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The Best Engineering Dissertation Topics For A Winning Dissertation

Date published June 28 2020 by Evie Tyler

engineering dissertation topics

Many students struggle with writing their dissertations, but when it comes to engineering, it’s a whole another level. Because depending upon the program e.g. masters or PhD, your dissertation can take even years to complete. And it can be the defining factor whether you will pass or not.

Luckily, engineering being a such a vast field, gives you a wide array of free dissertation topics to choose from. Let us look at the best engineering dissertation topics for different fields of engineering; especially customized for you, by our professional UK based PhD writers.

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Take A Look In Our Treasury Of Outstanding List of Engineering Dissertation Ideas

  • Remarkable engineering dissertation topics for mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is a field that emphasis upon designing, analysing, manufacturing and maintaining mechanical systems. Good topics for this can be:

BA An analysis on efficiency of ultrasonic flowmeters in determining velocity of fluid in underground oil pipelines
MS Determining the precision of Nd:YAG laser in marking and cutting steel plates
PHD Determining the coefficient of static friction on a graphite sheet in a moving motor
PHD Analysis of surface degradation of chemically coated metals in high humidity cities
  • Brilliant engineering dissertation ideas for electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is the study of design and application of systems and devices that use electricity, electromagnetism or electronics. Some of the great topics are:

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    BS Enhancement of security framework of 5G networks using machine learning algorithms.
    MS Efficiency of an AI controlled feeder system in central powerplant
    MS Percentage increase in power saving efficiency, after using LDRs on highway streetlights
    PHD A novel approach for embedding biocompatible RFID tags in human beings
    • Best engineering dissertation topics for Civil engineering

    It is a discipline that is responsible for designing, construction and maintenance of both natural and manmade infrastructure. Phenomenal topics include:

    BS Evaluating the advantages of LCC (lightweight cellular concrete) over traditional concrete in restoration of heritage sites
    BS Analysing the efficiency of topmix permeable as a viable solution for urban flash floods
    MS Replacing woods with agricultural waste in manufacturing wooden material, as a way of reducing deforestation
    PHD Analysing different materials for formulation of earth quack proof buildings for cities near tectonic plates e.g. Tokyo
    • Astounding engineering dissertation ideas for software engineering

    Software engineering is a branch of computer science that deals with development of softwares. Viable topics are:

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    BS Determining critical design principles for successfully developing applications for internet of things
    MS Analysing potential security risks in cloud computing that a normal person living in UK can face
    PHD The contribution of linear algebra in development of face recognition algorithms
    PHD Use of support vector machines for behavioural analysis of mentally challenged patients

    Finding the right topic may seem easy but can really be a complex and tiring process. You definitely need expertise of our team’s highly qualified writers, to produce the best, up-to-date, and relevant topics for you.

    A great question, and the answer is yes.

    There is a general misconception that good engineering dissertation topics can only be experimental in nature. But on the contrary they can be both

    • Experimental
    • As well as theoretical

    Although there are a few differences e.g. for theoretical dissertation a lot more literature review is required.


    Only our industry expert writers have the knowledge and understanding of writing different types of dissertation.

    There are number of ways you can formulate a strong topic. Things you need to take care about are:

    • It should be focused on a particular problem
    • The topic should be researchable
    • It should be relevant to your field
    • It should be unique enough to fill in an existing gap

    Being considerate of even the smallest details is what make our writers industry leaders and better than the rest.

    There can be 3 main types of research topics


    1. Descriptive research topics:

    These topics usually start with “How”, “What”, “When”, “Who” etc.

    1. Comparative research topics:

    These topics analyse differences between two or more groups.

    • Causal research topics:

    These topics are used when we need to find causal relationship between 2 or more variables.


    Only our writers know these subtle differences and can execute your dissertation with great perfection.

    There are number of academic search engines and databases you can find online that will give you access to the best resources for free. The list of these are:


    We have a plethora of resources similar to these, that can make your dissertation truly stand out from the rest. So, what are you waiting for?