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International Business Topics

Date published January 09 2021 by Ella James


Table of Contents

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  • Assess the significance of Digital business during the pandemic
  • Identify the impact on country’s economy
  • Determine the future aspects


  • Identify the differences and conflicts between companies
  • Determine how regional differences have affected trade between countries
  • Critically evaluate the impact on overall strategies of multinationals


  • Analyze the effect of international business negotiations on cross border mergers.
  • Identify the level of competition between firms by comparing them.
  • Explore the aspect of global business negotiations in the case of mergers and acquisitions between two different companies of two different countries.


  • Identify and explain globalization and how it has caused strategies to change.
  • Impact of globalization on companies
  • Future strategies for companies to counter problems faced due to globalization


  • Identify the importance of retaining employees.
  • Importance of employee stress measurement.
  • This research will talk about the importance of employee stress measurement in order to implement change successfully.


  • Identify the patterns of business government relationships.
  • Evaluate the changes of policies in upgrading process of industries.
  • Determine the impact it has on emerging economies.


  • Impact of climate that poses challenges for business operations.
  • Evaluate the new strategies adopted by organizations to counter climate change.
  • Evaluate sustainability strategies embraced by these business organizations purposely to counter climate change risks.


  • Evaluate the impact of firm strategies and corporate performance on enterprise software market growth in emerging regions.
  • Identify the growth rates and potential for greater opportunity as infrastructures improve.


  • Identify the relationship between internationalization and performance.
  • Determine the performance measures that lead to profitability, organization growth and competitiveness.
  • Discussion about link between internationalization and longevity or survival of SMEs.


  • Analyze and study competitive advantage through innovation, seeking measurements that provide evidence of cause and effect.
  • Determine the impact of intellectual property rights on innovation.
  • Evaluate how firms can use patents for innovation measures.