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Best Dissertation Ideas and Thesis Topics

Date published June 12 2020 by Evie Tyler

best dissertation ideas and thesis topics

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“I am quitting. I’ll have to start all over again”.

These were the words I heard my colleague say that shook me down to the core.

I still remember, many years back, the first time I met my colleague at the PhD research fellowship orientation. We were part of a handful of people that had received research fellowship in the prestigious university. And my colleague was the brightest one of all.

You must be thinking that if he was such a bright person, then what made him quit after so many years?

Tired Girl

Poor choice of dissertation topics.

Yes, something as simple as having bad dissertation topics ideas can put your career and years’ worth of hard work in danger. It made me realize how lucky I was to have someone guide me in the initial phase of my dissertation topic selection. And the extra time and effort I put had not gone in vain.

In higher degrees, dissertation is something that can take years to complete. Therefore, a small wrong step at the beginning of your dissertation can result in you losing years’ worth of precious time and hard work. And there are many people out there who make the same mistake.


So that none of you face the same problem that my colleague faced. I have decided to compile a list of the top thesis topic ideas and dissertation topics ideas that you can use and save yourself the pain of abandoning years’ worth of research.

So, without any further ado, lets look at the best topics for your dissertation.

Law covers a vast area that you can explore. For example

  1. How has non-state actors effected criminal law around the world?
  2. Racial and gender profiling of suspects in criminal justice system of the West.
  3. Laws placed by countries/states, to keep big corporates like Apple, Samsung, Amazon in check. 
  4. History of the most astonishing judicial interpretations of law in UK.
  5. Changes brought in law by countries after United Nation introduced Sustainability Development Goals.
  6. Critically analyse the socio-economic aftermath of any famous verdict of the world.

Dissertation Topics For MBA


MBA dissertations can be a bit tough, but luckily there are many areas in which you can focus e.g. marketing, finance, human resource etc. Some of the suggestions are:

  1. Comparison of workplace ethics between small and big businesses.
  2. How remote working is generally affecting the productivity of businesses?
  3. The change in consumer behaviour, post corona virus pandemic.
  4. The best business model to adapt to, amidst covid 19 pandemic, for best productivity.
  5. Has the world started its transition towards post-capitalism?
  6. Difference in consumerism between Generation X and the Millennials.

"The law was made for one thing alone, for the exploitation of those who don't understand it."

Bertolt Brecht, The Threepenny Opera

Computer science also provides a wide area and range of topics that you can cover for example:

  1. How quantum computing is changing the world?
  2. Plateauing of Moore’s law. Is the stagnancy of mankind near?
  3. How Open Web Architecture is improving to curb the influence of Dark Web online?
  4. Risk management softwares – the past, the present and the future.
  5. Development in cybersecurity and the new threats mankind is facing.
  6. Deep Neural networks – interpretability VS predictability.

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    "The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."

    William James

    Psychology is such a subject that you can actively contribute new and valuable studies in the field. They key idea is to first form a hypothesis and then with the help of dissertation prove that whether that hypothesis stands correct or not.

    1. Effects of social media on emotional and anxiety disorder in a teenager.
    2. The contribution of prefrontal cortex in making us human.
    3. Relation between episodic and emotional memory – a study.
    4. Meta science – myths and reality of sixth sense.
    5. How subconsciousness contributes to development of human brain?
    6. Effect of nature on happiness. 

    This is a subject that covers the most extensive time period of human race and much can be covered in it like

    1. Art through ages e.g.
    1. Ancient times (cave paintings)
    2. Middle ages
    3. The renaissance
    4. Post renaissance
    1. How artists and art are surviving in war-stricken countries.
    2. Art as tool of resistance against oppression.
    3. Relation ship between politics and literature in 18th century
    4. Comparison of art under capitalism and communism.
    5. Why dystopian art form is gaining recognition in the millennials? 


    These are the wide array of topics that I compiled for different subjects and genres. Hopefully, they will prove to be helpful for students who are aspiring to write a thesis or dissertation.

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    Author Bio

    Dr. Natalia stone is a Doctor of Education from Canterbury Christ Church University. She has 7 years of experience of being a social media expert and writing engaging blogs.

    Criterion for best topics are that

    • They should focus on a specific problem
    • The topic coincides with your interest 
    • Either the topic should be new, or it should bring a new aspect to an existing study
    • Make sure that there are ample of resources present that you can use for your research.
    1. An easy guide to choose a dissertation topic is

      • Instead of considering just one, come up with multiple topics.
      • Test the ideas to make sure there ample of resources available and you would not face any kind of hinderance in future.
      • Consider the pros and cons of each topic and narrow down, till you find the best one.