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Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics For An Astounding Thesis

Date published May 15 2020 by Carolina James

digital marketing dissertation topics

Writing a digital marketing dissertation is not as easy as it seems. Tons of aspects need to be kept in mind if you want to produce a fantastic dissertation. Choosing a topic you can stick with is one of them. There are specific industry-based guidelines for choosing a digital marketing topic.

Table of Contents

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Select Your Topic Depth

Your digital marketing topic depends on the following depth criteria.

  • Your topic should have one dependent variable
  • It should have at least two independent variable
  • Your topic should be complete
  • Your topic should not be too vague

1.1 Research Objective

  • To evaluate the importance of the information provided on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.
  • To determine the actions of the customers after viewing the social media regarding a product or service.
  • To examine the elements which enforces the individual to follow the social media.
  • To understand the basis on which the consumers take decision.
  • To analyse the impact of the use of social media
  • To understand the impacts of trends going on in the social media.
  • To determine the reasons behind the turning away of consumers from traditional media sources (Newspapers, T.V).
  • Analysing the significance of social media in the customers decision making.

1.2 Research Aims

The aim of the current topic, Impact of Social Media on the Purchase Decision is about having the complete understanding of the significance that people give to the social media which effects their decision of buying. The aim is to highlight the forces which are present to impact the decision. This will also find out how the influence of social media provides access to a huge information.

2.1 Research Objectives

  • To determine the effects it causes on different types of users in context to skincare.
  • To relate skin care problems with the usage of skincare soaps.
  • Evaluating the excess use of skincare soaps and its effects on the skin.
  • To critically analyse the reasons which damage the skin.
  • To determine the extent to which the skin is compared with the use of skincare soaps.
  • To critically asses increasing number of usage of skincare soaps and measuring its effects on the skin.
  • To analyse the necessity of skincare soaps in relation to other beauty products.
  • To assess the importance related to the indulging of natural skincare beauty soaps.

2.2 Research Aims

            The provided topic is about how skincare soap affects its user’s skin in relation to other products. The aim is also to analyse why the usage of skincare soaps have been on the rise in the current years. This study will highlight the causes due to which the skincare soaps effects the skin which will include the information related to the chemicals and the pH level of the skin. Moreover it will also explain the significance of the usage related to the natural soaps and other skincare products as well.

3.1 Research Objectives

  • Determining the reasons which can have effects on the Samsung mobile phone users.
  • To analyse the cost and price factor on the users of Samsung.
  • Analysing the effects of Samsung mobile phone prices on its users buying decisions.
  • Critically assessing the importance of technological advancements leading the company to launch new phones.
  • To determine the importance of innovation in the context to the threat of substitute.
  • To analyse the rapid demand change of the customers regarding the model of the cell phone.
  • Critically assessing the Samsung user’s interest in buying a new cell phone.
  • To analysing the fact which can change the perspective of a loyal Samsung customer.

3.2 Research Aims

            The aim of the research is to critically asses the factors which can affect the decisions of the customers of Samsung related to the price, models and the technological advancements that takes place. Moreover, another aim is to persuade the factors which may lead the customers of Samsung to get attracted to the competitor’s strategy regarding the innovation in their products and the technological factors which can impact the decisions of these customers.

Select Your Topic Depth

If you don’t follow our industry guidelines, you will probably end up drafting incomplete topics for your dissertation. One can quickly notice that these digital marketing topics are too vague for research. If you are facing this issue, our team of highly qualified digital marketing dissertation writers is more than happy to assist you.

List Of Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Generating digital marketing ideas before drafting your topics is a good start. This helps in creating a base for your brainstorming sessions. If you want to take a head start with your dissertation, you can always use our free digital marketing topics.

4.1 Research Objectives

  • To critically analyse the strategies that google use to enable technological advancements as per the demands of the online market.
  • To determine the digital tools that are used by google to cater the online customers of UK.
  • To assess the purchasing behaviours of the respective customers of the UK market.
  • Analyse the impact that google Ads have on the purchasing behaviour of the online customers.
  • Measuring the number of peoples interested in shopping online.
  • To assess the interest of customers in web searches regarding purchasing the products online.
  • To identify the digitalization factors that has changed the customer’s perspective of buying online.
  • To assess the techniques google uses to market the ads to the potential target audience.

