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Perfect Civil Engineering Dissertation Topics You Wanted All Along

Date published June 28 2020 by Jacob Miller


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    A good engineering dissertation topic can be the defining factor between you either acing your dissertation and becoming a valedictorian or you passing with bare minimum marks.

    Civil engineering is a very vast field, due to which you can easily become overwhelmed when considering the perfect civil engineering dissertation topics. This is the reason our team of most talented academic writers in UK have made a list of the best engineering dissertation ideas you can find online.

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    Tour Our World-Class Civil Engineering Dissertation Ideas, Custom Tailored For You

    BS A novel building ventilation design, for making the air cleaner against air borne viruses e.g. covid 19
    BS Exploring new ideas for sewerage treatment systems, for improving solid state waste management
    MS A study on feasibility of installing wind farms near metropolitan port cities of UK
    MS An analysis on efficiency of Tesla’s solar roof, in countries near equator
    MS Using artificial neural networks for devising improved irrigation system for water-stricken areas
    MS A novel approach for improving rural housing construction using recycled waste material
    PHD Improving infrastructure for reducing traffic congestions in urban areas using first order differential equations
    PHD Analysing the impact of transportation logistic companies on traffic obstructions in London
    PHD Using acoustics for finding structural defaults in heritage buildings of Northern England
    PHD A feasibility study on using self-healing ‘bio’ concrete for urban development

    These free civil engineering dissertation ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Our senior dissertation specialists are just a click away from providing you with a list of winning engineering dissertation topics.

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    Since the topic is the first thing that a reader will see and read, therefore it is recommended to spend a good amount of time on brainstorming for perfect civil engineering dissertation topics. For this you should read as much literature as you can. More topics you will have, the better the chances of landing on an ideal topic for your dissertation.


    We at ‘Dissertation Proposal’ have senior expert writers that are readily available to assist you in your quest of finding the best engineering dissertation topics. Saving your precious time that can be utilized elsewhere in dissertation writing.

    Not at all, all the dissertations follow almost the same formatting rules. Although it is a good practice to check which formatting rules your college or university accepts. Some common formatting rules are:

    1. Size of the paper should be A4
    2. The font of the dissertation should be “Times New Roman”
    • Font size should be between 10 and 12.
    1. 1.5 line spacing between each line
    2. 3.5 cm margin on the left (or the side the dissertation is going to be binded from)
    3. 2.5 cm margin for all other sides
    • Pagination i.e. except for the title page, every other page in the dissertation should be assigned a number (even the ones left blank).

    Pro Tip: Check the document formatting again when converting to or from other file formats e.g. word à pdf or vice versa. There may be conversion glitches.

    Our writers are masters of formatting the perfect dissertation for their customers. Being mindful of these small but impactful details is what makes us better than the rest in the market.

    Like any other dissertation, the civil engineering dissertation can be anywhere from

    • 100 pages to 300 pages long
    • or between 10000 to 15000 words

    Although there is no fixed limit to any of it. The pages and words can vary according to the field of study and the title of the topic.

    Depending on the

    • volume
    • degree
    • type of research involved

    A dissertation can take from a few months to a few years to complete.

    Our industry leading academic writers are so efficient in writing dissertations, that they always deliver on the assigned date and have never ever missed a deadline.

    Yes, there is a slight difference between the weightage of engineering dissertation and other dissertations. The word count needs to be adjusted according to the weightage.


    Dissertation weightage for other disciplines:


    Introduction: 15%

    Literature Review: 15%

    Methodology: 35%

    Result: 15%

    Discussion: 2%

    Conclusion: 15%

    Reference: 3%

    Dissertation weightage for engineering disciplines


    Introduction: 3% - 10%

    Literature Review: 8% - 30%

    Methodology: 8% - 20%

    Result: 15% - 60%

    Discussion: 0%-10%

    Conclusion: 1%

    Reference: 2%


    Only our market professional writers have the ability to be considerate and adjust the weightage and word counts for all the different types of dissertations.