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Audit Dissertation Topics For Quick Approval

Date published July 11 2020 by Evie Tyler


Finding a good topic is the first step of writing a dissertation. But it is also the most important one that sets the pace for the next weeks, months or years that follows. This is the reason you should pay maximum attention when finalizing your dissertation topic.

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Audit Dissertation Topics By PhD Professionals

To make sure that your process of finalizing audit dissertation topics goes as smoothly as possible our industry leading professional have prepared a list of some of the finest audit dissertation topics and audit dissertation ideas you can find online for free.

BS An exploratory analysis of disparity between the progress in audit assurance when compared to financial statement ambiguities. A comparative analysis between small scale firms VS multinational firms.
BS A critical study for exploration into the type and professionalism of audit services provided through private audit consultancy firms VS the big four in the UK
BS An analysis on how do quarterly internal audits help in management of compliance risk for small scaled and medium scaled companies
MSC A critical study for investigation into the audits of offshore supply chain management enterprises. A case study of Deloitte
MSC A study for evaluating the effect of internal auditing on financial reporting. What does it promote? Internal bias or total compliance.
MSC A critical analysis to review the audits of public limited companies. A case study of Microsoft corporation
MSC A comparative analysis of whether the audit explosion in the past decade has led to biased unprofessionalism or quality audits.
MS A critical analysis of the efficacy of public sector audits in healthcare for provision of better healthcare management and service, true or false. A case study of audit reports of big pharma in USA
MS A comparative evaluation of the internal auditing function in a ‘non profit’ organization VS. ‘for profit’ organization in UK
MS A comparative analysis of whether consistent hiring of audit firms for lengthy tenures affect their professional capability or does it give rise to corporate bias?
MS A critical analysis of how credible do external creditors and investors find internal audit reports of companies in United Kingdom. A comparative analysis of foreign start up funding in UK VS USA.
PhD A critical review of the financial reporting audits by big four, for the last few decade that led to disastrous repercussions for the world economy. A case study of world recession of 2001, 2008 and 2020
PhD An analysis of the quality of audit disclosures by government sectors. A comparative study between developing economies and developed economies
PhD A qualitative analysis of the role of professional judgment on auditor behavior during an organizational professional conflict and the number of legal way they can take to solve the conflict.
PhD A qualitative survey of Islamic institutions and the compatibility challenges faced by these institutes in a conventional auditing environment in the UK.

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    Audit Dissertation Ideas To Guarantee Best Grades

    To make sure that you never run out of audit dissertation topics, our team of best academic writers of UK have prepared a list of some of the best audit dissertation ideas you can find in the academic market, which you can use to formulate your own audit dissertation topics.

    BS An investigative study to research on financial audits of non-profit organizations. A case study of international red cross and red crescent movement
    BS An analysis of Globalization of auditing standards. Evaluating the pros and cons of globalization of auditing for small scaled and medium scaled firms
    MSC An analysis of audits across borders. The challenges faced by multinational organizations. A case study for Samsung.
    MSC An analysis for review of the auditing as a profession in China
    MS An analysis on the world of tomorrow, how can the application of artificial intelligence impact audit quality in future.
    MS An exploratory study for finding common factors between different global auditing and accounting scandals
    MS A correlative study between the external auditing and the ethical behavior of senior management.
    PhD An analysis of the auditing challenges faced in fair value measurements in the markets of UK
    PhD A critical analysis of how continuous auditing impact organizational functioning. A comparison between the pros and cons.
    PhD A comparative study of the auditing differences between private and public organizations in the UK

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