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MBA Dissertation Topic In HRM – The Right Choice!

Date published August 4 2020 by Jacob Miller


MBA is a degree with many subjects to offer. In your University, you will have the option to choose your majors and then write a dissertation on it. Choosing HRM for your MBA is the right decision because organizations need competent HR officers to manage work from home. But, writing an MBA dissertation Topic in HRM can be the toughest task for you right now! If you are looking for top-notch help with your dissertation topic, then you are in the right place!

Table of Contents

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List Of MBA Dissertation Topics In HRM For You

Coming up with an MBA dissertation topic in HRM is a step by step process. First, you need to come up with an idea, and then you need to add your variables. However, if you are willing to avoid the hassle, then it is entirely natural. We publish a list of unused dissertation topics every year to help students achieve exceptional grades. So, feel free to use one or more from our free topics!

  1. Strategic analysis of human resources practices in shaping up the organizational culture.
  2. An evaluation of performance management to meet organizational goals.
  3. The contribution of employees in earning their rewards. Should HR let employees decide what they want?
  4. An in-depth comparison of tangible and intangible rewards to see what motivates employees the most.
  5. An analysis of performance management in terms of managing the outcome of all employees of an organization.
  6. The role of HR in reviewing and reacting to employee performance.
  7. The impact of performance appraisal on job satisfaction.
  8. The role of HR in celebrating employee birthdays. Does it create a positive work environment in the organization?
  9. A comparative study of motivated employees vs. unmotivated ones.
  10. The impact of foreign training programs on the work of employees. A discussion of positive and negative effects.
  11. A case study explaining the link between motivation and performance of higher management.
  12. The impact of intangible benefits on managerial level employees. Is it more effective than monetary benefits?

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    Best MBA Dissertation Ideas In HRM For 2020

    The year 2020 is the year for the Human Resource department. With employees taking work from home, there is plenty of room for an MBA dissertation idea in HRM! However, finding the right idea to stick with can be daunting. If you want to avoid the hassle, then using our list of ideas would make your life easy!

    1. What is the impact of payroll on the performance of employees?
    2. What is the role of HR in the board of directors of an organization?
    3. How does HR does succession planning?
    4. What is the contribution of HR in driving the organization?
    5. Who is responsible for operating and planning HR job roles?
    6. What is the importance of ERP systems in facilitating the job of HR in an organization?
    7. The role of HR in eliminating discrimination in the organization
    8. What is the contribution of HR in reducing in-equality in an organization?
    9. What are the theoretical approaches of the HR department, and how significant are they in the professional world?
    10. What are HR techniques to recruit employees that can help change the culture of an organization?
    11. How does HR manage cultural changes in an organization?

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    MBA is not a specialized degree. It is a combination of multiple subjects taught to create future entrepreneurs. However, in your final years, you would be provided with a list of subjects you can choose as your majors. These would include Marketing, Supply chain, HRM, Finance, Management, and many others, according to your institute.

    An MBA dissertation is generally considered in the Master's level bracket. However, the word count would entirely depend on your instructor's requirements. The industry benchmark for an MBA dissertation is between 15,000 – 25,000 words. This word count does not include references.

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