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Criminal Law Dissertation Topics For The Grab!

Date published July 28 2020 by Barbara Neil


Criminal law is a sensitive topic that needs tremendous focus and knowledge. Even the slightest of distraction can cause a decrease in your grades. If you are planning to write your dissertation on criminal law, you need to understand its basics. A criminal law dissertation topic should be authentic in the eyes of your countries law. It should also include legal language to make it sound professional.

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Best Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

If you want to avoid the brank-wrecking processes of generating a criminal law dissertation topic, then you can use our list. We have a collection of unused law dissertations topics for your needs.

BA Effect of rape on the psychological behavior of the victim.
BA The effectiveness of the law of rape, and how can it be used for framing the innocent?
BA The role of labor laws in improving work ethics in multinational organizations.
BA The effectiveness of the attribution model through management.
BA The impact of the witness protection program in increasing criminal activities in the country.
MA The importance of media news in a courtroom. Should newspapers be used as evidence?
MA A critical study on the effectiveness of lie detectors. Can the law trust such devices?
MA The impact of the death penalty on the families of the deceased. Does this cultivate further hate towards the judicial system?
MA A critical analysis of cyberbullying and its relationship with suicide. How is the UK judicial system countering such criminal acts?
MA The impacts of war on terror on the enforcements of criminal laws. Should terrorists be treated as criminal or strict actions are needed?
MA A substantive study of criminal law. Identifying the link between crime and ethics.
Ph.D. An in-depth study on Islamic criminal laws and their relationship with human rights.
Ph.D. An evaluation of sales tax imposed on FMCG companies. Should this cost be added to the product?
Ph.D. An assessment of the relationship between criminal law punishments and human rights violations.
Ph.D. A case study on the investigation challenges faced by lawyers. What loopholes in the law allow the guilty to roam free?
Ph.D. An analysis of the difference in legislation for male and female rape. Should there be any difference?
Ph.D. The effects of imprisonment on the minds of teenagers.

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    List Of Criminal Law Dissertation Ideas

    It is always best to brainstorm criminal law dissertation ideas before fixing on a topic. Ideation is the base for all your research. It also serves as an opportunity to get your instructor’s feedback at an early stage. If you want some room for your ideas to grow, you can use our list for help.

    BA Evaluation of the attitude of the court to measuring supporting political agendas
    BA Evaluation of the attitude of the court to measuring supporting political agendas
    BA The importance of trust law and fiduciary governance in the UK judiciary system.
    MA Evaluation of the growing body of law demanding fairness. How is the UK government tackling this issue?
    MA Is the law of rape sufficient to protect the right of the victim
    MA Islamic punishment of theft and the law. Which is more potent in eliminating this crime.
    Ph.D. Analysis of Stockholm syndrome and its effects on the victim.
    Ph.D. An evaluation of the punishment for racial discrimination in UK law.
    Ph.D. Psychological impacts on the family of the murder victim. Are the current laws sufficient to provide justice?

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