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List of Best Physiology Dissertation Topics For 2020

Date published August 4 2020 by Stella Carter


Physiology is a sub-branch of biology that focuses its study on organisms, organ systems, individual organs, cells, and biomolecules. It is a fascinating subject that breaks down the chemical structure of human organs and cells. However, students struggle to find a compelling physiology dissertation topic because there are too many options to choose from. That is why our writers have created a subject-wise topic list to help you make a better decision. 

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Cellular Physiology Dissertation Topics Worth Publishing!

If you are interested in learning about cells and how they function, you need a cellular physiology dissertation topic. Since the human body is a mystery worth exploring, writing your dissertation on cellular physiology would be fruitful. If you put effort into your work, you might be able to publish parts of your dissertation as Journal articles.

  1. A critical review of non-histone proteins and how they help in building chromosomes during mitosis.
  2. An evaluation of gradient sensing and how it affects the human body.
  3. An empirical study of the static cytokinetic channel and excitable waves in the human body.
  4. An investigative study of meiotic spindles and chromosomes formation.
  5. The impact of the foreign virus on the cellular structure of the victim.
  6. The role of white blood cells in strengthening the immune system to combat viruses.
  7. The impact of molecular mechanism on the microtubule nucleation.
  8. An empirical study of the mutagenic effects of UV lights on the cellular structure of the human body.
  9. An investigative study on the formation of cancer cells.
  10. The role of monoclonal antibodies in fighting against the covid19 virus in the human body.

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    Medical Physiology Dissertation Ideas Your Instructor Would Love!

    Medical physiology is the study of the entire human body and its bones. Instead of focusing on individual organisms, medical physiology mainly focuses on the bones and their structure. A career in medical physiology leads to becoming a physiotherapist who helps in recovering bone damage. So, if you want to start your professional career with a robust medical institute, better start writing on a medical physiology dissertation idea. 

    1. A primary study on the bones structure of athletes and how they change over time.
    2. The impact of fracture on the structure of bone cells. How long does it take to restore the gap entirely?
    3. The significance of calcium in strengthening our bones and facilitating its growth. A physiological perspective on the matter.
    4. Evaluation of vaccines and how they keep certain viruses at bay and provoke the mutation of other viruses.
    5. The impact of birth control pills in treating diseases in the female body. Is it a myth or a fact?
    6. An investigative study on the effects of endorphins and how they help in alleviating our mood.
    7. An evaluation of the immune system of athletes and how their bodies are better at combatting diseases.
    8. The impact of cousin marriage in causing genetic problems in the child. What steps can be taken to prevent this?
    9. A critical study of the aging process of human skin. How can it be controlled?
    10. The cleaning power of the liver. How it helps in maintaining chemical balance in the human body.

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    Plant Physiology Dissertation Ideas That Would Impress Your Research Committee

    Plants play an integral role in creating a sustainable life on our planet. Research on the molecular structure and chemical compounds of plants can significantly contribute to understanding different species. If you are looking to avoid the hassle of generating a topic yourself, you can make quick use of our list of plant physiology dissertation ideas.

    1. An evaluative study on the benefits of ginger and its impacts on the intestines.
    2. A comparative study of Trehalose 6-Phosphate and Sucrose. Its functions and benefits.
    3. An evaluation of the techniques used for the protein analysis in Vivo.
    4. The impact of guard cells on the physical structure of the plant.
    5. A review of the cells involved in carrying photosynthesis in plants.
    6. An ethical and religious review of hybridization in plants.
    7. A critical evaluation of nutrition and chemical structure of lemon species plants.
    8. An in-depth review of Amaranths Viridis and how cement dust affects its growth?
    9. The role of pollen grain changing our climate.
    10. A trip inside the anatomy of water purification plants and how they help in facilitating human life on earth.

    Custom Physiology Dissertation Topics

    During your academic career as a physiologist, you would be tasked with writing a dissertation according to your instructor’s requirements. This is known as a custom physiology dissertation. Many students in the UK struggle to work with their instructor’s guidelines. This is due to a lack of professional experience. If you are in the same boat as 1500 other students who used our services, then send us your requirements now! We have writers who are Ph.D. in physiology with 5+ years of experience in academic writing, and we would love to help you with your work!

    Physiology is a sub-branch of biology and an umbrella term for many sub-domains. These include cellular physiology, plant physiology, medical physiology, and animal physiology. All of these subdomains are vast subjects that are also known as specializations. Make sure to look at the employment opportunities in each specialization before making a decision.

    Physiology, overall, is a challenging subject to master. However, it depends on your interest that defines the level of its difficulty. There are different opinions of students, but to average out, most complicated would be cellular physiology. This is because it has a bit of chemistry and biology both making it challenging than other specializations.

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