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Logistics Dissertation Topics For Prompt Approval

Date published June 27 2020 by Barbara Neil


Logistics is the function that deals with moving of manufactured products from the production house to stores. This subject encompasses many subcategories. However, choosing a logistics dissertation topic is as confusing as the subject itself. Students often confuse logistics with procurement or even marketing. This is why their dissertation topics don’t get accepted.

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List of Free Logistics Dissertation Topics That Are Exciting

If you are one of those who think brainstorming a logistic dissertation topic is easy, you need to think again. Logistics is a subject that is very complicated and has minor details that need to be addressed while writing a dissertation. If you are looking for an A grade worthy dissertation, then our writers have created a list of unused topics for logistics dissertations.

BA The impact of cost-effective warehousing techniques on the sales flow of E-commerce stores in the UK.
BA The role of ERP in assisting logistics management and warehousing for FMCG products in the UK.
BS The effects of covid19 on the warehousing strategies for supermarkets in the UK.
BS The positive effects of covid19 in the decreased prices of warehousing facilities in the UK.
BBA The impact of reordering on the marketing and sales strategies of SMEs in the UK.
BBA The importance of logistics management in streamlining reorders for clothing brands in the UK.
BBA The effect of ABC analysis on the inventory management of multinational brands in the UK.
BBA The role of Economic order quantity in the financial performance of high scale businesses in the UK.
MBA The effect of packaging on the operations of fragrance exporters in the UK. What measures do brands take to protect their goods?
MBA The importance of logistics management in streamlining the financial positions of global businesses in the UK.
MBA The effect of procurement logistics on the sales of FMCG manufacturing companies in the UK.
MSC The effectiveness of customer service strategy on the supply chain management of eCommerce stores in the UK.
MSC The importance of brainstorming sessions among the logistics management department employees to support the supply chain department of the organizations in the UK.
Ph.D. The impact of 21st-century technology on the workflow of logistics management in the UK. How are companies adapting to change?
Ph.D An analysis of the differences between supply chain management and logistics of SME's in the UK.
Ph.D. The effects of information management on the supply chain and logistics of the automobile industry in the UK.

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    Best Logistics Dissertation Ideas For 2020

    Sometimes a complete dissertation topic is not enough. If the above-mentioned logistics dissertation topics are not satisfactory, our UK certified writers have a list of logistics dissertation ideas. The list of logistics dissertation ideas is unused, so hurry up before all the ideas are taken!

    BA How do companies in the UK cope with the trends and changes in supply chain and logistics?
    BA What are the critical differential factors between supply chain management and logistics?
    BS What is the impact of logistics management on the financial position of pharmaceutical companies in the UK?
    BS The effects of digitalization on the logistics of FMCG companies in the UK.
    BBA How do inventory management and logistics departments help each other?
    BBA The importance of IoT in the field of supply chain and logistics. How are freight forwarding companies utilizing this technology?
    BBA The importance of motion and temperature sensors in the trucking industry. A case study on DHL and its smart trucks.
    BBA How are the supply chain and logistics, reacting to online truck booking apps?
    MBA The role of procurement management in the construction sector of the UK.
    MBA What are the challenges related to the globalization of logistics and supply chain?
    MBA What are the opportunities concerning with globalization of logistics and supply chain?
    MSC A study on the evolution of supply chain and logistics in the 21st century.
    MSC The importance of barcode and RFID in logistics and supply chain workflow.
    Ph.D An evaluation of the role of logistics in business outsourcing
    Ph.D What are the barriers to implementing effective logistics strategies in the pharmaceutical companies of the UK?
    Ph.D What are the success factors for logistics management? A case study on logistics services providing companies in the UK.

    You can easily complete these ideas by adding one independent and two dependent variables. This will make your dissertation topic authentic and targeted at the same time.

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