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Business Management Dissertation Topics That Will Leave Your Reader Wonderstruck

Date published July 28 2020 by Stella Carter


Business management is a very vast and ever expanding field. Moreover, as technology is expanding so is the field. Over the years many dissertation have been written to explore the field, but still all the aspects haven’t been covered. Which means that if given proper time and effort, you too can come up with a ground-breaking business management dissertation topics.

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Business Management Dissertation Topics Customized Just For You

To make sure that you make the most of your time at your hand, our field specialist professional writers have prepared the best custom list of business management dissertation topics and business management dissertation ideas that you can find online.

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    Project management dissertation topics

    BS A study on the importance of integration management in project management system and how poor integration management can ruin the entire project.
    BS An analysis of the challenges faced by a project manager in leadership while executing the planning of a quarterly project cycle
    MS A critical study to set link between the different steps of project management.
    Ph.D. A critical evaluation of the role of good integration management for winning the trust of stakeholders in project management
    Ph.D. A critical analysis of feasibility and sustainability of green energy in project management

    Event management dissertation topics

    BS A study of symbolic unveiling of national identities during Olympic events. A case study of 2016 Rio Olympics
    MS An analysis of marketing strategy planning. A case study of marketing strategy for events in commercial centres
    MS A critical evaluation of how corona virus pandemic has effected the event management field.
    Ph.D. Exploring the laws and customs related to safeguarding of natural environment during event management
    Ph.D. A critical evaluation of impact of food shows of custom and traditional food on tourist during national events.

    Construction management dissertation ideas

    BS A study on green technology knowledge of construction workforce and empowerment of knowledge in construction projects
    MSC A critical exploration of elements of delays, cost over runs and risk involved in construction management
    MSC An analysis of the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in construction engineering and management
    MS A critical analysis of challenges in implementation of health monitoring methods for design life of tall composite structures and their real time performance
    Ph.D. A study on the application of critical chain management over critical path method in construction project.

    Strategic management dissertation ideas

    BS A novel study for integrating the principles of strategic human capital and strategic human resource management to improve organisational performance.
    MSC A critical analysis of the effect of strategy, innovation, networks and complexity on organisational adaptability and the impact of mediating effect of leadership on it
    MS An evaluation of the effectiveness of an affect-based model to portray recipients’ responses to organisational change events
    Ph.D. A study for assessing the role of managers in bringing and implementing technological change in an organisation
    Ph.D. A critical analysis of organisational change management and exploring why employees resist change?

    Knowledge management dissertation ideas

    Aims and Objectives
    As per the study of Singh et al., (2019), knowledge sharing has become important in building up an entire knowledge management system along with the procedures. Knowledge sharing is essential parts that help in the enhancement of knowledge in individuals and organisations. Generally, institutions adopt various ways to achieve the permanent development, operation and growth of the knowledge sharing strategies among employees. In addition, utilization of social media has rapidly contributed to the knowledge-sharing by updating people about every current update, incidents within seconds. It has become a facilitator for sharing, renovating, and creating knowledge. Though, many organisations are still facing challenges in managing complex information.

    For this purpose, various organisations are adopting information technology (IT)-based systems i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for providing quick information of the complex data among divergent users at the same time. Therefore, IT-based systems have become necessary to incorporate effective knowledge sharing practices that contribute to the sustainability of the organisations. The objectives are described below;

    • To identify the importance of knowledge-sharing in organisations.
    • To explore different factors that affect IT-based knowledge sharing in the businesses.
    • To assess the impact of IT-based knowledge sharing on creativity and innovation.

    In the contemporary era of the business, the key factor that determines the success of the business is its capability in applying knowledge management in its business operations. Therefore, the main purpose of the study is to conduct a thorough study that will highlight the need for enhancing the knowledge sharing capacities of the business. Moreover, it is the intention of this research is to reflect upon the benefits of enhancing knowledge sharing capacities by considering the case of Apple Inc.


    Following are the objectives of the research

    • To identify the factors that improves knowledge sharing capacities of the businesses.
    • To evaluate the knowledge sharing capacities of Microsoft and conduct a comparison with general organizations.
    BS A study for the development of a conceptual framework to measure organizational readiness to adopt knowledge management.
    BS An analysis of the knowledge management using the a case study of student run projects of London school of economics (LSE)
    MS A critical analysis of the strategic sustainable development and involvement of knowledge management

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    1. It should explain the goals of your research

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    3. Capital asset pricing models
    4. GARCH models

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