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Best Medical Microbiology Dissertation Topics | Students Should Grab Now!

Date published July 17 2020 by Jacob Miller


Dissertation topics Medical Microbiology students are sometimes get tired of. Endless searching and yet no outcome. Medical Microbiology is a very broad subject with a lot of options to choose for dissertation topics. A lot of students spend days and still struggle to come with an interesting topic.

If you are also having troubles finding dissertation topics Medical Microbiology or related research topics then don’t worry because our team of professionals have made a list of high-quality dissertation topics for your Medical Microbiology dissertation. If you want to grab them, keep up with us and get them!

Table of Contents

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Dissertation Ideas Medical Microbiology Field Experts Got For You!

Some dissertation ideas Medical Microbiology field experts have that may interest you very well. So if you want to come with your own Medical Microbiology dissertation topics then you should take these ideas. With the following ideas, you will be able to grab attention of the readers in a glance!

Take your pad and pen and not these Dissertation ideas Medical Microbiology experts are giving you!

  • Historical Timeline Study: As keeping the COVID-19 pandemic, you can compare the current notorious virus, the coronavirus, with the viruses that caused previous pandemics. Take your research further and discuss the similarities and differences between both of them.
  • Comparison between different Microorganisms and their impacts: This idea revolves around studying different microorganisms and their properties and impacts on humans vs different animals. The potential and definite cure for each on both humans and animals. This will help determine the effectiveness of medicines and their effects on same or similar viruses on different species.

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    Dissertation Topics Medical Microbiology Professors Will Approve Quickly!

    Before giving you the amazing list of Dissertation topics Medical Microbiology professors would be impressed by. We would like to advise you on a few things before you pick up a topic for your Medical Microbiology dissertation.

    Make changes according to your liking, interests and the guidelines and instructions provided to you by the professor or supervisor. This will help you create custom Dissertation topics Medical Microbiology department heads and professors would get interested in quickly!

    Ph.D. An in-depth analysis on the antimicrobial effect of colistin methane sulfonate (polymyxin e) on mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro
    Ph.D. A study of risk factors associated with helicobacter pylori infection in Gaza, Palestine in late 2000s
    Ph.D. A study of the host- pathogenic interactions with a focus on cellular and redox metals.
    Ph.D. The study of phenotypic and genotypic susceptibility testing of mycobacterium tuberculosis cultures
    Ph.D. Organisms in similar conditions
    Ph.D. Bacteria response to stress compares to that of complex
    Ph.D. An in- depth study of clinical impact of artemisinin resistance in Southeast Asia
    Ph.D. Analysis of zika virus: from pathogenesis to disease control
    Masters An analysis the correlation of malaria and some species of plasmodium (a microorganism)
    Masters The importance of fermentative conditions for the biotechnological production of lignin
    Masters A study of the host- pathogenic interactions with a focus on cellular and redox metals.
    Masters A study of the host- pathogenic interactions with a focus on cellular and redox metals.
    Masters The impacts of environmental parameters altered by climate change.
    Masters The study of the fermentation of starch and the activities and specificities of enzymes in it
    Masters A case study of human microbial ecosystems: microbe to microbe interactions.
    Masters The causes and reasons behind flu vaccine shortages and what could be done to prevent it

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    Dissertation and Thesis are interchangeable terms that are used in UK and USA but there are some differences that you should know:

      • The term “Dissertation” is commonly used in UK while the term “thesis” is used in the USA.
      • Researches must be conducted to come up conclusion(s) in Theses, while in Dissertations, you have to study from existing material and do your research from it.
      • To obtain a Ph.D. degree, it’s mandatory to submit a thesis.
      • To get a master’s degree, a dissertation should be submitted.

    Yes, you can fail any dissertation but you can always resubmit your dissertation with the required amendments. There are many factors that that can cause your dissertation to be rejected or to get low scores such as:

    • Submitting your dissertation after the deadline has passed can get your dissertation rejected.
    • Having too many errors such as grammar and spelling can enrage the reader to reject your dissertation completely as well.

    Dissertation structure is universally same but the formatting and referencing style can be different which can be instructed to you by your professor, supervisor or faculty head.

    A perfect dissertation structure should be as below:

    1. Introduction: State a brief introduction of your dissertation and your research question, its scope of study, its importance and its impact.
    2. Literature Review: This chapter addresses references and reviews to the literature used in your research and writing your dissertation. Literature published in last 10 years only should be used for your research.
    3. Methodology: An explanation of the methods you will be using/have used for your research and writing your dissertation.
    4. Data Collection + Analysis: Overview of all the data that you have collected throughout your research and analyze it to state the results and outcomes.
    5. Interpretation & Recommendations: The fifth and final chapter of a dissertation. You have to interpret all the outcomes of your dissertation and state your opinion regarding how the results could affect current studies and researches and how they can be improved or improvised.

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