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Investment Management Dissertation Topics for a Groundbreaking Dissertation

Date published August 19 2020 by Stella Carter

Investment Management Dissertation Topics

Choosing a good topic while writing your dissertation is the hardest part. If you don’t come up with great Investment Management dissertation topics then your dissertation won’t be great either.

If you are struggling to find some eye-catching Investment Management dissertation topics then don’t worry because here you can find a list of it and grab as many as you want for absolutely free of cost!

Table of Contents

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Investment Management Dissertation Ideas to Create the Best Custom Topics

Although we are giving a complete list of a variety of dissertation topics, we would like to give you some open-ended Investment Management dissertation ideas. These ideas will help you craft the best dissertation topics according to your instructions and guidelines.

Make sure whatever topic you craft using these Investment Management dissertation ideas is within the interests of your professors so it doesn’t get rejected or graded low. Make multiple topics from each idea and then create drafts on them to see if they are looking as good as you thought.

  • Accounts Review: The objective of this dissertation idea is to study and review the balance sheets and the cash flow of a selected organization or corporation or any other kind of business to predict the profitability of your investment. You can analyze the previously generated revenue of any globally-known corporation or business. You can survey and select a locally-known organization or business and analyze their accounts including their balance sheets and cash flow.
  • Financial Formulas: The aim of this dissertation idea is to study and analyze the financial cycle and survivability of a company, organization, or corporation of your choice to predict whether the company would remain profitable or not for the period your investment generates profit. By that, you can predict that, for how long that specific corporate or company will be operational and profiting and how much you need to invest in that corporate to have a good profit from it.

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    List of Investment Management Dissertation Topics

    Now it’s time for you to grab the most amazing Investment Management dissertation topics and ace your dissertation with amazing marks. Before you go and grab the topics make sure that whatever topic you select is within the interests of your professor, supervisor, and/or head of the department. Shortlist multiple topics, create drafts, and then select the best draft to start your research.

    Now we are presenting you with the best Investment Management dissertation topics for free!

    BBA The impact of ratio analysis on the evaluation of the performance of an organization in the United Kingdom.
    BBA A critical analysis of the balance sheet to evaluate the debts of an organization based in the United States of America.
    BBA An evaluation of the cash flow to determine per year earning of an organization to predict the survivability and profitability.
    BBA An in-depth review of the taxation filed by an organization in the United Kingdom to evaluate its earnings.
    BBA A case study of agency theory in practical usage of investment management of an organization in the United Kingdom.
    BBA The use of financial formulas to determine the profitability of an organization and the timeframe of investment turnover in the United Kingdom
    BBA A case study of the development and analysis of the effectiveness of an enterprise investment project in the United Kingdom
    MBA An analysis of the shipping finance in China. Provide options for investment in the shipping industry in China and the best methods to invest and why.
    MBA The analysis of a United Kingdom-based enterprise’s economic potential and the investment management structure to determine the survival and the profitability.
    MBA Case study of the management of investment risks during the application of an investment scheme in the United Kingdom
    Ph.D. The development of micro-financing and its effect on managing the investments in an organization based in the United Kingdom.
    Ph.D. An analysis of how AI and cryptocurrencies are going to change the investment management structure in organizations based in the United Kingdom
    Ph.D. The evaluation and study of investment attractiveness of an enterprise in the United Kingdom using financial formulas.
    Ph.D. A case study on the inventory management on the sales performance of an organization in the United Kingdom using the WACC formula.

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    The introduction chapter is very a important part of your dissertation as if your introduction chapter covers all the required aspects, the reader will be convinced to read your whole dissertation. There are some things that you should include in your dissertation’s introduction chapter to mesmerize the reader quickly.  You have to add a brief summary of your research in the introduction chapter.

    You also have to include what kind of impact your research can make on the current and future studies. Explain the core research question of your research, describe the scope of your research, and also mention the expected results.

    You should consult your professors or the head of the department to get an idea of the accurate requirements for your dissertation.

    There are 5 chapters in a dissertation. Every chapter is equally important but all of them require different efforts and word count balances. The weightage of each chapter is as follows.

    The introduction chapter weighs 15%. While the Literature review chapter weighs 30%, the Methodology chapter weighs 10%, the Data collection + Analysis chapter weighs 30% and the Interpretation & Recommendation chapter weighs 15%.

    A perfect balance of weight can grant you a good grade! So be careful while keeping things long or short in your dissertation!

    With determination and dedication, anything is possible! To write a dissertation within 2 weeks, you have to take certain measures such as, making schedules and creating a whole plan and work structure.

    Firstly, thoroughly do your research, compile all the notes, and relevant material before you start writing. After you are done with that, review all the material, create an outline, then make a draft and then keep improving the draft until it starts to look like the final piece to you. Start writing accordingly to the draft while dividing your time into different parts of writing your dissertation.

    In simplest words, you have to create a to-do list for your dissertation to finish your dissertation in a short timespan!

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