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Best Philosophy Research Topics For 2021-2022

Date published October 11 2021 by Jacob Miller


Philosophy that also known as “Philosophia” in Greek is the study of the fundamental questions about existence, values, belief, acceptance, observations, and linguistics. The actual meaning of the word philosophy is the “love of wisdom”.

Philosophy takes up the role of asking important questions about the problems of life. These problems are then studied and resolved with the help of philosophical statements.

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Importance of Philosophy Subject

Philosophy is famous for being “too easy” or “too subjective” but in reality, the subject philosophy is the wise friend that gives you life lessons with their experience. Philosophy has many subfields that a student can focus on in their degree program. Some of these subfields are epistemology, metaphysics,  medieval & renaissance, logic, and ethics. Some of the famous religious philosophies are Buddhism, Confucianism, Sikhism, and Chinese philosophy.

Importance of Philosophy in Student Life

The significance of philosophy can be seen when a person builds questions about themselves and society. This habit can result in finally finding a solution for their observations. This is how a student becomes a philosopher. There is a wide range to work on in a philosophy subject. Students usually get their bachelor’s, master’s, and a Ph.D. degree in this subject. Getting their dissertation in this field as well. The field is so vast and deep that finding the philosophy dissertation topics can become a hassle.

There are many philosophy research ideas that you can work on. Philosophy subjects allow students to explore the depths of history anthropology ethics etc.

However, the decision of picking correct philosophy topics can take up to weeks since there is more primary data collection for you. Choosing the incorrect philosophy research topics can have you running for the woods. Therefore, search for philosophy research topics that suit you the best.

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    List of Philosophy Research Topics with Objectives

    Dissertation-Proposal offer you the list of latest and best Philosophy research topics that will surely help to make your professor happy. Read further for the list of research topics you can choose from the given list.


    1. To study the history of war and peace.

    2. To investigate the empirical foundation and theoretical basis of war and peace.

    3. To determine the relationship of war and peace.


    1. To investigate new forms of functionalism and develop a better knowledge of the inner and exterior contexts in which interventions take place.

    2. To examine how OR researchers apply social theory to gain a better understanding of the environment in which OR treatments are implemented.

    3. To promote sociology by informing and motivating evaluation of OR practise and research.


    1. To study the significance of life and death.

    2. To review the facts of life and death in the light of anthropological findings.

    3. To examine the evidence of life and death in the light of ethological and psychological findings.


    1. To understand how different theoretical perspectives related to loneliness.

    2. To tackle such flaws and propose that they might be traced to a positivistic perspective on the experience.

    3. To demonstrate for an interpretive social viewpoint by disintegrating the feeling of loneliness into its essential components.


    1. To examine the significance of truth.

    2. To investigate the role of IR theory in knowing the value of truth.

    3. To emphasise the importance of truth concepts in critical IR study.


    1. To examine the notion of personal liberty as the most important component of a healthy and fulfilling existence.

    2. To investigate the dilemma of free will and philosophers' interpretation of it.

    3. To determine the relationship between the concept of free will and current attitudes about freedom.


    1. To investigate the significance of feminism as a philosophical system.

    2. To determine the variables that contribute to postmodern and radical feminism from the standpoint of women.

    3. To investigate the influence of feminist philosophy on the formation of modern society.


    1. To explore the concept of naturalism in philosophy.

    2. To identify the philosophical methods of naturalism.

    3. To examine the implementation of naturalism's philosophical methods into ordinary human life.


    1. To provide an overview of the history and present situation surrounding the practise of assisted suicide.

    2. To determine the ‘golden norm' of behaviour for medical providers in this discipline.

    3. To illustrate how this norm has been implemented and to address some of the key difficulties that have occurred.


    1. To investigate the extent of oppression, including torture among students.

    2. To examine the reaction and attitude of students on various stages of torture.

    3. To determine the different sorts of justifications presented for every degree of torture.

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