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Medical Law Dissertation Topics UK Professors Approve Quickly!

Date published July 17 2020 by Jacob Miller


There are certain situations in which hospitals, patients and/or doctors have to go through government rules and regulations which are called Medical Laws. Although it’s a very interesting subject, sometimes students find themselves in utter confusion to come up with Medical Law dissertation topics UK readers would be interested in.

If you are also struggling with finding the best topics then don’t worry because we are giving you a list of Medical Law dissertation topics UK students can use to score greatly on their dissertations. So you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Just keep with us and find the best topic for yourself!

Table of Contents

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Medical Law Dissertation Ideas UK Students Can Customize to Achieve Greatness!

Before giving you the list of dissertation topics, we are going to give you some best Medical Law dissertation Ideas UK students like you can use to come up with some original dissertation topics.

This list of Medical Law dissertation Ideas UK Ph.D. professionals have curated by themselves so be careful because you could get confused between these amazing ideas!

  • Different Laws: This idea revolves around researching on different medical negligence and similar laws either globally or two or more countries or cities of your choice. The focus point are going to be the laws and law enforcement authorities and their actions.
  • Comparisons: You can compare between different laws and their punishments in different countries or cities of your choice.
  • Controversies: You can research on controversial topics such as legalization of abortion and certain drug on a certain group of people in a specific country or a state. This discussion can be taken further to prove whether the decision was beneficial or not.

So what are you waiting for? Sit with your friends and start brainstorming for the best ideas for your Medical Law dissertation.

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    Medical Law Dissertation Topics UK Universities Would Grade High!

    Now we are going to have a look at the list of Medical Law dissertation topics UK universities and professors would love at first sight. Before continuing to the list, we’d like to tell you that all of the topics below are for personal use and are totally free of cost.

    You can make changes according to your likings and disliking to create the best custom Medical Law dissertation topics UK universities approve because it matches their instructions and guidelines as well.

    So without any further ado, let’s have a look at the list of Medical Law dissertation topics for you to achieve amazing scores.

    MASTERS A study of moral and legal issues surrounding abortion in the United Kingdom
    MASTERS An in-depth research on the justification pf IVF treatment in UK
    MASTERS An in-depth study of organ donation laws in Germany
    MASTERS How the legalization of marijuana for medical uses is affecting in students Illinois?
    MASTERS The role of organ donation
    PH.D. A study of the threat of lawsuits that influence medical staff to avoid risky but potentially life-saving operations and medical treatments
    PH.D. The threat of lawsuits influence medical staff to avoid risky but potentially life-saving operations and medical treatments in Spain, Argue and conclude your research.
    PH.D. Analysis on Medical Controversies Surrounding Stem Cell Research in UK
    PH.D. Examination of consent with regards to competent adults, the mentally disabled (ill) and the child
    PH.D. At what stage should abortion be forbidden or allowed in under what conditions?
    PH.D. A research evaluating medical complications in surgeries in UK
    PH.D. Exploring the legal aspects of electronic fetal monitoring in
    PH.D. Evaluating the ethical and legal challenges of using biobanks in USA
    PH.D. The impact of legalizing forced sterilization in third world countries.
    PH.D. Should people be refused medical treatments for issues that are caused by lifestyle choices?

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    These amazing dissertation topics are absolutely free for you to use and even share with your friends who might be struggling with similar situations as well. If you have any query related to any of these dissertation topics or if you are having troubles with your dissertation, you can always contact DissertationProposal and get your problems solved by professionals any time of any day!

    After brainstorming for topics and selecting the best one. Next comes the part of writing your dissertation.

    A perfect dissertation structure looks like this:

    1. Introduction: A brief introduction of your dissertation and your research question and its scope of study.
    2. Literature Review: You have to reference and review all the literature used in your research and writing your dissertation. Make sure to use references from material published in last 10 years only.
    3. Methodology: You have to explain the methods you will be using/have used for your research and writing your dissertation.
    4. Data Collection + Analysis: You have to state an overview of all the data that you collected throughout your research process and analyze it for the results and outcomes.
    5. Interpretation & Recommendations: This is the fifth and final chapter of a dissertation. You have to interpret all the outcomes of your dissertation and state your opinion how the results could affect current studies and how they can be improved or improvised.

    Each of the chapter is equally important but they all require different effort and word count balance. You can find the weightage of each chapter below:

    1. The introduction chapter weighs 15%.
    2. The Literature review chapter weighs 30%
    3. The Methodology chapter weighs 10%
    4. The Data collection + Analysis chapter weighs 30%
    5. The Interpretation & Recommendation chapter weighs 15%

    The weight of each chapter depends on the word count.

    Generally it takes around 12 to 18 months depending on a lot of factors such as:

    • Data collection can take a long time if your research topic is complicated or your research skills aren’t polished.
    • You can make a schedule and work accordingly to it with dedication to reach the finish on the decided time.

    Although you can finish in less than half the mentioned time but for that you will have to be focused and persistent on your dissertation.

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