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Management Accounting Dissertation Topics You Wanted All Along

Date published July 11 2020 by Evie Tyler


Choosing a good dissertation topic is really crucial. It not only helps you in choosing the career you aspire to pursue, but it also helps you give shape to the future of your educational endeavours, like in what subject or field you would like to continue your higher education.

Table of Contents

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Management Accounting Dissertation Topics For A Flawless Dissertation

In order to make sure that nothing hinders your progress in this important phase of your dissertation writing. Our most talented academic writers of UK have prepared a list of the best accounting dissertation topics and accounting dissertation ideas you can find online related to management accounting.

BS A critical analysis of risk in project accounting. How risk is identified, quantified and accounted for large scale projects.
BS A study on the performance appraisal method in electrical contracting firms. A case study on the evidence from “Du Pont” in UK.
BS A critical analysis of development in China. How does activity based costing add value to a project of large scale?
MSC Exploring how the indirect costs are allocated to externally funded projects (by the NGOs) at schools in developed economies? An explorative research from rural areas of UK.
MSC An analysis of how project accounting segments gain competitive advantage for the project as compared to other non-segmented projects, in government tenders.
MSC An analysis on the application of strategic management accounting in the world of publishing. Evaluating the case of Ivey Publishing.
MSC A critically study on relevance of strategic management accounting in the hotel industry after the corona virus pandemic of 2019.
MS A comparative analysis review of the strategic management accounting practices between developed economies VS developing economies
MS An analysis whether the “Balanced Scorecard Approach” allow for both strategic management and performance appraisal? A look at the Japanese automotive industry, Toyota.
MS A study on the factors that are contributing to the increasing relevance of strategic management within multinational organizations.
MS A novel analysis of how the cost accounting approach help an entrepreneur achieve productivity efficiency in emerging economies. A case study of China.
PhD A critical analysis of the cost accounting as a management tool for material flow in manufacturing firms. How efficient is it from other management tools?
PhD Critical evaluation of the impact of cost of goods produced on pricing in the strategic decision making process for manufacturing organizations.
PhD Implementing cost accounting in the oil and gas sector after the 2020 oil market crash amidst corona virus pandemic
PhD An analysis on the strategies used by banks to mitigate and manage risks at times of economical uncertainties.

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    Management Accounting Dissertation Ideas For Your Convenience

    Many students like to pursue their own accounting dissertation topics as it gives them better control on the whole process of dissertation writing. This is the reason our market specialist professional writers have complied a list of some of the most prominent accounting dissertation ideas that you can use to formulate accounting dissertation topics for yourselves.

    BS Study on risk management in the agriculture sector of UK
    BS How do foreign direct investment firms analyse and manage risks before investing in a country? A case study of China’s investments in Sri Lanka
    MSC Understanding risk management in politically unstable countries. How much does political instability contribute to economic uncertainty?
    MSC A comparative study on the models of performance management in manufacturing firms. A comparative analysis of two big manufacturing rivals e.g. Honda and Toyota
    MS How does performance management and management accounting differ for health care sector as compared to industrial sector
    MS The factors to consider in performance management data while taking strategic decisions for a multinational organization
    MS The analysis of important elements of accounting decision support system and how has banking sector perfected it.
    PhD Understanding the effectiveness of organisational financial controls in communicating security and trust to employees.
    PhD Evaluating the contrast between the application of management accounting controls in conventional firms VS family firms in the UK
    PhD Quarterly budgeting as an effective tool to increase employee’s motivation. An analysis of small scale industry.

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    Some things to consider while writing your accounting dissertation topics are

    1. Not to use abbreviations
    2. Use common vocabulary
    3. Avoid giving out too much information about dissertation
    4. Do not use complete sentences

    Your structure should be like

    1. Introduction
    2. Literature review
    3. Methodology
    4. Results and
    5. Discussion
    6. Conclusion
    7. References
    1. Time series models
    2. GARCH models
    3. Probability and statistical models
    4. Capital asset pricing models

    Some common rules to follow are

    1. Paper size = A4
    2. Line spacing = 1.5
    3. Margins = 3.5 cm from binding side, 2.5 cm from all other sides
    4. Font size = 10 to 12
    5. Font = times new roman