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Top Trending Counselling Research Topics

Date published May 9 2023 by Jacob Miller


Counselling is one of the many branches of psychology. It addresses a wide range of situational issues affecting people from various social groups. Students who are pursuing a psychology degree must finish a psychology dissertation during their senior year of college. Choosing solid counselling research topics is essential to getting the supervisor’s approval to start working on it.

Sometimes it’s harder to pick a topic than to write the entire research paper. Consider these intriguing ideas if you’re stuck on counselling psychology research topics. It is normal for students to face such a situation as they close to the end of their assignments or degree program.

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Latest Trending Research Topics in Counselling Psychology

Here is a most trending list of the most recent counselling psychology research topics for you that will help you to stay ahead of your peers. Continue reading to learn about cutting-edge AI research.

The study discusses the legal and ethical problems raised by online or tech-assisted counselling and offers advice on how to deal with these issues.

The focus of the essay is on the history of counseling, its founders, their contributions to the field, and how they shaped both guidance and counseling.

In their article, Woo et al. tried to give a thorough overview of the American Counseling Association's position on disability-related issues

This paper investigates the ethical aspects of working with a widower who has lost his passion for food and has isolated himself in the house, displaying signs of depression.

The goal of this review is to determine and justify the need for nursing interventions such as acupressure, counseling, and proper nutrition.

This paper focuses on the peculiarities of genetic counselling for people at risk of developing hypertension.

This paper examines the counselor's role in the client's role-play, identifies the stages of counseling, and includes the counselor's skills.

The Christian marriage and family counselling described in Dr. Emerson Eggerichs' book "Love and Respect" is the topic of this essay.

The paper suggests future directions for educational planning and job research in counseling, clinical, and forensic psychology.

This essay reviews the relevant literature on informed consent and codes of ethics before summarizing my own code and demonstrating how it might be used in a counselling setting.

This research paper looked into the fundamental concepts of Adlerian theory. In particular, school counselors can benefit from using the Adlerian approach.

The construction of a genogram, the interpretation of worldviews, the application of theories, and the discussion of cultural issues will all be used to analyze Veronica Vargas' case study in this paper.

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