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Luxury Brand Dissertation Topics For A World-Class Dissertation

Date published June 24 2020 by Hector Shaw

luxury brand dissertation topics

Writing a dissertation is a frustrating process, and the majority of students can relate to this. It can become infuriating if the domain is highly specific such as luxury brand dissertation topics. What many students fail to realize is that dissertations on targeted domains can be straightforward. Since the scope is highly targeted, these topics are easy to find if you have the required experience and insights into luxury brands.

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List Of Best Luxury Brand Dissertation Topics For 2020

Brainstorming for a luxury brand dissertation idea is an efficient start. However, sometimes students can’t convert an idea into a dissertation topic. Therefore, our esteemed writers have created a list of free luxury brand dissertation topics specific to your subject.

BA Effect of innovation on the brand's value. A case study on apple.
BA The impact of sales funnels on the revenue streams for high-end luxury brands in the UK. A case study on Rolls Royce.
BA Effects of covid19 on marketing strategies for luxury brands in the UK. A case study on Armani.
BBA The importance of free testers and their impact on the revenue stream of luxury brands. A case study on Sephora.
BBA The role of visually appealing graphics in influencing the purchase decisions of customers of the cell phone industry of the UK. An insight into Apple's marketing strategies.
BBA Impact of retail management on the order delivery of Luis Vuitton products in the UK. How does LV manage its inventory effectively?
BBA Role of better brand experience in fighting against counterfeit products. A comparison between Chanel and Luis Vuitton.
MBA The impacts of covid19 economic crises on the marketing and sales strategies for luxury automobile brands in the UK. An insight into the future of luxury automobile prices.
MBA A Comparison between luxury design innovation and conventional innovations. How do brands make a profit out of luxury designs?
MBA The impact of 4 P's on the buyer personas of the high-end bag manufacturing businesses in the UK. A case study comparison between Dolce and Gabbana and Chanel.
MBA A comparison between the web designs of luxury brands and traditional brands in the UK.
MBA The effect of celebrity endorsement on the brand image of the fragrance industry of the UK.
MSC The impact of subliminal marketing techniques on the consumers of luxury brands in the UK. A thorough analysis of Apple's marketing strategies.
MSC The effects of luxury brand marketing techniques on generating unbreakable brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. How do such brands keep loyal customers?
Msc The role of social media marketing in influencing customer purchase decisions. A case study on Nike.
Ph.D. The relationship between brand equity in increasing prices and altering consumer behavior.
Ph.D. The impact of after-sale services in generating better customer value for the luxury automobile industry of the UK.
Ph.D. The study of customer relationships in building loyal customers for luxury banks. A case study on the Swiss Bank and how it manages its customers.
Ph.D. Impact of guerrilla marketing tactics on the overall brand image of high-end brands. A case study of Sony.
Ph.D. The impact of privacy and data security in changing consumer preferences in the UK. An insight into Apple's data security promise.
Ph.D. The effect of conventional marketing techniques on the brand value on high-end shoe manufacturers in the UK. A case study on Nike.
Ph.D. The role of attractive advertisements on the purchase decision of consumers for luxury restaurants in the UK.
Ph.D. A comparison of billboard ads with social media marketing on the brand recognition of high-end brands in the UK. A study on the top 3 luxury restaurants in the UK.

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    Top Luxury Brand Dissertation Ideas For 2020

    These topics are an easy way out of your dissertation blues. By writing a dissertation proposal on these topics, you can get instant approval from your instructor.

    Your topic depends upon the idea you generated for it. The entirety of your dissertation depends on it. Coming up with a concrete luxury brand dissertation idea that would easily convert into a luxury brand dissertation topic is not as easy as it sounds. Keeping this in mind, our exquisite writers have created a list of top ideas for a luxury brand dissertation.

    BA How does brand reactivation contribute to building a stronger relationship with consumers in the UK?
    BA The impact of social marketing on the sales of global luxury restaurants in the UK.
    BSC How does the sleeper effect contribute to clearing the brand image of an organization in the marketing world?
    BSC The critical difference between conventional marketing and luxury brand marketing in the UK.
    BBA High-end marketing practices for small brands in the UK. Why don't small companies follow high-end brand marketing strategies?
    MBA How do 4 P's for marketing translate in the marketing strategies for luxury brands?
    MSC What is the role of the Freudians theory in the marketing world?
    Ph.D. The importance of color psychology in driving the purchase decision of luxury brand consumers. A case study on the baker miller pink and its effects.

    Get Custom Luxury Brand Dissertation Topics Now!

    There are many situations in your academic career where you have to go through several brands that you haven’t heard of before. From the smallest to the luxuries brands across boundaries. It is challenging to understand their branding techniques but not impossible for our marketing Ph.D. dissertation writers. With 8+ years of experience in dissertation writing and vast experience in both the different working domains, our writers can write on any topic.

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    A luxury brand dissertation is specific to very few companies that offer high priced products and cater to the luxury needs of their customers. This includes top brands like

    • Luis Vuitton
    • Dolce and Gabbana
    • Rolls Royce
    • Rolex
    • Armani
    • Chanel

    And many more. These brands have a unique marketing strategy that is not limited to conventional rules ad budget constraints. It is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of such brands to base your final dissertation on them. Our industry-leading specialists have ample experience of working in these brands and 4+ years of dissertation writing as well. However, we follow your instructions first and then add our industry insight to take your dissertation to perfection.

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