4.2 Research Aims

            The aim of the research is regarding the change in the purchasing decisions of the customers buying products/services online. The main aim is to assess the digital strategies and tools that has changed the perspective of customers and heavily affected their purchase decisions. Similarly, assessing the behaviour of the customers in the United Kingdom market in context to the effectiveness of google ads.

5.1 Research Aims

            The aim of the research is to determine the effectiveness of the pop up ads in increasing the number of sales of a company. The basic element of the research is to analyse how digitalisation has led the marketers to adapt to new strategies like the pop up ads. Similarly, the saturation in the advertising strategies have led the marketers to adopt innovative and effective strategies. Moreover, the excessive pop up ads also molests the interest of the customer trying to buy online. The research will also aim to relate the importance of pop up ads in context to the SEO.

5.2 Research Objectives  

  • To analyse the effectiveness of the pop ads as the advertising strategies by the marketers.
  • To assess the interaction of the customers with the pop ads and the impact on their decision making.
  • To analyse the digitalisation techniques that have brought in convenience to the marketers.
  • Determining the websites where the most number of traffic is catered related to the pop up ads.
  • Critically analysing the effects of excessive ads shown on the websites.
  • Analysing the decisions of different customers related to the ads catered to the wrong target audience.
  • To analyse the role of SEO in relation to the pop up ads.

6.1 Research Aims

            The aim of the current topic related to the importance of demographic analysis for identifying target audience will provide critical evaluation of different elements relating to age, race, gender, ethnicity, education and the background of the customer. These factors will focus on providing an analysis to the company in increasing their sales, as targeting the potential audience is the main objective of every company. Similarly, the psychographic needs will be assessed which is based on the customers value for some products, services, relative interest and the social demands as well. Furthermore, the research will collectively asses the buying behaviour which is a combination of the demographic and psychographic needs.  

6.2 Research Objectives

  • To analyse the demographic factors that can benefit the company to market the potential target audience.
  • Analyse the factors due to which the demographic needs are essential to cater the needs of the organization.
  • Assessing the psychographic characteristics of the target market making the organization’s goals and objectives more effective.
  • To determine how does catering to the audience in contrast to the psychographic and the demographic needs may help the organization to improve its sales.

7.1 Research Aims

            The research has a strong aim to portray the needs of pop up ads in contrast to the effects they have on the revenue streams or the profitability. The research also aims to provide the importance of pop up in the digital era where most of the customers have moved towards online shopping due to the convenience factors which also involves cost and time. Similarly, it will identify the digital tools and techniques like the implementation of the Search engine optimization. It will also asses the issue that the excessive use of pop up ads by company can also create a negative impact on the revenue streams.

7.2 Research Objectives

  • To provide the relative importance of pop up ads in regard to the profitability of the firm.
  • To analyse the effectiveness of pop up ads which is shown to a mass audience.
  • To determine the impact of SEO as a digital marketing tool to make the pop up ads effective.
  • To critically asses the negative impacts of excessive pop up ads shown to the online audience.

8.1 Research Aims    

The purpose of this research is to conduct a thorough investigation the role of web design language in enhancing the conversion rates respectively. The investigation will be focused on the research and development department, sales and marketing, that will be concerning itself with the suppliers. The other focus of attention will be based on the consumer perspective and will be focusing on the amount of investment that will be allocated in decision making that is pertaining towards technology and its respective context.

            The decision to identify these respective functions is to develop a cohesive understanding the role of web design language in the mentioned elements i.e. suppliers and consumers and the new offerings that have to be developed that links the research and development department as well as the sales and marketing departments respectively. Moreover, after developing an understanding of the role of web designing language in these activities distinctively and one of the goals is to develop an understanding as to how these mentioned departments coordinate in creating value for the respective consumer base and how these bridge the gap in the supplier as well as consumer context respectively.

