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Corporate Finance Dissertation Topics For A Flawless Dissertation

Date published June 28 2020 by Jacob Miller


Whenever writing a dissertation, it is important to choose a topic that will provide a valuable and credible contribution to the related field. This is the thing that will make your dissertation standout from the group.

To make sure you have a winning dissertation topic, our subject matter experts have compiled a list of the best corporate finance dissertation topics and corporate finance dissertation ideas that you can utilize, for free.

Table of Contents

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Corporate Finance Dissertation Ideas That Will Leave Your Readers Astonished

BS A study on the role of and impact of UK broking firms in the post corona virus pandemic world
BS A critical analysis on the correlation between capital structure and corporate strategy in the 21st century
BS An analysis of the corporate finance decision making strategies in unstable stock markets
MS Exploring how a business size has influenced financial decision making during covid 19 pandemic. A comparative study between small scaled business VS. corporate giants of US
MS A study on how different businesses can manage transparency in their corporate financial decisions
MS A comparative study of different investment models and how these contributes to success of corporate firms
PHD An analysis of multinational corporate policy making in running businesses overseas. A study on Coca Cola
PHD Exploring the correlation between corporate governance and corporate financial processes and activities of a corporate giant
PHD An analysis of how modern technology has optimized corporate finance decisions. A study on Nestle
PHD An investigative study of different corporate scandals in UK and what companies today have learned from

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    You may come across many finance dissertation topics when beginning. But it is important to ensure that they are achievable. You can do this by:

    1. Doing a small scale qualitative/quantitative (whatever is your dissertation’s focus) study first. This will ensure that there are no potential dead ends that would hamper the progress of your thesis.
    2. Along with the research you can also focus on literature review, which can be broken down into 3 parts:
    3. Textual analysis

    Where you go over different documents, articles, books etc to find information.

    1. Semiotic Analysis

    Which is exploring people’s bias related to your topic.

    • Secondary research

    Where you go through other people’s research in the related field. Read other dissertations, research papers and journals.


    Our industry leading writers not only ensure the best finance dissertation topics, but also ensure that you receive dissertation of highest standards which is according to your satisfaction.

    Proofreading is an important part of dissertation. It helps you identify potential errors that can negatively impact your dissertations and tweak your dissertation to perfection.


    Some tips for effective proofreading are:

    1. Always start proof reading after taking a break (take a nap, step outside, enjoy a hobby etc) to refresh your mind.
    2. Proofread attentively, without any disturbances and distractions.
    3. Make sure to mark the mistakes simultaneously.
    4. Proofreading once is never enough. Proofread again and again till you are satisfied with the perfection.
    5. Use proofreading softwares or natural language progression AI bots to find your mistakes.
    6. Hire an expert proof-reader from us that are market experts and have years of experience of proofreading hundreds of professional dissertations.

    There are total of 6 main chapters and a reference section that make up a dissertation. Their weightage distributions are:

    1. Introduction: 15%
    2. Literature Review: 15%
    3. Methodology: 35%
    4. Result: 15%
    5. Discussion: 2%
    6. Conclusion: 15%
    7. Reference: 3%

    There is a general perception that writing a dissertation is a very hectic and lengthy task. But it can be achieved easily if you follow the tips given below:

    1. Start as early as possible.
    2. Set a daily word count for writing your dissertation
    3. Break your large chapters into smaller and manageable chunks

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