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Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics For A Winning Dissertation

Date published July 7 2020 by Evie Tyler


The last step before graduating as a nurse is submitting a dissertation. And in order to have a winning dissertation, you first need to have winning nursing dissertation ideas and nursing dissertation topics.

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Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics For The Grab, Hurry!!

To make sure that you have the best possible mental health nursing dissertation topics, our senior market professional writers have prepared a custom list of some of the best dissertation topics you can work on.

MSC A study on correlation between mental health issues and car accidents in UK
MSC Exploring the role of nurses in curing patients who have failed suicide attempts due to mental health problems.
MSC Exploring the pros and cons of standardized training for nurses dealing with mental health patients specifically
MSC An analysis of how deteriorating mental health problems of a person in a family effects the rest of the family. A study on families of UK
MSC A study on how to recover soldiers from (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
MSC A study on how nurses can manage patients that are having mental disorders due to some terminal illness.
MSC An analysis on the change in the challenges faced by British nursing profession over the years 2000 to 2020.
MSC A study on impacts of mentoring patients that are facing serious mental health issues on nurses.
MSC Exploring ways through which nursing professionals can easily deal with young patients with dual mental alignments.
MSC An analysis of the job satisfaction issues faced by professional nurses in UK.
MSC A study on the training provided to nursing professionals on dealing with mental health patients with criminal backgrounds e.g. psychopaths and sociopaths.
MSC An analysis of common ethical issues and challenges faced by nursing professionals in their line of work.
MSC A study on how nurses can act as stress coping mechanism and support mechanism for mental health patients
MSC An analysis of physical and mental challenges faced by nursing professionals when dealing with mental health patients.
MSC Exploring the shortage of nursing professionals in the field of mental health.
MSC A study on how nursing professionals are trained to deal with patients with bipolar disorder and anger management issues.

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    Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Ideas You Wanted All Along

    If you did not find any satisfactory nursing dissertation topics above, then do not worry, because our industry leading professional writers also have a few mental health nursing dissertation ideas that you can pursue for your dissertation.

    MSC How mental health problems are changing with time and new mental health problems being identified?
    MSC How nursing schools and education are keeping up with the new mental health problems?
    MSC How much has the internet and online community contributs in increasing mental health problems?
    MSC New and revised protocols for nursing professionals for dealing with mental health patients?
    MSC Which country has the best nursing professionals and what makes them better than the rest?
    MSC Talk about scope of nursing in the professional world
    MSC The difference in training of mental health professionals for different mental health diseases.
    MSC How has the nursing protocols changed over the years for dealing with patients suffering from schizophrenia
    MSC The effects of VCoP (Virtual Community of Practice) on career paths of nursing professionals dealing with mental health problems,
    MSC The informal care giving training given to nursing professionals that deal with terminally ill patients.

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    The above-mentioned topics are free for you to choose. But if you still want to derive your
    own topics, then some points to keep in mind are:
    i. Your topic should be focused on a popular and particular problem
    ii. It should be relevant to your field and future career aspirations
    iii. Enough literature should be present to support your topic
    iv. Should be unique and have significance

    Not really!
    The important part is to adequately complete your dissertation. Although a dissertation can
    range anywhere from
    i. 100 pages to 1000 pages
    ii. Or 10000 words to 80000 words
    But there is no hard and fast rule.

    As nursing topics usually require high research, therefore methodology chapter has the
    highest weightage. The division of weightage is
    Introduction: 15%
    Literature: 15%
    Methodology: 35%

    Result: 15%
    Discussion: 5%
    Conclusion: 15%

    1. Things to avoid while writing a dissertation are
      i. Not to copy paste text
      ii. Not editing or proofreading your dissertation
      iii. Writing unstructured dissertation
      iv. Using monotonous tone