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Finance Economics Dissertation Topics For A Flawless Dissertation

Date published June 28 2020 by Barbara Neil


Finding the right ideas and topics for your dissertation can be a really stressful and tiring task, if you do not know the right approach towards it. Something that should be taken very seriously because your degree depends on it.

Do not worry, because our PhD writers from top universities of UK know intimidating this task is and therefore have prepared a free list of phenomenal finance economics dissertation topics you can find online. So, without any further ado, let us look at some of the best finance economics dissertation ideas.

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Finance Economics Dissertation Ideas By Our PhD Professionals

BS Analysing how an investor’s reaction influence the development of markets in emerging economies of the world
BS A study on the housing market crash of US, what were the shortcomings of the past and how have they been rectified for the future?
MS An analysis of the role of social media accountability check in influencing the government’s fiscal policies in UK during corona virus pandemic
MS The positive effects of immigrants on the economic growth of European countries
MS A critical analysis of financial economy between developed and developing countries of Europe
PHD A study on the positive impacts of government-controlled inflation on the GDP of the country
PHD Small and medium sized enterprise VS corporate giants – which one is more stable and less prone to fluctuations in stock market. A study
PHD A study on how political uncertainty effected the asset prices in UK during Brexit movement
PHD Exploring the correlation between self-employment and GDP, a study on UK freelancing
PHD An analysis on the impact of international sporting events on the tourism development of a country. Case study on the aftereffects of the famous Rio Olympics

These topics are just a fraction of our abilities. Our top academic writers of UK are inclined to provide finance economics dissertation topics and finance economics dissertation ideas that suits you the best.

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    Other techniques you can use for finding data on your finance economics dissertation topics are:

    1. Textual analysis

    You can use policy document, authentic newspaper articles or authentic source providers for analysing the information that you need.

    1. Semiotic analysis

    Analysis in which different phenomenons are explored as signs i.e. how something is depicted in a population.

    • Secondary research

    Reading a lot of related literature and similar work done by other people in order to identify the relevant information that you can use.

    One thing you need to understand is that because your dissertation is related to finance and economics there are going to be a lot of table, graphs and charts that with a lot of intuitive information.


    Therefore, the best approach would be to not make it too information heavy, rather give a general overview:

    1. Start by restating the dissertation statement to re-establish the motive of the dissertation.
    2. Review all the key points on your dissertations where instead of re-writing your “Results” chapter, simply tell your reader the overall result and major intuitive information of the dissertation.
    • Explain adequately that why your work is relevant and correct. Establish its authenticity.
    1. End with what can be the future prospects of your research and how can it be carried forward.

    Our market professional writers have mastered the task of writing the perfect conclusion that leaves a positive mark on the reader.

    Some of the places from where you can easily find dissertation samples are:

    1. Online academic search engines

    Where you will not only find sample dissertations but also other resources like academic journals, articles, books, research papers, original dissertations etc.

    1. University database

    There are many universities that have open sourced their libraries and resources for the use of general public. You can even find university’s own publications on the database.

    • Our website

    Lastly, if you want you can also browse our sample resources by our best academic writers of UK that we have especially uploaded to assist students like you.

    No, all the dissertations follow a general formatting unless specifically specified by the advisor, department or university. The general rules for formatting are:

    1. Paper size = A4
    2. Font = Times New Roman
    • Font size = 10 – 12
    1. Line spacing = 1.5
    2. Margins = 3.5 cm from left (binding side), 2.5 cm from all other sides

    Our senior industry specialist writers are always mindful of these things, to ensure that you get nothing but the perfect.

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