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Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Topics That Guarantee Best Grades

Date published July 7 2020 by Jacob Miller


Dissertations are very long, hard, time consuming and troubling. But it is equally important as your degree depends on it. The only way you can make this time bearable is if you choose a topic that is fun, coincides with your interests and can be pursued for a long period of time without facing any set backs.

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Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Topics Customized Just For You

In order to relieve you from your stress and worries of finding the best critical care nursing dissertation topics, our subject specialist professional writers have accumulated a list of some of the best custom nursing dissertation topics and nursing dissertation ideas you can find online for free.

MSC A study on establishing effectiveness of current critical care rehabilitation plans to take of patients suffering from stroke
MSC A comparative study between stress experienced by critical care nursing professionals VS. stress experienced by nursing professionals of other departments
MSC A critical study to identify signs of stress and depression in critical care nursing staff pursuing profession in rural hospitals of UK
MSC A novel study to identify and evaluate barrier of entry in critical care nursing department
MSC An analysis of abilities of critical care nursing professionals in handling life support systems without any external help
MSC A study on the effective communication skills and patient interaction techniques taught to critical care nurses
MSC An analysis of skills possessed by critical care nursing professionals in correctly assessing critical condition of patients
MSC A critical analysis of techniques to reduce fatal nursing mistakes by nursing professionals in critical care wards in UK
MSC A novel technique to predict ratio between patient to critical care nursing staff, in order to predict demand of critical care nurses over the next decade
MSC Evaluating effectiveness of stress management techniques taught in the training to critical care nursing professionals
MSC An analysis of staffing procedures deployed by hospitals in UK for allotting nursing professionals in critical ward
MSC A study on the effectiveness of Ropan Tierney model in taking care of psychiatric patients by nursing professionals
MSC A critical analysis of difference of critical care training provided to nursing professionals in under developed VS developed countries
MSC Exploring the effect of racial bias in the satisfaction of patients in critical care wards
MSC A study on the change in critical care protocols and training for nursing professionals over the years 2000 to 2020

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    Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Ideas You Needed All Along

    For those of you who want to get their own unique topics, worry not, because we also have splendid nursing dissertation ideas that you can use for finding the perfect nursing dissertation topics that suits you the best.

    MSC Identifying the main causes of stress and mental fatigue for nursing professionals in critical care units and how can it be treated
    MSC The role of nursing professionals in providing palliative care to patients suffering from chronic diseases
    MSC Analysis of patient wound management analysis taught to nursing professionals in protecting and taking care of large wounds from getting infected
    MSC A study on effectiveness of nutritional care adequacy of critical care nursing staff to ill patients
    MSC Analysis of the training provided to nursing professionals in critical care wards in dealing with sensitive procedures e.g. inserting catheters or shifting patient on ventilators
    MSC Analysis of critical care efficiency in comparison of rural VS urban areas of UK
    MSC The importance of nursing professionals in providing moral and psychological support to patients after experiencing trauma
    MSC Effectiveness of pain assessment by critical care nursing professionals of patients suffering from chronic illnesses
    MSC Analysis of decision making capabilities of nursing professionals in critical care cardiac units

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    Some tips to find the best topic for yourself are:
    i. Topic should be relevant to your field
    ii. It should coincide with your interest
    iii. It should fill existing literature gap
    iv. It should effectively contribute to the field as whole

    There is no hard and fast rule for the length of a dissertation. Although there is a general
    rule that it should be between 100 -300 pages and ranging from 10000 to 80000 word limit.
    But it should adequately cover all the aspects and be complete.

    i. Introduction – 15%
    ii. Literature review – 15%
    iii. Methodology – 35%
    iv. Results and Discussion – 20%
    v. Conclusion – 15%

    1. Nursing dissertations usually follow APA referencing method.
      Other referencing methods are:
      i. MLA
      ii. Harvard
      iii. IEEE
      iv. CSE
      v. Chicago