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List of Best IT Dissertation Topics and Ideas


Information Technology is a growing field that is set to achieve billions of dollars in revenue. With new graduates joining the industry every year, this field seems to hold its own in terms of employment. Students who plan to complete their degree programs in IT are required to submit a compelling IT dissertation topic. This not only leverages their academics but their professional life as well.

Table of Contents

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IT Dissertation Topics For Ecommerce Businesses

After the pandemic, businesses have started to realize their opportunity lies in online selling. This has given leverage to E-commerce business models. If you are planning to choose an IT dissertation topic from Ecommerce, then be quick. Many students would want to base their research on e-commerce business models to showcase their dissertations on their CV.

  1. The impact highly qualified IT department on the sales of Ecommerce websites.
  2. The role of IT in managing Amazon buyer accounts. An explanation of IT’s contribution.
  3. The impact of network failure on the motivation level of employees in the UK.
  4. An investigative study on IT professionals and how they facilitate the organization as a whole.
  5. The significance of holistic marketing and the role of IT in generating new clients.
  6. A critical analysis of the IT department in updating Amazon listing.
  7. How does IT contribute to generating massive revenue for businesses on eBay?
  8. A critical study of the differences between E-commerce and E-business models in the UK.
  9. A case study approach towards the role of IT in building customer trust on E-commerce websites.
  10. The importance of an SSL certificate for an eCommerce website. An in-depth analysis of whether customers see the certification before purchasing or not.

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    IT Dissertation Ideas On Digital Marketing

    Just like eCommerce, digital marketing has also seen its rise in the last few years. The major difference between both is selling on Amazon and selling on Google. Many organizations still prefer to sell on Google. So, your IT dissertation idea for digital marketing has a significant chance of going viral!

    1. A critical analysis of digital marketing role in boosting the revenue for omnichannel businesses In the UK.
    2. A comparative study between the eCommerce business model and digital marketing businesses. A case study that highlights crucial differences.
    3. The impacts of the dynamic nature of digital marketing on businesses that rely on it.
    4. A case study on why Google revises its SEO strategies. Is it to enhance searching engine technologies?
    5. An investigation on the usage of black hat SEO against white hat. Is it genuinely un-ethical to approach black hat strategies?
    6. A comparative study of conventional marketing and digital marketing. Which is more beneficial for FMCG products?
    7. The significance of a customer journey map in identifying the target audience for the business.
    8. A critical investigation on the role of social media in affecting the young generation of the UK.
    9. An analysis of revenue generated against the bounce rate that occurs because of pop up advertisements.
    10. The impact of new technology and software on the digital marketing of small scale businesses in the UK.

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    IT Dissertation Idea For Artificial Intelligence

    With the advent of new technologies like autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence is seeing a lot of new improvements. It still has time before it reaches its most perfect form. That is why there is plenty of opportunity in IT dissertation Idea for artificial intelligence. If you are planning to apply at Google, Microsoft, Apple, or any other tech giant company, we will urge you to base your dissertation on artificial intelligence.

    1. A critical analysis of artificial intelligence and world domination. A myth-busting approach.
    2. The impact of autonomous vehicles on the trust level of passengers.
    3. The role of IT in facilitating medication formulas for Covi19. A case study approach.
    4. The importance of artificial intelligence advancement in developing human nature.
    5. Artificial intelligence a friend or a foe. An in-depth analysis of employment opportunities, in contrast with AI-driven robots.
    6. An investigation of the threats posed by the development of artificial intelligence technology.
    7. A study of creating artificially intelligent robots in comparison to religious views in the UK.
    8. An evaluation of the future role of artificial intelligence in facilitating SEO of dynamic websites.
    9. A critical investigation of the development of artificial intelligence and threats to human privacy in the UK.
    10. An evaluation of the differences between artificial intelligence and business intelligence in the UK.

    Custom IT Dissertation Topics

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    Information technology is a vast field that encompasses many subdomains. All its subcategory subjects have their own worth in the market. The major sub-domains of IT are Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, and eCommerce. These three subcategories generate the highest revenue for IT with lots of employment and business opportunities.

    AI is a growing field that is searching for credible and authentic research. A compelling dissertation on artificial intelligence will not only secure your academics but can also be used in further studies. Currently, there aren’t many subjects that are open to new contributions like AI. So, writing your dissertation on AI can prove to be very fruitful.

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