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Biology Education Dissertation Topics to Ace Your Dissertation

Date published July 17 2020 by Barbara Neil


Biology Education is such an interesting subject and the students are required to come up with interesting Biology Education dissertation topics. Some students succeed in it but a lot of students fail to capture the reader’s attention with some very common and simple topics.

If you are looking for some great Biology Education dissertation topics then you are at the right place. Our qualified industry experts have done an extensive research to help you make your dissertation as interesting as possible.

Table of Contents

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Biology Education Dissertation Ideas from Ph.D. Qualified UK Native Experts

Before giving you the list of best topics for biology dissertations. We are going to give you some amazing Biology Education dissertation ideas that will help you craft custom dissertation topics! You can take these ideas into consideration if you aim to do an extensive research on a wide possibility of topics.

Here are the Biology Education dissertation ideas for you to ace your dissertation:

  • Early-Age Biology Education: This idea for a good Biology Education dissertation topic revolves around researching at what a child could understand about different aspects of biology at a certain age. You can evaluate your research topic to compare the impacts of providing biology education to middle school students with high-school students.
  • Teaching Perspective: Writing from a teacher’s perspective can help your dissertation get noticed easily. You can conduct research around the problems biology education teachers face and how they can be solved. These problems could be related to anything from lack of equipment to mismanagement from higher authorities.

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    Biology Education Dissertation Topics for the Best Grades!

    Now we can move on to the list of the best Biology Education dissertation topics for you! But before you select a topic and start drafting on it. We want to give you some tips that could help you choose the best dissertation for yourself.

    List down all the best Biology Education dissertation topics you find below and then make drafts for each. Then observe by yourself about which of the drafts seems like a top-scoring dissertation to you. You can also make changes to the topics according to your guidelines and instructions provided to you by your supervisor, department head, and/or professor(s).

    Aims and Objectives

    The major aim of this study is to investigate the effects of two teaching methods used in secondary school to evaluate the performance of the student in biology education at UK based schools. The study will examine whether the teachers have sufficient skills in using two method teaching (Jeronen, et al., 2017). If there is any other important difference in student’s performance by using the two teaching methods in biology, to identify the facilities which are available for specific two teaching methods.

    The objectives of this research are listed below:

    • To evaluate that two teaching methods used I biology at UK secondary school are used to achieve the sustainable development goal in teaching.
    • To identify the features which are useful in two teaching methods in biology education at secondary schools.
    • To identify any difference amongst students performance by using two teaching methods in biology.

    Aims and Objectives

    This study aimed to assess the impact of academic performance of students reported with mild intellectual disability in biology class by taking the reference from a case study based in schools of the United Kingdom. Furthermore, this study focused on identifying previous studies which examined the effects of educational performance of students present with a mild intellectual disability or compare it with students present without any intellectual disability (Barton-Hulsey, et al., 2017). This study will help in addressing the issues due to which student with a mild disability faces difficulty in coping up with other students while considering the case study held in the United Kingdom.

    The aim of this study are listed below:

    • To evaluate the academic performance of pupil reported with mild intellectual disability in the UK.
    • To identify the factor that may hinder the pupil presented with mild intellectual disability to excel their educational performance in biology class.

    To compare the academic performance of students with disability with pupil reported without any intellectual disability.

    Aims and Objectives

    The main purpose of this study is to identify the impact of field experiences on knowledge process and learning achievement on biology students (Tsybulsky, 2019). This study aimed to identify the impact of students’ field trip on the learning skills and ability to absorb the subject in details and for a longer time. This will also help the teacher to plan their lesson in a way which can easily deliver to students as visual activities enable them to retain the subject in a good manner way.

    The objectives of this research are listed below:

    • To identify the impact of the field trip for secondary students in biology subject.
    • To evaluate the factors associated with the field trip in enhancing the learning process of secondary students.
    • To identify the learning experiences of biology students provided by an education field trip.
    • To examine the impact of a biology field trip on the academic performance of secondary students.

    Aims and Objectives

    This study aimed to analyse the relationship between student learning time and their academic performance in education of biology for the students in the United Kingdom (Rodríguez-Hernández, et al., 2020). This is an imperative study to figure out how the college-going students manage their learning time in achieving success in their educational goals of biology in the UK.

    The study discovered the following objectives:

    • To evaluate the difference in academic performance of college students giving maximum learning time to their biology lesson.
    • To identify the relationship between learning time and academic performance in the UK specifically in biology subject.

    Aims and Objectives

    This research aimed to identify the challenges identified in biology education for teachers of a university in the UK. The recent issues usually identified from previous literature and in this research, the author identify a possible solution to eliminate such problem and enhance the educational process for biology which ultimately increase the performance of students (Tidemand & Nielsen, 2017). This research is helpful for teachers as it evaluates the recent issues so the teacher can plan their biology lesson by considering such issues and identify possible solutions for that.

