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List of HRM Dissertation Topics For An Ingenious Dissertation

Date published July 31 2020 by Hector Shaw


Human resource management is the study of hiring, training, motivating, and developing relationships with labor laws. It encompasses the strategies that involve drafting payrolls and making sure that employee benefits are delivered on time. In simple words, your HRM dissertation topics would cater to the issues employee face and their solution in the light of labor laws. There are many ways to come up with a topic for your HRM dissertation, but the best method is to use our list of top HRM dissertation topics for help.

Table of Contents

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HRM Dissertation Topics That Will Serve Your Purpose!

Human resources is a complicated subject as it deals with abstract and practical knowledge. Being an HR professional requires you to be good with people as well as monitor their performance. Since this subject caters to many responsibilities, finding a compelling HRM dissertation topic is not an easy task. However, you can always leverage from our list of scholarly topics that will get you an A grade for sure!

  1. The importance of training and development in the growing organization of the UK.
  2. The role of Human resource officers in ensuring employee’s problems are adequately dealt within the UK.
  3. An investigation of human rights law in guiding the process flow for the HR department in an organization.
  4. A literature review study on the impacts of training and development of employees on the growth of the organization.
  5. The impact of soft skills training in building more robust employees for customer service business in the UK.
  6. The role of international training seminars in broadening the perspective of employees of small scale organization in the UK.
  7. The effects of poor selection by human resources on the performance of the organization in the UK.
  8. The effectiveness and importance of performance management by human resources to meet the organizational goals. An in-depth case study approach.
  9. An investigation of employee’s skill improvement through performance management in the multinational organization of the UK.
  10. The effects of bad stress on the performance of employees in a competitive working environment.
  11. The effectiveness of award based appreciation system over monetary prizes on the performance of employees in the organization.
  12. The effects of the efficient use of employee working hours on the sales performance of E-commerce businesses in the UK.
  13. A comparative study between same level employees with different wages. Is it fair?
  14. An explanation of a constructive comparison between public sector appraisal and private sector appraisal in the UK.

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    HRM Dissertation Ideas That Leave Your Instructor Awe-Struck!

    The foundation for every astonishing dissertation topic is an idea. If you begin with an HRM dissertation idea in your mind, you will automatically keep yourself in boundaries of creativity. Otherwise, there are chances that you might deviate from the topic. Ideation is a complicated process because you would need to brainstorm with industry leaders and professionals. If you want to avoid the hassle of chasing people around, you can use our list of HRM dissertation ideas to kick start your brain.

    1. Explain the processes of HR management and their impacts on employee branding in the UK.
    2. The role of video marketing in helping HR create a better market for company branding in the UK.
    3. The role of supportive HR in developing employees. How does it affect the revenue of the company
    4. The relationship between tangible benefits and intangible benefits. An approach from the perspective of HR officers.
    5. Human Resource Development as a primary object of business. How does it affect the business flow
    6. Safer working environments and their impacts on decreasing employee turnover rate.
    7. The optimized use of pressure tactics by the organizations. Should HR managers do pressure planning?
    8. The role of hiring and firing by managers before HR was introduced. A literature review study.
    9. The importance of setting up workplace rules. Should HR do this job as well?
    10. What is the role of 360 assessment in uplifting employee motivation?
    11. The importance of succession planning in high tier organization of the UK.
    12. A comparative study between hi potential employees and the average employee. Who is more likely to achieve success?
    13. The impacts of department switch in keeping the employee momentum high in the multinational organization of the UK.

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    Human resource management is the study of managing, appreciating, hiring, and training employees of an organization. The subject divides into many different categories as it advances further. However, the crux of Human resource management is to accept that humans are the most vital resource of any business. The study teaches multiple ways to leverage human capital and analyzing the performance of employees.

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    Your dissertation proposal is a request you make to the committee or your instructor to approve your topic. In this case, one should always send a finalized topic with ample literature review to support why this field of the topic needs research. However, it is always best to draft multiple dissertation proposals before finalizing. It helps to ensure that your ideas are a great match against the requirements laid down by your instructor.

    Latest HRM Dissertation Topics (2021-2022)

    1. Analysis of how human resource management is making a business portfolio easy to understand and evaluate.
    2. Evaluation of how Employee turnover impacts the efficient working of HR.
    3. Critically analyse the understanding of how HR is a building force for every successful Organization.
    4. How fun at workplace is affecting the workplace law and its enforcement.
    5. Systematic analysis on how effective working environment should be considered as a basic duty and task of an HR department.
    6. Explain the evaluation of HR management in the professional institutes of UK.
    7. Critically analyse how the video interview has been rapidly helping HR to save their time and efforts.
    8. Critically present the idea of employee branding among successful organisations of UK.
    9. Impact of Loyal customers on the planning of HR while hiring and firing.
    10. Critical analysis of the Human resource management of a firm to encourage and increase their brand recognition.