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Physical Education Dissertation Topics for You by Ph.D. Professionals!

Date published June 27 2020 by Hector Shaw


Physical Education is as important as academic education as we need to strengthen our bodies as well as our minds. Physical Education dissertation topics could be very complex and hard to find for a lot of students.

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Physical Education Dissertation Topics Online For Free!

Here is a list of Physical Education dissertation topics that you can use for free as they are or you can customize them the way you want!

MBA From 'PE' to 'Dance' - an assessment of their relative strengths and a call for a return to traditional exercise within schools.
MBA The importance of calcium for women above the age of 40 and the issue of osteoporosis
MBA The importance of physical activity in daily routine, how does it help you live better and longer?
MA An in-depth analysis of how lack of physical activity can lead to many health issues like diabetes, sugar, blood pressure, bone issues, depression and anxiety.
MA Practical blood flow restriction training and its hypertrophic effects.
MA Analyzing the effect of a computer-based fitness program on students’ fitness scores.
PH.D The influence of music on the step frequency of recreational runners.
PH.D The influence of multimedia tutorials and observational learning on cognitive outcomes and skill acquisition in basketball.
PH.D An assessment of the sporting facilities available for prisoners and proposals as to how make inmates ‘fit for release’.
PH.D Counting the costs of austerity: the longer term societal consequences of the closing of council leisure facilities and its effects upon those referred to sport for therapy.

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    Physical Education Dissertation Ideas That Will Catch Anyone’s Eye!

    If you are looking for some inspiration and ideas to come up with some personal Physical Education dissertation ideas then you should check these ideas from our professionals!

  • Sports:
  • You can conduct an in-depth analysis on a sport on how it affects the physical health of certain age group and if it does or not affects their mental health. Considering injuries or dangers during the sport could make the topic more interesting.

  • Daily Life:
    • Topics related to daily life fitness routines and physical activities that have major effect on the people. Analyze cons and pros of different kind of habits and recommendations to change them or improve them.

    These few Physical Education dissertation ideas are very broad and you can customize them the way you want! So what are you waiting for? Get these ideas and craft some eye-catching topics and get closer to your degree!

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    • Literature Review chapter weighs: 30%
    • Methodology chapter weighs: 10%
    • Data Collection and Analysis chapter weighs: 30%
    • Interpretation + Recommendations chapter weighs: 15%

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