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MBA Finance Dissertation Topics Customized Just For You

Date published June 28 2020 by Hector Shaw


MBA dissertation is the last step of your academic life and the first step into a corporate one. And the only thing on your resume’ that truly define the years of hard work you put in your MBA, is your MBA finance dissertation topic. Meaning, that this is something you should never compromise on.

Lucky for you, our PhD qualified dissertation writers have free and customized a list of the best MBA finance dissertation topics, just for you. Let us take a look and get some intuition on some of the best MBA finance dissertation ideas.

Table of Contents

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MBA Finance Dissertation Ideas For Exceptional Dissertation

MBA An analysis on the correlation between “growth in Global Domestic Product” and “growth in Human Development Index” in the current scenario
MBA How UK banks are processing cash assets amidst a global pandemic
MBA A study on comparison of financial risk management of London Stock Exchange VS. New York Exchange
MBA An analysis on how some business models have withstood global recessions and what made them immune from these recessions
MBA A case study on the famous penny stock wall street scam of Jordan Belfort
MBA Bonds VS. stocks – comparative analysis on the safer investments between the two
MBA Impact of macroeconomic factors in the overall GDP of UK
MBA A comparative analysis between investments in mutual finds VS. investments in equity
MBA A study on external debt management of US, on its $6.78 trillion foreign debt
MBA Exploring the effects of change in credit rating of a person on their equity returns

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    Our subject matter expert writers not only promise to provide you with the best MBA finance dissertation topics but will also help you frame the a perfect one, using your finance dissertation ideas.

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    Some students start looking for and evaluating their MBA finance dissertation topics even before they start their MBA degree. As this is something that takes up a lot of time and research. And can negatively affect the timeline for the whole dissertation.


    This is the reason why many students opt for taking professional services from us, as our PhD graduate professional writers have become masters in finding the perfect dissertation topic for students, that suits their needs.


    Some of the pointers to keep in mind when you are searching for your perfect dissertation topic are:

    1. The topic must be interesting and catch reader’s attention.
    2. The topic should be such that relevant data can be obtained on it easily.
    • (Although redundant, but immensely important) The topic should neither be too narrow nor too broad.
    1. The topic should add something new to the literature.
    2. It should not violate any ethical code.
    3. The topic should have a practical value in the current finance marketplace.

    Only our market professional writers have mastered these skills and adhere to them everytime. So that you are provided with the best possible topic everytime.


    A questionnaire is instrumental for collecting sample data for your dissertation. Therefore, utmost importance must be given to formulating questions. Some things to keep in minds are:

    1. The questions should not include any jargons or technical words that others have problem in understanding.
    2. The instructions should not be confusing and must be detailed so that anyone can understand them.
    3. The questions must be concise and to the point.
    4. The answer choice should be wide enough to anticipate any possibility.
    5. Refrain from using questions that might trigger an emotional response.
    6. The questions must have a chronological order.
    7. Refrain from using open ended questions.

    Our expertise goes beyond just providing topics or questionaries. Our writers are the most talented bunch of academic writers in UK and have the expertise to provide you with the best possible dissertation for your MBA degree.

    The research process is one of the most crucial parts of writing a dissertation. The process involves steps like

    1. Discovery of the problem that you want to address and its definition
    2. The research design that is to be followed throughout the research
    3. Sampling of the data
    4. Gathering adequate data to ensure authenticity of the result
    5. Processing the data using advanced statistical techniques
    6. Analysing the data and the conclusion drawn
    7. The discovery you made through this research process.

    We have a lot more insight like these that can really make your MBA finance dissertation standout from the rest of the lot. So, what are you waiting for?

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