8.2 Research Objectives

  • To determine the web designing language is perceived along with used in the suppliers’ new product as well as the product’s development procedure.
  • To analyse the web designing language is perceived as well as utilized in the supplier’s sales and marketing activities.
  • To critically assess the role of web designing language in its consumer’s technology investment decisions
  • To identify the possible factors in the web designing language that are considered as important in the procedure as well as the usage in specific products
  • To critically evaluate the role of web designing language in increasing the conversion rates.

9.1 Research Aims

            The topic aims to provide assistance to the users relating to the colour psychology which will focus on the call to action to access the websites. The research will provide how does psychology plays a role in appealing the customers through colours of the website. The topic, how colour psychology can increase the visibility of your CTA on the web is a contrasting topic which is directly related to the interest of the marketer as the psychological trait to increase the number of users accessing the website. The visibility of the web attracts the user in different ways, this research aims to provide the importance related to the colours of Web.

9.2 Research Objectives

  • To provide with the significance of the colours used in different websites in relation to the psychological traits.
  • To identify and understand those colours (including their psychological trait) that incite impulsive buying behaviour of customers on websites.
  • To identify the types of emotions and feelings that customer experience while looking at different coloured images or text on websites.

Aims and objectives of the study

Following are the aims and objectives of the study. The effects of positive impact has changed the focus of the e-commerce website. Covid-19 has changed the business perspective and changing the dynamic of the corporate sector (Shahzad et al., 2020). Each business owners have been impacted, however, there are various companies operating online that have shaped their businesses towards success (Di Fatta, Patton, and Viglia, 2018). The online website has increased their sales revenue as the focus toward online shopping has increased. The positive effects on the performance of E-commerce website can be analyzed through the following objectives.

Aim of the study 

“To analyze the positive effects of Covid-19 on the performance of E-commerce website”.

Objectives of the study

Following are list of objectives.

  • To understand the changing business trends that are brought up by the global pandemic Covid-19.
  • To analyze the changes in the purchasing habits of consumers and shift toward online e-commerce and platform due to Covid-19.
  • To examine the importance of the E-commerce websites and Covid-19 impact on e-commerce usage.

To evaluate the business change brought up by lockdown and the customer’s focus towards online purchasing patterns.

Aims and objectives of the study

The minor changes have a significant amount of impact over the customer conversion rates. Customers are now impacted hugely by the website effects and how the minor changes affect in terms of converting or attracting customer towards brands or website. Many minor changes can been done and has been done by the companies over the past years (Khraim, 2015). Constant changes of innovation lead the company towards the development of increasing online traffic on websites.

Aim of the study

“To analyze the minor changes on the website affect customer conversion rates”

Objectives of the study

Following are the objectives

  • To determine the portion of the website’s visitors impacted by the minor changes that are done by the companies.
  • To understand the importance of minor changes that can lead to the consumer behavior towards the purchases.
  • To measure the number of consumers that are positively impacted by the minor changes on the website.
  • To analyze factors that can be included in designing of the website and to facilitate minor changes to engage with the customers effectively.

Aims and objectives of the study

The importance of web copy has increased in the past decades. More companies are opting toward the development of effective content with regards to the SEO of E-commerce websites. More websites are striving to develop effective content that are more enticing towards customers and mass customers could generate effective perception towards the development of the business (Freytag, and Clarke, 2001). With the advent of technology and turning focus towards online community, more businesses are now creating effective Web copy in order to enhance their websites and making it easier for the E-commerce websites . 

Aim of the study

“To evaluate the impact of the web copy associated with SEO of E-commerce websites”.

Objectives of the study

Following are the objectives of the study.

  • To provide an overview of the development, components and benefits of SEO for the e-commerce channels.
  • To determine how SEO could be effectively utilized for the E-marketing purpose.
  • To identify the importance of web copy and how it could be used to promote the E-commerce website or online channels.
  • Define the approaches to make website more visible to the mass public through advertising space on google AdWords, charge per click, and pay-per click marketing methods.

Aims and objectives of the study

The market segmentation process is not new. However, it is common and widely used among global companies operating. The online business has also utilized the concept of market segmentation that effects their sales flow. As each online platform are targeting customers and strive to develop high market share in order to increase business (Maina, 2015). The main aim to develop effective marketing and suitability can be done through market segmentation process in which each customer could be targeted through creative and stable actions.

