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Family Law Dissertation Topics, Ideas & Examples


Family law dissertation topics are a sub-set of UK law. It is more like a small category in the overall subject of your study. Therefore, coming up with a topic for a specific subject is difficult for many students. This is due to a lack of experience in the field. If you are looking to avoid a defense meeting with the committee for your dissertation, then you need our professional help. 

Table of Contents

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Best Family Law Dissertation Topics 2020

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    The domestic violence is elemental basis of the disrupted mental health issues, that the house wives suffers with, as elaborated by the resultant ratios of increasing research. The aim of this research study is to evaluate the findings and the deliberated ratios of the increasing rate of psychological problems and mental health instabilities, with the support of evidence based practice studies. The goal of the study is to focus on the current researches that elaborates the consequences of the domestic violence on a woman/ house wife, which in turn will be a substantial cause of destroyed mental health of a woman. The focus will also be made on the troubles that are encountered by the family to maintain a wellbeing and stable environment.

    Research Objective

          The objectives of this research study are stated as under:

    1. To investigate the adverse impacts of the Domestic violence on the mental health.
    2. To assess the laws against the domestic violence.
    3. Determination of the mental issues that commonly occur due to the domestic violence.
    4. How is the family and house environment effected.
    5. Interventions to control domestic violence.


          The domestic violence being the greatest concern of the society, is currently referred as the scorching crime according to the laws worldwide. The laws of the relative countries suggests charges on this regard, to control the growing rate of this crime. This exploratory research aims to investigate the impacts and effectiveness of the laws and orders against the domestic violence, emphasizing upon the extent of punishment govern by the authorities. The research is founded to assess the declining rate of domestic violence in association with the strict punishments imposed by government. The focus will also be made on the possibility of elimination of this serious crime.

    Research objectives

          The objectives of this exploratory analysis are debated as follows:

    1. To assess the role and rules of the government concerning sectors and the law ordering authorities against the domestic violence.
    2. To investigate the persistent ratio of domestic violence in the Asian countries.
    3. Comparison of the laws and orders against the contrasting crime among Asian countries and UK.
    4. Effects of the strict actions and punishments of governmental policies against the violence.
    5. Rate of elimination of the domestic violence in association with the punishments or charges suggested by the law enforcing agencies and government.

    This qualitative analysis aims to explore the efficiency rate of divorce law, enforced by the law governing body of UK, in growing or subsiding number of the divorces in the state. The main focus of the research is to evaluate the gender sensitivity issues regarding the divorces and issues in marriages. The goal of the study will appraise the audacity of the divorce laws implemented by UK that will create a sense of equal errand both genders.

    Research Objectives

          According to the aim stated above, the research objectives of the study are given below:

    1. To identify the existing laws of UK in relation to the divorces and the rights of a husband and wife according to the concern situation.
    2. Exploration of the effectiveness of divorce laws.
    3. How is the divorce impactful on the terms of family and mental health of the associated partners?
    4. In what ways are the laws of the UK government favorable for creating the sense of equality among both the genders?
    5. Impacts of the laws in the reducing or enhancing the rate of divorces in UK.

    In accordance with the anti-social behavior acts and crime policies of UK, the trend of forced marriages is strictly against the law and prohibited in all reputes. The aim of this study is to evaluate the deportments offered by the laws of UK on the trend of forced marriages. The goals of the research is to estimate the attitude and behavior of the jurisdictional system towards the trend of forced marriages in United Kingdom. This main focus of the study will also help in the investigation of social and psychological association and reactions on the regard.

    Research Objectives

                 The objectives of the study are given below:

    1. To assess the prevalence of the rate of forced marriages trend in the UK population.
    2. Estimation of the adverse effects of forced marriages on the people of UK.
    3. To develop an understanding about the laws and policies against the forced nuptials inclination.
    4. Description of the judicial system favoring the policies against forced marriages.
    5. How is the forcefully implemented marriages perceived in the UK society, and why is this considered as the crime?
    6. Interventions taken by the government to reduce the consistency of the crime.


