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Best Political Science Research Topics For UK & US Students

Date published October 8 2021 by Jacob Miller


Political science is the study of politics within a scientific framework. It is the science that deals with political behavior, power, activities, ideologies, and government (public) administration.

The study of political science consists of four main areas; country’s politics, parallel politics, international relations, political economy, and political view.

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Importance of Political Science Subject

The subject of political science contains a lot of theory and practice of the government. The subject itself is pretty “dry” and difficult to grasp. Public policies and studying law is just one part of the subject. There is so much more. The degree programs start from bachelor to Ph.D. doctoral. All three of these require a dissertation along with the final exams.

There are several dissertation topics to pick from as a student. From political history to the political economy, the subject is rich with compelling subfields. A student writing their dissertation has to pick one of these subfields for their political science research topics and then do a keen investigation for it.

Difficulties in Choosing Political Science Dissertation Topics

The dissertation for political science creates a deep understanding of different areas of the subject. There is so much to explore and research in the field of political science. You get to learn about the most powerful sources in the world. What countries are poor and what countries are developing with their unique strategies.

Political science dissertation topics also demand careful consideration when picking them out. Since a complex topic will soon become a burden if not chosen wisely. A topic that has been previously worked on but still has some areas left to study is ideal for you. Since you would not require tons of primary data collection.

However, where can you find these smart research gaps that will highlight your dissertation? At Dissertation Proposal, we have a variety of political science dissertation topics you can pick from without thinking twice.

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    List of Best Political Research Topics with Objectives

    We have a selection of political science topics that you can pick from because you deserve to get the best topics stress-free. Because the last thing you need is to be stuck with a dissertation topic that makes your academic life harder.


    1. To understand the difference between the news of online and social networking sites during political campaigns.
    2. To examine the impact of social media on online news.
    3. To determine the effect of online and social media news on the perception of people.


    1. To investigate the impact of social media on student's behavior and political awareness.

    2. To find out how online political activities affect students' political efficacy and real-life political engagement.

    3. To evaluate the nexus between usage of social media and political involvement among students.


    1. To look into how political parties and their policies were portrayed on Facebook and Twitter.

    2. To assess the significance of the election campaign on Facebook and Twitter in 2016.

    3. To assess the leadership of UK mainstream political parties during the 2016 election campaign.


    1. To develop an understanding of the UK's administration and political parties.

    2. To identify important democratic values and implications for the development of the nation.

    3. To examine the current political situation's interaction between the government and opposition parties in the UK.


    1. To investigate how the public in England used social media during the United Kingdom's 2019 election.

    2. To examine the influence of networking sites on public engagement in the electoral vote and political discussion in England.

    3. To investigate the effects of new media technologies on political party campaigns and government actions in the run-up to the UK election in 2019.


    1. To understand the current and traditional political factors.

    2. To investigate the political factors in public and private partnership projects.

    3. To examine the impact of political issues on the use of PPPs in emerging economies.


    1. To understand the notion of international affairs and foreign policy and factors that impacts on UK’s foreign policy.

    2. To explain the theoretical importance of foreign policy in international affairs and maintenance of global relations between countries.

    3. To investigate the structure of foreign policy opinions in the United Kingdom, and their implications.


    1. To investigate the social role of the state in developing countries.

    2. To identify the influence of politicians in the development of education.

    3. To investigate the relationship between education development and political activities.


    1. To understand how men, women, politicians, and other influential people perceive gender equality and women's empowerment.

    2. To provide a thorough examination of the current condition of gender equality and women's empowerment in developing countries.


    1. To investigate the role of government actions in promoting peace.

    2. To determine the role of politicians' actions in resolving conflicts.

    3. To investigate the significance of politician’s practices and the development of peace and harmony in the MENA.

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