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Spectacular Mechanical Engineering Dissertation Topics For Quick Approvals

Date published June 22 2020 by Jacob Miller


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    Dissertations are not things of past, they have been present for a while now. But irrespective of it, students still struggle with them. The secret to cracking dissertation is to come up with a phenomenal topic for it first, the rest follows.

     Here is a free list of some of the best engineering dissertation topics online, that you can pursue for your dissertation in mechanical engineering. We at “Dissertation Proposal” take pride in providing customized and the most remarkable engineering dissertation ideas to our customers. Virtue of our years of professional experience.

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    List of Best Mechanical Engineering Dissertation Ideas From Our Vault

    BS An analysis of efficiency of ceramics in making high temperature superconductors
    BS Using YOLOv3 for automated detection of surface defects on airplane propeller blades
    BS Comparison between polymeric microgels and memory foam used in shoes for chiropractic relief
    MS Effectiveness of venturi tubes in harnessing energy from riverbeds
    MS Defect characterization in constructional steel beams using advanced ultrasonic techniques
    MS An analysis of ferroelectric and ferromagnetic properties of halide perovskite structure in room temperature
    MS Evaluating the effectiveness of shape memory alloys in making stents for vein blockage
    PHD The effectiveness of tuneable laser for dynamic characterization of soft materials
    PHD Using viscoelastic fluid structure to dampen the wear and tear of moving parts of machinery
    PHD Detailed analysis of advantages and disadvantages of using single rotor VS coaxial rotor in helicopters

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    Good question, some of the things you need to keep in mind when coming up with some good engineering dissertation topics are:

    1. Not to use complete sentences as your topic, because then it looks like a statement. Also, it does not put a great first impression on the readers.
    2. Avoid using abbreviations in the topic. They can be a source of confusion, try to use the whole phrase. So that it is easy for everyone to understand.
    • Do not include the main research question in the main topic. It gives away the element of curiosity and surprise.
    1. Using redundant and common vocabulary for the topic. The vocabulary should be simple yet attract attention and generate curiosity in the reader.

    Taking care of these minute details is the reason why 200+ customers have chosen to avail our services.

    A way you can make your engineering dissertation topics more attractive is by making them to be both compelling and informative.

    1. Compelling

    By giving your topic a clever and flashy name that instantly captures the attention of readers and draws them in.

    1. Indicative

    That reveals what your dissertation is truly about. The central idea behind your dissertation.

    • Informative

    They should also include the some of the details relating to your research e.g. the method chosen, name of chemicals or materials etc.

    We have a lot more tips and tricks like these up our sleeves, that makes us stand out from the rest of the competition.

    There are number of online sources you can turn towards for further investigating the feasibility of your ideas, for example:

    1. Your university’s library database.
    2. Athenus
    • Inspec
    2. Sci Central
    3. Cite Seer X
    • Education resources education centre
    • Mamma
    1. Microsoft academic research

    We go the extra mile when it comes to facilitating our customers. This is the reason we even have access to paid subscriptions of some of the top research databases in the world. In order to provide the best results everytime.

    In engineering dissertation, the methods section makes up approximately 20% of your total weightage.

    There are a number of things you can include for example:

    1. The strategies carried out during the process.
    2. The reason for using those strategies.
    • Whether your approach was qualitative, quantitative or both.
    1. The research instruments that were used in methodology.
    2. Your instruments for analysis of the data obtained.
    3. The overall procedure that was executed.
    • Experiment involvements.

    Only our team of highly skilled academic writers in UK have the expertise of including all of these pointers in the work they submit, which makes your work unique and stand out from the rest of the dissertations. So, reach out to us and make your lives easier.