Aim of the study   

“To evaluate the importance of market segmentation for online business in order to increase cash flow”.

Objectives of the study

Following are the objectives of the study.

  • To determine the market segmentation strategies that are opted by the online businesses.
  • To evaluate the impact of market segmentation for online business and how it effects cash flow of the business.
  • To understand the dynamic interaction segmentation and how it affects the business cash flow and financial position.
  • To discuss the implications of market segmentation for online business and how it can influence the business environment.

Aims and objectives of the study

Online purchasing has got more attention by the consumers due to the various factors such as Covid-19 that has impacted the consumer buying behavior. Moreover, the shift that has changed the dynamics of the consumer purchase intentions. As more people are now opting towards the making a purchase online, which is more easy and feasible for the public now a days. Many people are now shifting their buying habits more towards online rather than physical shopping (Javed, 2013). Likewise, brands are now focusing to develop or maintain effective strategies that can be used to develop effective online positioning of their products in order to stimulate the interest of mass public towards online buying.

Aim of the study

“To determine the critical factors that consumers keep in mind when making online purchase at UK”.

Objectives of the study

Following are the objectives of the study.

  • To understand the concept of the consumer buying behavior and how it effects by the online brands.
  • To determine the critical factors impacting the consumers when making a purchase online at UK.
  • To analyze the strategies that are shaped by the brands in understanding the factors effecting consumers while making online purchases.
  • Defining the conceptualization and understanding in promoting the online sales to promote the experience of online purchases.

Aims and objectives of the study

The Customer relationship management is the core focus of the companies and management of an organizations are striving to develop effective digital marketing. The difference between consumers and customers are very critical to understand and to understand the factors that varies between consumers and customers (Liu et al., 2020). The difference between customers and consumers are very important to prepare or develop digital marketing strategies in order to evaluate customer relationship management. A significant difference in the customers and consumers can be determined as on many circumstances customers are purchasing for the consumers. However, those people are not consumers.   

Aims of the study

“Investigate the difference between consumers and customers in relationship to digital marketing at UK”.

Objectives of study

Following are the objectives of the study.

  • To understand the factors that are contributing towards differences between consumers and customers.
  • To inspect the tactics that were used by the organizations that can be used to attract a both customers and consumers separately.
  • To determine the process of communicating, creating, delivering messages to customers and consumers.

Aims and objectives of the study

The psychological triggers in influencing consumer purchases for e-commerce stores are considered as of vital importance in generating high sales. Companies are now opting to develop effective strategies that are impacting the consumer buying behavior. Various changes in the behavior of people or customers can be observed that impacts adversely to the company strategic position (Liu et al., 2020). The main aim of the firm is to develop high traffic both online and offline through developing high sales. Moreover, developing high sales through impacting the minds of people is not uncommon.

Aim of the study  

“To investigate the psychological triggers in influencing consumer purchases for E-commerce stores”.

Objectives of the study

Following are the objectives of the study.  

  • Critically analyzing the factors of psychological triggers impacting the consumer purchases.
  • Defining strategies that are opted by the E-commerce stores in evaluating the consumer buying behavior.
  • Identifying consumer’s psychological triggers that are vital to control in positively impacting the consumer purchase intentions.
  • Defining key marketing tools to analyze consumer buying behavior for e-commerce stores.

Aims and objectives of the study

The online consumer psychology and its role in digital marketing has gained relatively high importance. From the past few years, the role of online psychological position and its role in determining the strategies for brands are of great importance. The influence of digital marketing has increased and perception of consumers have gained high importance in enhancing consumer relationship with brands (Alghizzawi, 2019). Moreover, understanding the consumer psychology regarding the products or service assist consumers to enhance perception of consumers. However, incorporating digital marketing strategies with respect to the consumer psychology is very critical to outline marketing tactics.

Aim of study     

“To analyze online consumer psychology and its role in digital marketing”.

Objectives of the study

Following are the objectives.

  • To understand the factors that are impacting the online consumer psychology.
  • To analyze the role of digital marketing and how it impacts the psychological position of the consumers.
  • To define the role of digital marketing and how it must be shaped in order to influence consumer psychological position to determine the purchase intentions.

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