    This Thematic analysis aims to evaluate the laws concerning the distribution of wealth among the children in UK. The goal of this research is to analyze the laws in contrast to the distribution of wealth of the parents to their step children and the biological children. The focus will be made on the elaboration of the authority of step children and biological children on the wealth of parents, defining the ratios and percentage of the wealth that is to be allotted to them in by the government in this regards.

    Research Objectives

                The objectives of this research study are stated as under:

    1. To assess the laws associated to the wealth distribution of the parents among their children either biological or step.
    2. The investigation of the rules of distribution of the affluence between the children.
    3. To determine the estimated percentage of the rights of step children on the belongings of the parents.
    4. To investigate the difference in the rights of the biological children and step children.
    5. Influences of the legislatives to avoid the conflicts.

    The collective comparative analysis is design to evaluate the reservation of the rights of children in United Kingdom. The aim of the study is to analyze the recurrence of the rights of the children and their perspective implementation in different states of the United Kingdom. The focus is to elaborately explain the essentiality of the protection of the children in all regards and at the same time providing them with their concern freedoms. The authorities providing protection services will be keenly observed and determined in the study.

    Research Objectives

                Following the aims stated above, the research objectives are stated as under:

    1. To evaluate the basic rights of the children that are allocated by various states in UK.
    2. Understanding of the necessity of the rights of Children.
    3. To estimate the aspects of the right of protection provided by the government and concerned authorities.
    4. To assess the importance of the right of protection.
    5. Evaluation of the innovations in the policies of the government of state in the provision of the right of protection to the children.


    The pandemic of Covid-19 brought a drastic change in the way of living and social interactions among people. This pandemic in turn have affected the relationship statuses and married life of the people, implementing the adverse impacts on them. Complementing the contrast, the aim of this systematic research study is to estimate the negative impacts of the Covid-19 on the families and living of the society. The relative goal of the study is focused on the rate of domestic violence between the partners or on the children from any of their parent, due to the pandemic situation and intense isolation of the population in their houses.

    Research Objectives

                The objectives of this study are stated as under:

    1. Development of the understanding of individual regarding the types of domestic violence and abuses that prevail in different family class.
    2. To assess the knowledge about the Covid-19 virus and its adverse impacts on the living standards of people.
    3. To investigate the rate of domestic violence that may be enhanced in the times of social isolation.
    4. Prevalence of the mental instabilities that occur in people due to isolation.
    5. To estimate the effects of mental instabilities and their role in increasing the rate of domestic abuse in the family.
    6. Possible interventions to control the situation.

    The Child labor is the common practicing crime in most of the societies of United Kingdom. The crime was previously overlooked and ignored, but for instance according to the studies, the government has now started taking strict actions against the child labor. The aim of this research study is to evaluate the rate of prevalence of Child labor in the states of United Kingdom, focusing on the merits and Demerits of this practice. The goal is to focus on the laws and policies of the authorities and the governmental bodies, playing the vital role in eliminating and contradicting the child labor practices.

    Research Objectives

                The domain of the research study helped in structuring the objectives that are given below:

    1. To evaluate the ratios and rate of Child labor that exists in the United Kingdom.
    2. To investigate the policies and authorities that are working against the system of child labor.
    3. Impacts of child labor on the health and mental capability of the children, and their negative effects on the growth of society and its reputation.
    4. To evaluate the role of government and laws in controlling the practice.
    5. Determination of the effectiveness of laws and guidelines against the child labor.


