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MA HRM Dissertation Topics For A Captivating Research Paper

Date published August 4 2020 by Barbara Neil


Deciding to pursue further education after your bachelor’s is a tough decision. With responsibilities piling up one after another, it is hard to make a fir academic move in your life. At Dissertation Proposal, we understand the needs of every student. Therefore, we have created a list of marvelous MA HRM dissertation topics that guarantee approval in the first try!

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MA HRM Dissertation Topics That Get Approved!

Coming up with a compelling topic for your Masters in Human Resource Management is a difficult task. With professional and personal responsibilities on your shoulders, taking out time for a long and tedious dissertation can be frustrating. Our esteemed writers understand your situation entirely; therefore, we have created a list of the best MA HRM dissertation topics that will help you in your academic career.

  1. A thorough review of the role and contribution of the Human Resource department in the growth of an organization
  2. The impacts of a functional organizational environment in increasing the productivity of workforce in an organization
  3. The impacts of whistle blowers in an organization in contributing towards maintaining a healthy working environment. Its negative and positive impacts.
  4. The importance of payroll management in the timely salary deliveries of employees.
  5. The role of human rights law in regulating the HR department affairs in a multinational organization.
  6. The key features of HR training practices that develop interpersonal skills of employees under the customer services department
  7. The contribution of the Hr department on the sales performance of an organization.
  8. A critical review of human resource departmental strategies in building organizational citizenship
  9. The importance of organizational citizenship in decreasing employee turnover rate
  10. A comparative study of tangible and intangible benefits provided to employee for retention. Which are more effective.
  11. The role of the HR department in building a respectful working environment that contributes towards sustainable growth in revenue
  12. How is HR linked with various departments of an organization? A case study of holistic HR functionalities.
  13. The critical points of notice when taking an interview of a potential candidate. A case study on Amazon and its employee selection criteria
  14. A literature review study of HR practices taught in schools compared to the practical implementation of these learning in a small scale organization.
  15. An investigation into the work commitment level of employees and how does HR influences the minds of the employees in staying with the organization in the long run.

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    MA HRM Dissertation Ideas For 2020 Research

    An idea is the beginning of all things fabulous! Since ideas are mental visualization of what you are about to do, they serve as a good source of guidance. Writing a compelling MA HRM dissertation requires a unique MA HRM dissertation idea. Just like any other literary concept, this idea would serve as a base or all your brainstorming and topic creation efforts. If you want to avoid the trouble of brainstorming a dissertation idea, you can buy HRM dissertation or take help from our list of ideas to set you on the path of success.

    1. Explain the role of HR in small scale organization Vs. large scale organization
    2. Un-equal distribution of pay, and how does HR tackle this problem?
    3. The role of HR in minimizing racial discrimination.
    4. The role of the Hr department in diminishing sexual biases in hiring
    5. Is HR affected by looks? A study on basic human principle and how it affects the HR department
    6. Women are hired before men. An allegation on HR, and how does the department respond to it?
    7. Investigate the promotion criteria in an organization. Who contributes more to employee growth Hr or the manager?
    8. A case study on the hiring practices in Apple.
    9. The importance of multiple tests in shortlisting candidates. Does conventional testing eliminate high potential employees?
    10. What are the factors that influence HR decision making?
    11. What are the methods used by the HR of Cocacola for performance measurement and promotions?
    12. What are the causes of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction in Pepsi Co?
    13. The importance of succession planning in training the right candidate to take the responsibilities of CEO
    14. An investigation into the hiring criteria of Google
    15. How does Google manage to drive work from employees despite providing so many luxuries at work
    16. Explain the strategies used in retaining high potential employees.

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