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MA English Literature Dissertation Topics Online To Help You Out!

Date published June 24 2020 by Evie Tyler

MA english literature dissertation topics

Choosing the best MA English literature dissertation topics might sound like an easy task to many until they do it by themselves. We understand all the struggles a student have to go through during the years at school, college and then university. To help some struggling students out, here is a list of free English literature dissertation topics and ideas for you!

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MA English Literature Dissertation Ideas to Craft Original Topics!

English literature is such a vast subject that the amount of MA English literature dissertation Ideas is infinite but here are some ideas that can help you craft original and unique dissertation topics!

  • Children's Literature:
  • It is ignored or overlooked a lot of times and you can take the advantage of it. You can study some certain book(s) and then discuss its effects on the development of child’s psychology and development. You can anything from graphic novels to comic books to story books.

  • Comparisons:
  • Doing comparisons itself is not a very unique idea but if you customize it to your liking, you can sweep the floor beneath everyone’s feet. You can compare authors and their publications and their effects or you can movies to the books they are based on and do a critical analysis on both of their effects on the reader/watcher.

  • Controversial Literature:
  • Everyone is impressed and touched by some topics that feel close to them. Find literature to your liking that takes all your interest as well as the reader’s. Such controversial topics can include racism, feminism, homophobia, transphobia and a lot more.

    These were a few MA English literature dissertation Ideas for you to craft an amazing dissertation topic!

    MA English Literature Thesis Topics That You Can Take For Free!

    A lot of services charge a huge amount of money just for topics, but we care about student struggles and want to ease their burdens. That’s why we are providing free MA English literature dissertation topics that anyone can use!

    MA The concept of LGBTQA+ characters in children’s books. How does it affect their psychological development?
    MA The impact of reading fantasy comic books on the development and thought process of children and adults. Compare and do in-depth analyses.
    MA Women empowerment in literature and its effects on the women in 17th century vs its effects on the 21st century. An analytical approach.
    MA Discuss the life of Diogenes the cynic and the philosophies he preached and practiced. Do an in-depth research and analysis if his ideologies are still valid or not.
    MA The influence of Holy Bible on the publications of Milton.

    Finding and selecting the best English literature MA dissertation topics is not an easy task for anyone. You can have a problem selecting a suitable topic from a list of amazing English literature MA dissertation topics if don’t have enough background knowledge.

    English literature is a very broad subject with an infinite amount of ideas you can get. If you are having troubles with selecting a dissertation topic, here is a free list of English literature MA dissertation topics that you can grab right now and start your dissertation.

    Get Free Customize Topics Now

      English Literature MA Dissertation Topics Are Here For Free!

      Here are a few English literature MA dissertation topics that you can use as they are or even modify them according to your preferences. Make sure that whatever topic you select, it should have enough research and study material present for you to easily conduct your research on the selected topic!

      MA How the issue of LGBT is catching every eye in literature? Throw some light on it.
      MA Function of literature to make a person good human by transforming him through literature texts.
      MA Compare an ancient text to modern in which literature is universal.
      MA What are the critical theories that could be applied while reading a text?
      MA Reflection of Issues prevalent in the society in major text of literature and their Importance.
      MA Representation of Women in ancient literature and its effect in modern age.
      MA Rustic writing in the 19th century: the creation of texts by using simple outlines.

      These are a few free English literature MA dissertation topics that can help you get good grades! If you like a topic but want to change something in it, you’re free to do so! So what are you waiting for? Get on it before someone takes them!

      English Literature MA Dissertation Ideas to Come Up With Your Own Topics!

      Even though our topics were authentic, if you feel like you need something even more customized and close to your interests. Don’t worry because we have got some out of the box ideas for you as well!

    • Graphic Novels:
    • If you loved comic books as kid then this can be a great idea for you. Analyze a comic book series or any other graphic novel or a specific character and research on its impact on literature and readers. This is a very interesting topic and can keep the readers hooked up to your research papers till the end.

    • Combine English literature with other subjects:
    • English literature has a vast amount of opportunities and you can play around according to your preferences. For example, if you are interested in psychology and English, you can discuss an author’s psychological effect on the readers’ minds. Eye-catching indeed!

    • Movies based on literature:
    • Everyone writes about literature, go out of the box. Write a dissertation comparing the movie and the novel/book it has been based on. Mark out the differences, similarities and their psychological and social impacts!

      As we conclude these brilliant English literature MA dissertation ideas, we want to advise you to always think out of the box and follow your heart while keeping the guidelines and instructions in your mind!

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      You have to keep a few things in mind while making a list of best MA English literature dissertation topics to select your final topic from such as:

      • Choose a topic that will capture the reader’s attention in the introduction.
      • Make sure that the topic you choose is relevant to the reader and current situations.
      • Your topic doesn’t have to be too broad or too specific, keep it within the balance.
      • Select a topic that has a lot of research material present so you don’t run out of research content in the middle of writing your dissertation.

      Yes, anyone can fail any dissertation but you don’t have to worry about it because you can always resubmit it. These are some reasons that your dissertation could get rejected or failed:

      • Late submissions can get your dissertation rejected. Make sure to start working on your dissertation as soon as possible and finish it within the deadline and submit the dissertation.
      • Plagiarism is a huge issue, make sure to check your dissertation for plagiarism using tools online such as TurnItIn and other similar tools to minimize the plagiarism in your dissertation.
      • Always proofread your dissertation multiple times before submitting to make sure that there are no grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes anywhere. You can either do it yourself or ask anyone else to do it for you.

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      sometimes even the best English literature MA dissertation ideas can get rejected by professors. You have keep some things in your mind while selecting your topic such as:

      • Keep the preference of your professor(s) and the readers in your mind while selecting your topic to avoid any inconvenience and potential rejections.
      • A good dissertation proposal is your key to the acceptance of your dissertation. Try to convince the reader(s) in your proposal that your dissertation will have a good impact.
      • Try to choose a topic which has a lot of research material available for you to study easily. But don’t make so basic that it’d look like an essay.
      • Never ever go towards plagiarism, it can have a very bad impact on your dissertation and can even get it rejected completely.

      Generally it takes around 12 to 18 months depending on a lot of factors such as:

      • Data collection can take a long time if your research topic is complicated or your research skills aren’t polished.
      • You can make a schedule and work accordingly to it with dedication to reach the finish on the decided time.

      You have to invest all your time and energy to finish your dissertation within the deadline because submitting a dissertation after the deadline passes can cause rejection as well.

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