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PhD Dissertation Topics In Finance That Will Leave Your Readers Awestruck

Date published June 30 2020 by Evie Tyler


If your years of hard work, zeal and degree depended on a single document, wouldn’t you want that document to have an absolutely perfect first impression on its reader? This is exactly what a PhD dissertation is, and you need the best topic to make a great first impression.

This is the reason why our double post doctorate writers from top universities of UK have compiled a list of the best PhD Finance dissertation topics you can find online.

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PhD Finance Dissertation Ideas For The Grab, Hurry!!

PHD Liquidity of future market – an analysis of the NASDAQ stock market in the post covid 19 world
PHD A comparative analysis using continuous time series models on the commodities market VS. the real estate market, of UK. Which one will be a better market to invest in the future?
PHD A study on quantifying the determinants of inflation using big data analysis, using Venezuela’s data in order to predict inflation in future
PHD Exploring the prospective impact of microfinancing in liberating third world countries from inflation, poverty and neoliberalism
PHD Improving asset vs. liability management framework for small businesses in US based banks, using deep neural network
PHD Evaluating the key performance indicator in London stock exchange in order to decrease uncertainty and increase predictability for the stock exchange
PHD A critical study on the causal relationship between stability of hedge funds and the increase in the investment markets of UK
PHD A case study on how crowd funded medical projects got owned by big pharma companies who then generated billions in revenue

Only our industry leading writers have the calibre to produce finance dissertation topics and finance dissertation ideas that are worthy of a PhD degree.

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    Unlike MBA or masters’ dissertations that have to be somewhere around 12000 to 16000 words. A PhD dissertation is around 80000 words long, which roughly approximates to almost 350 words. The reason being that it takes years of research to complete a PhD degree.


    Our market specialist writers have more than 10 years of experience in writing PhD dissertations in finance, which make us them the most senior academic writers in the field.

    For finding the perfect resources that are related to your PhD finance dissertation topics, you need to visit academic search engines that will redirect you to the latest literature related to your finance dissertation topics and finance dissertation ideas e.g.

    1. BPubs
    2. Econ Lit
    • Corporate Information
    1. Inomics
    2. Daily Stock
    3. EDGAR Search
    • Google Scholar
    • SSRN
    1. NBER
    2. IDEAS website


    A questionnaire is instrumental for collecting sample data for your dissertation. Therefore, utmost importance must be given to formulating questions. Some things to keep in minds are:

    1. The questions should not include any jargons or technical words that others have problem in understanding.
    2. The instructions should not be confusing and must be detailed so that anyone can understand them.
    3. The questions must be concise and to the point.
    4. The answer choice should be wide enough to anticipate any possibility.
    5. Refrain from using questions that might trigger an emotional response.
    6. The questions must have a chronological order.
    7. Refrain from using open ended questions.

    Our expertise goes beyond just providing topics or questionaries. Our writers are the most talented bunch of academic writers in UK and have the expertise to provide you with the best possible dissertation for your MBA degree.

    1. Not researching enough
      Most of the students do not research their topics thoroughly and adequately. They end up with topic, that after months of hard work, they realize has no scope or cannot be continued forward. Hence wasting a lot of precious time.


    1. Laissez faire approach
      Many students do not consider all the possibilities beforehand but rather they settle down with a random topic and start their dissertation. It is after a long time they realize that they do not have the skills, resources or data needed to continue the research properly. This results in a below standard dissertation which results in bad grades.


    • Not having enough time

    Many students do not invest proper time in choosing their topics. It is when deadlines come near that they realize they do not have a topic. And in that haphazardness, they make mistakes in choosing an inappropriate topic.


    • What are the some of the topics that will be trending in the future?


    Some topics that will trend in the future are:

    1. Topics related to corona virus pandemic
    2. Topics related to Trump’s financial policies
    • Role of microfinancing in improving GDP of countries
    1. Use of deep neural networks in predicting stock market trends
    2. GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) approach in boosting businesses
    3. Financial security against ever evolving and improving cybercrimes
    • Crypto currency as a mean for trading in international stock markets, remotely.
    • How international organizations are using smart approaches to identify and curb terror financing.
    1. Future of online platforms as a separate financial market in the industry.

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