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Islamic Finance Dissertation Topics You Wanted All Along

Date published June 28 2020 by Jacob Miller


The first step towards acing any kind of dissertation is to come up with awe inspiring topics and ideas. But this is where most of the people fail miserably, which results in a bad overall dissertation.

Due to their decades of experience, our senior writers know that how common this problem is for students. Therefore, they have compiled a list of free custom islamic finance dissertation topics and islamic finance dissertation ideas to help you start your dissertation.

Table of Contents

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Islamic Finance Dissertation Ideas That Guarantees The Best Dissertation

BS An analysis of zakat as a tool for increasing GDP through microfinancing in Islamic countries
BS An analysis on the sustainability of Islamic banking in international trade. A study on Malaysian trade
BS A comparative survey between Murabaha and Ijara as best way of financing small businesses
MS A study of risk management framework of Islamic banking during corona virus pandemic
MS A study on the impact on Islamic finance on conventional capital markets of UK
PHD A study on the positive impacts of government-controlled inflation on the GDP of the country
MS A comparative analysis of financial rules for venture capital firms between Islamic and capitalist firms
PHD A novel approach for formulating interbank transactions mechanism between Islamic and conventional banks
PHD A deep analysis of the constraints in the application of business partnerships with Islamic banks
PHD Exploring the risks related to Murabaha financing and leasing for small and medium scaled businesses
PHD A qualitative study on how non-Muslim finance experts, employed in Islamic banks, compares the Islamic finance practices to conventional finance practices in UK

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    Some good sources for your Islamic finance dissertation topics and ideas are:

    1. Islamic Markets
    2. Global Journals
    • SSRN
    1. Clute Journals
    2. Google Scholar
    3. Science direct
    • Ibima
    • Core
    1. CCSE Net
    2. Your university’s library database

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    A good finance dissertation methodology includes you defining

    1. The idea behind your research. What you want to accomplish or prove with this dissertation?
    2. Perspective of your research. Whether it is qualitative or quantitative or mixed?
    • How you collected and analysed your data? Any special tool or software that you used for it and the reason for using them.
    1. Explain how you arrived at your results and the reason why your methods are reliable.
    2. Validity of the process you used and to what extend your research is applicable?
    3. Lastly acknowledge any limitations of your research and study. How can it be improved? And what aspiring researchers can do to continue your work forward?

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    There are various ways of how you can structure your dissertation. But the most famous and widely accepted one is:

    1. Abstract

    It is an overview and summary of your dissertation that sums up everything related to your dissertation from beginning to the end. But it is very concise and brief.

    1. Introduction

    An opening to your dissertation, a bit of information about your dissertation question and what you aim to prove with this.

    • Literature Review

    It is an overview of every research, related to your topic, that you went through. Noting what previous work has already been done related to it.

    1. Methodology

    Your approach to the dissertation, everything ranging from the method to used to the analytical tools.

    1. Results and Discussion

    This is where you state the findings of your research and establish their authenticity.

    1. Conclusion

    This is where you wrap up your research.


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    Citation style depends on

    1. The style your supervisor wants
    2. The one that your department follows
    • The one acceptable by your university
    1. The one that is a prerequisite for the journal you want to publish it for

    Some of the famous citation styles are:

    1. MLA

    For linguistic, English literature, religious studies and communication dissertations

    1. APA

    For business, psychology and nursing dissertations

    • Chicago

    For art, history and philosophy dissertations

    1. IEEE

    For engineering and computer science dissertations

    1. CSE

    For physics, chemistry and biology dissertations.

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