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PhD Nursing Dissertation Topics For The Grab, Hurry!!

Date published July 7 2020 by Hector Shaw


Writing a PhD dissertation is not an easy job at all. And when it comes to PhD nursing dissertation, the level of professionalism required form you is way more than most of the PhD disciplines. But the only thing that can give you an edge in your dissertation is choosing perfect nursing dissertation topics.

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PhD Nursing Dissertation Topics For A Winning Dissertation

To makes sure that your dissertation writing journey goes as smooth as possible, our subject master professional writers have compiled a free list of best nursing dissertation topics and nursing
dissertation ideas you can find online.

MSC Exploring the role of nursing professionals in pain management of patients suffering from chronic illnesses in UK
MSC A study on the stress experienced by nursing professionals when dealing with physically handicapped patients
MSC An analysis of the role of physical activity in improving cognitive functions and neuro psychiatric disturbance in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s
MSC A comparative analysis of nursing staff turn over in local community hospitals VS small health care facilities
MSC A critical analysis of private and government health care nursing training in UK
MSC A comparative analysis of potential benefits of cognitive behavioural therapy plus standard care as compare to standard care alone in symptom reduction and recovery in patients suffering from bipolar disorder
MSC A study on development of standard concentrations of continues infusion medication in improving quality of care in neo natal intensive care units
MSC A critical analysis of effective health care management of people older than 80 years in rural hospitals of Europe
MSC A critical assessment of training, experience and skills required by nursing professionals in treating patients effected with schizophrenia
MSC An analysis of antiretroviral therapy and basic health care as a viable solution in treating HIV and aids
MSC A correlative study between integral mental health services in primary care programs and the health outcomes of mentally challenged patients in under developed countries
MSC A correlative analysis between extended stay of peripheral intravenous catheter and elevated risk of complication of infiltration and phlebitis in young patients
MSC An analysis of impact of nursing malpractice on quality of obstetrical health care services
MSC A study on effectiveness of mirror therapy y nursing professionals to improve upper extremity motor functions in patients recovering from stroke
MSC Exploring the effectiveness of hypoglycaemia management by nursing professionals in helping with blood glucose level of diabetic patients

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    PhD Nursing Dissertation Ideas Especially Optimized For You

    PhD having such a wide scope, a few nursing dissertation topics, although the best ones online, can not make up to the demand. Therefore, other than nursing dissertation topics our field specialist writers have also produced a list of some of the finest nursing dissertation ideas that you can use to derive great dissertation topics for yourselves.

    MSC How nursing professionals can help in intradialytic stretching to help people with muscle cramps
    MSC The role of nurses in promoting dental hygiene in schools and rural areas
    MSC The role of nursing professionals in providing mental health counselling to post surgery patients of different cultures
    MSC Exploring the competency of nursing professionals in dealing with down syndrome patients
    MSC Comparison between risk management and need assessment capacity of nursing professionals in developing VS under developed countries
    MSC Comparison in professionalism and services provided between rural hospitals VS urban hospitals
    MSC Exploring the effects of cartoon animations, musical therapy and cosplays in reducing pain during surgical dressing for young patients
    MSC Effectiveness of sensitization education and training in nursing professionals when dealing with different patients
    MSC Exploring the effectiveness in patient recovery when nursing staff is of similar cultural background
    MSC Exploring the effects of in-hospital yoga therapy in helping increase nursing staff – patient bond

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    The structure and weightage of dissertation chapters is as follows:
    i. Introduction – 10%
    ii. Literature review – 20%
    iii. Methodology – 35%
    iv. Results and discussion – 15%
    v. Conclusion – 15%

    i. Start as early as possible
    ii. Have a daily word count bench mark set for yourself
    iii. Always breaks larger chapters into smaller manageable sizes before writing
    iv. Set weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals
    v. Keep a record of your progress

    Some formatting rules to follow are:
    i. Page size should be A4
    ii. Font should be times new roman
    iii. Line spacing should be 1.5

    iv. Margins should be 3.5 cm from binding side and 2.5 from all other sides

    1. i. Topics that are too specific
      ii. Topics that are too broad
      iii. Not researching enough
      iv. Laissez faire approach
      v. Not managing time properly