. 

    With numerous stages, there are three core aspects/components of a supply chain. The first component of a supply chain management is sourcing (purchasing), the second is the scheduling (planning), and the third is logistics (delivery). These are the core components of a complete SCM.

    There is a thin line difference between procurement and the concept of supply chain management. The procurement means acquiring or getting goods that your company wants or needs while supply chain management means the in-depth ways possible to get you those goods. Procurement is a part of the supply chain.

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