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Best Branding Dissertation Topics For Quick Approval

Date published June 24 2020 by Jacob Miller

branding dissertation topics

Branding or brand management is a part of your Master’s or Ph.D. in Marketing. Although branding is a subcategory subject of Marketing, it is very crucial for your learning curve. The topic for a brand dissertation is restricted to the rules of brand management.

Generating branding dissertation ideas for a fantastic paper can be complicated. Many students have trouble getting their topics approved. This is because their instructor is looking for problems that specifically cater to the brand management side of marketing.

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Table of Contents

Top Branding Dissertation Topics For Your Needs

Majority researchers and students find it challenging to generate excellent dissertation topics. This is due to the lack of knowledge regarding topic selection for your dissertation. Here is our list of the best-unused dissertation topics for brand management.

BBA Role Of Brand Voice In Creating Brand Loyalty Among Online Consumer Market
BBA Impact of brand colors on consumer purchase decisions for makeup brands in the UK.
BBA Effect of innovation on the brand's value. A case study on apple.
BA Role of the internet in increasing brand reach. A case study of the fashion industry.
BA Impact of branding on the consumer in the textile industry of the UK.
BS Importance of aftersales services in building brand image among the customers of the automobile industry.
BS How advertising creates brand recognition among consumers of dairy products.
MBA Impact Of Sleeper Effect On The Brand Loyalty Of Clothing Brands In The UK.
MBA Role of better brand experience in fighting against counterfeit products. A comparison between Chanel and Luis Vuitton.
MBA Use of branding in increasing prices for small and medium businesses in the UK.
MBA The power of brands to neglect business ethics. How top brands are manipulating customers.
MBA Role of branding in overcoming injurious products. A case study on Coca-Cola.
MSC How subliminal marketing helps in increasing sales of service, providing businesses in the UK.
MSC Impact of brand persona in connecting with the customers of e-commerce stores.
Msc The effect of celebrity endorsement on the brand image of the fragrance industry of the UK.
Msc The relationship between brand equity in increasing prices and altering consumer behavior.
Ph.D. Role of social media managers in changing the brand image of online businesses.
Ph.D. Effectiveness of loyalty scheme programs in generating higher revenue for supermarkets in the UK.
Ph.D. Impact of guerrilla marketing tactics on the overall brand image of high-end brands. A case study of Sony.
Ph.D. Impact of message length in direct marketing. A comparison between online and offline channels.

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    Branding Dissertation Ideas That Help In Generating Interesting Topics

    Ideation is the first step to a fantastic dissertation topic. It becomes the center of your brainstorming session, and your thoughts should revolve around it.

    BBA How do brand colors change consumer perception?
    BBA Use of branding in social media and digital marketing. How is digitalization changing branding definitions?
    BA Role of brand recognition in developing a better relationship with consumers.
    BS The psychological trigger that helps gain online customers confidence while pitching your products.
    MBA How do Omnichannel businesses work? A case study on amazon and toy R us.
    MSC Consumer reaction to brand alliances. A study of Dolby digital and Sony.
    PHD The advantages and disadvantages of push and pull marketing strategies. How does this help in creating a sharper brand image?

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