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Marketing Dissertation Topics That Get Approved Instantly

Date published June 21 2020 by Stella Carter

marketing dissertation topic

Dissertation writing can be a difficult task to perform. Once you begin writing, you will understand that many factors need to be maintained for a high-quality dissertation. For instance, choosing the right marketing dissertation topic is very important. The topic you choose for your dissertation should be interesting for your readers and should keep them hooked.

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Free Marketing Dissertation Ideas

Brainstorming for marketing dissertation ideas is a good start, but you can always use our free topics for your marketing dissertation.

Higher Education Dissertation Ideas to Come Up With Brilliant Topics!

Here are some original ideas to inspire you if you are looking for some original Higher Education dissertation ideas to help you select an amazing topic for dissertation!

  • Comparison:
  • Comparisons can be done in an infinite way. You can either compare the statistics and success rates between schools, colleges, universities or cities or even states. You can also compare between students who acquire different kind of higher education vs who don’t.

  • Scopes:
  • You can analyze different kind of degrees and higher levels of education and their scopes. You can analyze what kind of students pursue different kind of education. These Higher Education dissertation ideas are best for you if you want to come up with something original and authentic! Hurry up and grab them!

    List of Best Marketing Dissertation Topics Ideas

    BBA Impact of branding on the buying behavior of online customers.
    BBA Importance of buyer persona in designing marketing strategies.
    BBA Impact of covid19 on the marketing strategies of high-end brands.
    MBA How cultural-based marketing affects the purchase decision of retail consumers.
    MBA The influence of advertising on the bad behavior of teenagers in the UK.
    MBA Personality Traits And Situational Factors On Impulse Buying Behavior Of Brand Loyal Consumers.
    MBA Impact Of Retargeting On The Revenue Stream Of Clothing brands In The UK.
    MBA Positive Effects of Covid19 On The Purchase Decision Of Customers Through Retail Stores
    MCS Role of Billboard Ads In Customer Base Penetration For the Launch Of New Products.
    MCS Importance of Word To Mouth Marketing In Generating New Customers for FMCG Products.
    MCS Importance of Customer Touch Points In Boosting Sales For Growing Brands In The UK.
    MCS Positive Effects Of Successful Branding in Improving Customer Loyalty For Well Established Brands In The UK.
    PH.D Positive Effects Of Innovation In Designing Marketing Strategies For Customer Retention
    PH.D Impact of Family Orientation On The Purchase Decision Of FMCG Products – A Case Study On Unilever.
    PH.D Brand Values In Retail Marketing. What do they mean, and how can they affect consumers’ decisions?
    PH.D The Impact of Online prices in the Delivery of Goods and How They Affect The Sales Of Clothing Brands In the UK.

    You can easily own any of these topics by adding little changes as per your need. To make these marketing dissertation ideas complete, you need to add the name of your country in the end. For example, “Impact of covid19 on the marketing strategies for high-end brands (in the UK)”.

    What Your Dissertation Topic Should contain

    • Your topic should contribute to the present situation
    • Always try to choose a case study on a well-known company
    • Make sure that people are familiar with the topic you choose
    • Your topic should not be too narrow nor too vague

    Deciding to write your dissertation on a well-known brand or company can prove to be very helpful in the future. Not only will this make your marketing dissertation topic stand out. It will also contribute to your professional life. Employers would know that you can do competitive research.

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      Marketing Dissertation Topic

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      Latest Marketing Dissertation Topics (2021-2022)

      1. Changes in personal traits and behaviour of the consumer during Covid 19.
      2. Impact of Covid on consumer choices and marketing strategy.
      3. Critically evaluate the importance and consequences of target market over marketing strategy.
      4. Critically analyse how Covid has positively changed and introduced a new electronic and digital marketing era.
      5. Delivery charges negatively affect the strategic marketing of the organization.
      6. Comparative analysis between outdated marketing techniques and innovated and digital marketing in terms of consumer behaviour.
      7. Evaluate how cultural values are changing the buying behaviour of consumers in UK
      8. A novel analysis on how customer choice and preference help an organisation to build a marketing strategy for them.
      9. A study on how brand image and brand recognition helps to build the overall retail marketing system.
      10. Critically evaluate the effect of online prices and delivery prices on the overall marketing strategy of organizations in UK.