    The aim of this current research is to analyse broadly at the common determinants as recognized in the existing literature. The study also aims to more specifically describe the relative effect that laws might serve in the adjustment of child to their relocation. The aim of this research is also to investigate the link among the child relocation and its effect on the minds of teenager in the context of academic, behaviour and emotional conduct and overall functioning of the teenager. In order to address the aims of this research following are objectives formed for this study:


    • To analyse the impact of child relocation on their minds in the context of academic, behaviour and emotional conduct and overall functioning of the teenager.
    • To explore the effect of individual element of resilience on the child adjustment of relocation.
    • To identify the role of laws and regulations on child relocation in the context of the UK.
    • To recommend some policies and strategies to the policy-makers to deal with the issues related to child relocation.


    Since there are no evident studies in the field of shared real estate ordinance, the study aims to contribute in the existing literature by understanding the concept of shared real estate ordinance and by exploring the ways by which tenants take benefits of these laws that are in the favour of tenants.  The research covers the general overview of the real estate business and evaluates the socio-economic timeline of the real estate experts. Moreover, efficiency of promotional techniques applied by the real estate professionals, challenges and opportunities experienced by these experts and results and recommendations of the current research. In order to address the aims of this research following are objectives formed for this study.


    • To understand the concept of real estate business and shared real estate ordinance.
    • To represent the socio-economic timeline of real estate experts.
    • To explore the ways by which tenants take benefits of these laws that are in the favour of tenants.
    • To evaluate the efficiency of promotional techniques applied by the real estate professionals.
    • To identify the challenges and opportunities experienced by these experts.
    • To provide recommendations for the future development and interventions in overcoming the challenges faced by the real estate experts.


    The aim of this study is to investigate the motivations explored by the current study for the discussion on the cohabitation law reforms, the interconnection among the economic vulnerability and commitment and its overdue and redundant. The research also considers, provided current results of this study and other initiatives with the purpose at providing awareness related to the legal differences among various ways of cohabitation relations, and the conflicting and dual role of law reforms in forming controlled family structures. Whereas, both securing vulnerable members of the family outside and inside such family structures. Moreover, in the meantime, also providing socially acceptable principles of conflict resolution and avoidance in the highly personal circles. Another aim of this study is to explore the relevant approach to the laws of cohabitation. For that, the study will consider some of the possible challenges of taking marriage as a measure against which is to measure the remedies and rights at legal level in which the commission of law might or might not suggest be projected to unmarried/unregistered different as well as same gender cohabitants. In order to address the aims of this research following are objectives formed for this study.


    • To evaluate the heath and socio-economic traits of cohabitants as well as married people.
    • To identify the link among the economic vulnerability and commitment within the societal debates.
    • To explore some possible challenges of taking marriage as a measure against which is to measure the remedies and rights at legal level.
    • To provide recommendations to the policy and law makers to address the issues related to
    MA The impact of child abuse to be used as punishment to discipline children. How does the judicial system respond to this?
    MA Custody cases for divorced parents. Does the child have a right to say in this matter?
    MA The impact of poverty on the upbringing of children. What is the proceeding for such cases in the UK?
    Ph.D. Evaluation of mental abuse in families. How does UK law cater to such cases?
    Ph.D. The definition of an ideal family in legal terms. What are the quantifiables in UK law to evaluate an ideal family?
    Ph.D. The effectiveness of appealing for a divorce under the Matrimonial clause act. Is it gender-biased?

    Explore a Comprehensive List of Family Law Dissertation Ideas

    Before you start thinking about your topic, its best to brainstorm family law dissertation ideas with your group members. The ideas that you generate during this session would serve as the base for your dissertation topics. This will help guide your focus in a controlled behavior.

    BA Evaluate the effects of domestic violence on male victims in the UK.
    BA Discuss the negative impacts of domestic violence. Can imprisonment fix this issue?
    BA An evaluation of the UK law’s response to incest.
    MA The role of child labor laws in protecting young minds from extensive labor.
    MA The effectiveness of state intervention in child protection.
    Ph.D. The role of ensuring fairness in the financial division in divorce cases.
    Ph.D. An evaluation of the interest of resident parents and its effects on children in the UK.

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