    The objectives of this study are listed below:

    • To identify the factors that cause a problem for university teachers to plan the biology lesson.
    • To identify the possible solution to eliminate the problem that hinders the educational process of biology in university.
    • To explore the contribution of university teachers in the United Kingdom in teaching biology to their students and to evaluate the academic performance of their students.

    Aims and Objectives

    This study aims to review the recent literature for assessing the impacts of using the infrastructure materials in the UK University to evaluate the performance of biology in schools (Erbas & Demirer, 2019).  The study also focused on how the school infrastructure affects the children learning outcomes and to find major parameters that may use to implement the process for the future educational infrastructure of learning biology. At the same time, this study also aims to evaluate the areas which focused on less strong areas which have the potential for future learning advancement.

    The objectives of this study are listed below:

    • To evaluate the impact of using infrastructure materials in university students for enhancing the performance in biology.
    • To identify factors that enhance the skills of students to learn biology and retain the lesson by utilizing the infrastructure activities.
    • To explore the infrastructure activities which is helpful for teachers for preparing the lesson plan for promoting the learning of biology.
    • To explore the use of infrastructure activities designs in schools to evolve the sustainably over a longer time.

    Aims and Objectives

    This study aimed to find the teaching problem faced by teachers of United Kingdom university teaching biology. The purpose of this study is to conquer the challenges faced by teachers and to resolve it for enhancing the learning outcomes of biology students. The teachers play an important role in exploring the aids required to promote education in a university. This study also aimed to identify the quality and worth of teachers for delivering the lesson plan to students and enhanced their academic performances (Sumirattana, et al., 2017). Teachers consider being the builders of nations that why it is most significant to identify the issues faced by teachers in delivering their lesson of biology to the university students.

    The research objectives are enumerated below:

    • To identify the teaching issues in university for explaining the biology subject in the United Kingdom
    • To seek the possible solutions for teachers of UK university to resolve the issues for a delivery biology lesson.

    To contribute to the factors that help in identifying the cause of hinders for teachers in teaching biology subject.

    Aims and Objectives

    The study aims to explore the factors that will impact on academic performance of senior students in secondary schools in the USA.  The main purpose of this study is to determine the effect of practical activities included in teaching on learning skills and advancement of senior students. This particular study helps the system of including physical activities in teaching plan so that it will motivate teachers to build their lesson plans of biology more creatively and to generate a more powerful impact on students learning achievement (Bal-Taştan, et al., 2018). The practical activities enhance the knowledge and help the students to retain it for a longer time.

    The objectives of this study are listed below:

    • To identify the impact of using practical aids in explaining biology lesson to senior students of secondary school in the United States of America
    • To compare the academic performance of secondary student after using physical activities for teaching biology.
    • To explore the innovative physical activities that will be used by teachers to plan their biology lesson for secondary students.
    • To evaluate the time for which the biology lesson will be retained with students after using physical activities in the secondary school of the United States of America

    Aims and Objectives

    This research has been based on the case study, the aim of which is to identify the factors that will develop their impact on implementing the universal basic biology education system in the United Kingdom. The study intended to assess the extent to which the Universal basic education system has been adopted by the educational system in the United Kingdom (Nozoe & Isozaki, 2020). This study elaborates the finding obtain from the case in to which the impact of using universal basic biology education has been implemented in the schools of the UK.

    The objectives of this study are listed below:

    • To examine the factors which generally will obtain after the implementation of Universal Basic Biology education system in the UK.
    • To identify the relationship between utilizing universal basic biology education system in secondary school and promoting the lesson plan of biology.
    • To evaluate the role of universal basic biology system in the teaching process at the schools of the United Kingdom.

    Aims and Objectives

    This study aims to identify the effects of social problems on the educational performance of secondary students specifically in biology lesson in schools of the UK. This study also explores the opinions of teachers about the influence of social behaviours and academic performance. The main purpose is to examine the effects of social behaviours on the academic performance and to compare the academic results of the students of secondary schools, reports with issues of social behaviours (Pascoe, et al., 2020). Thus, the study enables us to find the importance of social behaviours on the overall academic performance of senior students in secondary schools and the education system of the UK.

    The objectives of this study are listed below:

    • To evaluate the relationship between social issues and academic performance on the senior secondary students in the UK.
    • To evaluate the ways by which social behavioural issues of student influence academic performance in secondary schools.
    PH.D. The importance of laboratory experience in biology education students achievement in the United Kingdom
    PH.D. An analysis of the impacts of socio-economic background on the academic performance of secondary school biology students in the USA
    PH.D. Case study of the identification of teaching topics in senior secondary school biology education in UK colleges
    PH.D. A study of extents of implementation of safety protocols in biology laboratory among senior secondary school students in the UK
    PH.D. An extensive case study of the teachers' perception of difficult areas in secondary schools biology curriculum in the UK

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