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Mathematical Finance Dissertation Topics That Guarantee Best Grades

Date published June 28 2020 by Stella Carter


Finding the perfect topic for your dissertation can be a really time taking task. Time that becomes very precious when writing a dissertation. Over exceeding the time limit in the beginning can cause problems in the ends.

To save you from choosing a poor topic in haphazardness or messing up your timeline, our team of prodigious professional writers have brought you a list of some of the best mathematical finance dissertation topics on the internet right now.

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Mathematical Finance Dissertation Ideas By Our Exceptional Dissertation Writers

BS Applying Mean Reversion Strategy to predict whether a particular market is trending for trading or not. A study on NASDAQ stock exchange
BS Evaluating accuracy of existing market impact models using Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equation
BS Time series analysis and forecasting of Tesla (TSLA) stocks using Bayesian Dynamic Modelling analysis
MS Evaluating proposed capital investment’s impact on existing operations using discrete event simulation
MS Using Monte Carlo simulation in corporate finance for modelling cash flow components which are impacted by uncertainty
MS A critical study of the reasons why sophisticated mathematical models and derivative pricing strategies failed during the financial crisis of 2007 to 2010
PHD A comparative analysis of lévy alpha stable distribution VS. gaussian distribution in predicting change of stock prices
PHD Evaluating the efficiency of Black Scholes equation in governing price evolution of an asset over a period of time
PHD A study on the effectiveness of Girsanov theorem in converting physical measures into risk neutral measures
PHD Exploring the pros and cons of using interval estimator rather than using point estimators for forecast of different assets using stochastic investment model

Our senior market professional writers go to great lengths to provide you with the best custom mathematical finance dissertation topics and mathematical finance dissertation ideas, so that you never have to compromise on your dissertation.

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    1. Shed light on an old issue in new way
      Mathematical finance is a field on which a lot of work has already been done. It is hard to find unexplored sections. But one thing you can do while finding prospective finance dissertation topics is to look at old issues in new light. For example, work on some topics that you are interested in, or you think can be explored more.
    2. Look for holes in literature

    Many dissertations and thesis end with recommendations by the authors of how the research can be carried forward. You can list down all the recommendations and suggestions, which will help you in coming up with exceptional finance dissertation topics

    • Put your ideas to test

    If you have many ideas for your dissertation, make sure to put them to test to see whether the ideas are pursuable as potential topics or not

    Abstract is basically summary of your dissertation. It should have adequate information related to your research. So that by reading your abstract your reader gets to know what your dissertation is all about. You need to include things like:

    1. Thesis statement should be written at start.
    2. State important questions that you tried to study and explore in your dissertation.
    • State your findings, whether you were successful or not, or did you find something new. Do mention your conclusion too.
    1. Although you need to include all the main points but one thing to keep in mind is to be as concise as possible and avoid giving out too much detail.
    2. The abstract should be chronologically ordered.

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