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Accounting And Finance Dissertation Topics For Quick Approvals

Date published June 28 2020 by Carolina James


The only way you can get your favourite professor to supervise your dissertation is if you have a good enough topic to impress them.

To make sure that you do not have to compromise on the important aspects of your dissertation, our senior academic writers have customized a list of free accounting and finance dissertation topics and ideas for your convenience.

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Accounting And Finance Dissertation Ideas By Phd Professional Writers

BS Exploring the role of modern technology in benefiting the field of business accounting. A time series analysis from 1970s – 2010s
BS A detailed study on the accounting procedures and protocols followed by companies e.g. Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google
BS A novel approach of monitoring stock liquidity levels using financial accounting tools. A study on NASDAQ
MS A critical study for understanding the scope and limitations of accounting and finance for Amazon as an e-commerce site
MS An analysis of accounting and finance framework for multinational corporations operating in UK
MS A study on how governments has regulated accounting and finance structure for multinational corporations in order to curb money laundering. A case study on UK’s government
MS An analysis of how financial institutions, accounting conservatism and debt contracts are correlated to each other
PHD A comparative study on ethics of accounting and finance between a corporate business and a family owned business in UK
PHD Comparison between financial reporting requirements for non-profit and for-profit accounting
PHD A critical study of methods of accounting and finance in ancient Mesopotamia and their influence in today’s world

Our industry expert professional writers have mastered the art of coming up with the most unique and apt finance dissertation topics and finance dissertations ideas for students in need.

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    Your dissertation topic plays a huge part in progressing your career. Therefore, it is always advised to choose a topic that coincides with your career goals.


    You can do this by answering 2 important questions:

    1. What sort specialization do you want to pursue in your career?

    If you know the answer then your finance dissertation topics should focus towards that only.

    1. How can you make yourself unique from others?

    It is highly likely that when you come to professional field there may be others going for the same job as you are. You need to focus on making yourself differentiate from others. Explore finance dissertation topics that are booming or will be booming in the future.


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    2. Set a daily dissertation writing goal
    • Set meetings with your peers and friends. Sharing progress and motivating each other will help you a lot.
    1. Schedule meetings with your supervisor/advisor to keep getting guidance.
    2. Most importantly, if you feel that things are getting overwhelming them take a break for a while and then start again.

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