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MBA Project Management Dissertation Topics For Marvellous Results

Date published July 31 2020 by Stella Carter


Every students puts in maximum effort in writing a dissertation. All of them take care of the chapters, their weightages, word count, making dissertation creative and the list goes on. But what is the reason behind some dissertations being labelled as winning dissertations and others are not? The answer is dissertation topic. A dissertation topic defines what dissertations will be labelled as winning ones. Therefore, it is utmost important that you give proper attention to your dissertation topic.

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List of MBA Project Management Dissertation Topics For Remarkable Outcomes

To make sure that you are in the winning end of dissertation rank, our team of most dedicated and experienced senior academic experts have prepared a free list of some of the best MBA project management dissertation topics and MBA project management dissertation ideas that you can find online.

BS A study on how mapping can be used to solve complex problems in the construction field. A case study on the importance of mapping in project management.
BS A critical evaluation of how an understanding of the tenets of project management can play a role in sanitizing contract law and its application by governmental organizations.
BS A novel study on how integrating building information management (BIM) in construction projects can simplify tasks to be carried out by everyone, for the perfect execution of the project
MSC An exploratory study for understanding management in public sector. A case study on the Eurocode 7, along with its implementation and how it has enhanced project management techniques.
MSC A critical analysis of how the integration of building information management (BIM) has elevated the status quo. Evaluating the traditional collaborative techniques as a tool of simplifying management processes.
MSC A critical comparative study on the use of computer aided design (CAD) platforms with in managing projects against the use of regular communication channels and telephone lines.
MS A systematic study on creativity, diversity, globalization for the assessment of social factors of innovation management.
MS A comparative analysis on how the European union (EU) trade policies have enhanced collaboration among participating nations. A case study on how the BREXIT will affect management jobs and processes in UK.
MS A critical evaluation on how the integration of building information management (BIM) technology has eased the management difficulties experienced by construction businesses in the developing world. A case study of China.
MS A novel analysis for understanding the impact of robotics on the field of project management. In what ways will it aid human managers in the future?
Ph.D. A critical evaluation of 3D printing and the role project managers play in enhancing its practice in large manufacturing corporations.
Ph.D. An exploratory study for understanding the integrating changes in the health care governmental policies. How will these effect the strategical plans of the commercial health care institutions?
Ph.D. A critical analysis of the lean concept in manufacturing. How project management can be beneficial to the lean processes?
Ph.D. A systematic study to control the costs in project management. A case study of the Research and Development department for a UK based consumer goods manufacturing companies.
Ph.D. A critical evaluation for understanding that how intimately project management and project success are related. A case study of UK’s educational sector

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    MBA Project Management Dissertation Ideas For Exceptional Dissertations

    We not only have the list of best MBA project management dissertation topics. But our industry leading academic writers have also compiled a top-notch list of the best MBA project management dissertation ideas; that you can use to custom make MBA project management dissertation topics, according to your convenience.

    BS A novel analysis of the role of emerging technology in advancing the field of management. A case study of Amazon.
    BS A critical explorative study for understanding the role cloud computing will play in enhancing modern project management operations.
    MSC A systematic study for understanding the importance of the managerial process within the broad spectrum of project management
    MSC A causal study for understanding the correlation between the impact of project length on management control and quality.
    MS A comparative study of the similarities and differences in project management practices across the established organizations of the world
    MS A critical study on the validity of uncertainty in difficult and lengthy management projects.
    MS A novel study for understanding the importance of the intricate nature of a project towards its effective management.
    Ph.D. A study for evaluating the impact of teamwork in project management. A case study of UK’s health sector.
    Ph.D. An analysis for understanding the challenges in public procurement for project management in USA’s IT sector
    Ph.D. An exploratory analysis of the stakeholder approach for successful completion and adoption of projects. A case study on global perspective

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    The things to keep in mind are that topics should be relevant to career goals, they should coincide with your interest, they should be achievable and be able to fill existing literature gap.

    Some great models you can use for quantitative analysis are probability and statistics model, time series models, asset pricing models, GARCH models.

    You can find dissertation samples at academic research sites, university database, local libraries, peers and friends and even from your supervisors.

    The best online sources for data are Excite, MBA central, Liberty, Google Scholar, Research gate to name a few