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Accounting Dissertation Topics For A Winning Dissertation

Date published July 11 2020 by Barbara Neil


Accounting is a very vast field of study. It overlaps different subjects like finance, business and economics to name a few. Which mean that it has a very wide scope when it comes to writing accounting dissertation topics. This wide scope can be a blessing for some, but it can also prove to be a nightmare for many.

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Accounting Dissertation Topics Customized Just For You

For people facing problems, do not worry, our subject matter professional writers have the perfect solution for you. They have prepared a free and custom list of some of the best accounting dissertation topics and accounting dissertation ideas that you can find online. Let us look at a few examples

Finance accounting dissertation topics​

BS An analysis of how market and public information impacts the fluctuation of share price index.
MSC A critical analysis of the impact of corporate credit rating on financial institution and bank’s lending capacity amidst corona virus pandemic
MS A critical study on the emergence and development of crypto currencies and how it has impacted the economic activities in covid 19 pandemic
PhD A critical analysis of the factors effecting foreign direct investment in China and how it has impacted the economic development of the country since US China trade war.
PhD A critical study on the role of modern accounting in economic development of emerging countries. A case study of African countries.

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    BS A critical analysis of the factors that influence debt financing of municipal owned entities. A case study of the city of Paris
    MSC A study of e-learning technologies for open distance learning knowledge acquisition in managerial accounting amidst this corona virus pandemic
    MS Exploring the performance measurement framework of retail micro, small and medium enterprises to enhance their success and survival
    PhD A critical analysis on water sustainability measurement, management, engagement, and disclosure of selected water intensive companies on the London Stock Exchange
    PhD Critically exploring the management accounting tools providing sustainability information for decision making and its influence on financial performance for a small scale company

    Audit accounting dissertation ideas​

    BS A novel study on the application of analytical procedures in the audit process. How efficient are the procedures?
    MSC A critical analysis of the suspicious transaction reporting responsibilities of attorneys in terms of UK’s anti-money laundering legislative frameworks. Post panama scandal report.
    MS A study on the role of internal audit in the independent review of anti money laundering compliance in USA
    PhD An analysis of a novel audit approach of the information systems auditor in an electronic commerce environment with emphasis on internet payment security
    PhD Exploring the role of internal auditing in providing combined assurance and assessing internal financial controls of multinational companies

    Tax accounting dissertation ideas

    BS A critical analysis of the influence of government tax policy on foreign investors’ decision to start up businesses in a country.
    MSC A novel study on the problems of tax collection in overcrowded urban areas. A case study on city slum settlements of India
    MS A critical study on tax as a stimulus for growth and development. Analysing the reinjection of taxes into the economy by governments after international monetary fund (IMF’s) bail out packages. A case study of Greece
    PhD A critical analysis of the implications of tax evasion and tax avoidance on the economic development of third world countries. Evaluating the role of multinational companies
    PhD A novel study to assess the impact of tax incentives and concession on growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises of UK

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    There are a number of things you can do e.g. make them

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